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freeworld    [30421.   Posted 25-Oct-2014 Sat 07:51]
Voting UKIP myself - not that it makes any difference who I vote for in national elections, as I`m in one of Labour`s safest seats in England. I once sent young Mr Cameron a letter saying why I could never support his party, listing May`s assaults on civil liberties, the great repeal fib etc (didn`t add personal stuff, that I have chronic illness, but Drunken Smith still took my incapacity payments away and has halved my income). I agree with UKIP on the likes of immigration (the consequences of the political classes` own policy of limitless immigration/no proper border controls, plus their warmongering, is the major excuse/justification for the appalling assault against on all our civil liberties) and the EU. They`re the nearest we have to a significant party with some tendencies towards libertarianism, freeing the individual from the bully state. Nige actually went into a lap dancing club and said he enjoyed it, can you imagine any of the mainstream party leaders admitting to that - the hatchet faced harridans would be demanding their resignations. Carswell was a main guy in the great repeal "campaign" - which Dave and Nick (god, what a disappointment he is - good time Charlie was preferable) binned after all the phony fanfare in 2010. UKIP aren`t ideal, too many narrow minds, but I would guess their support for "laws" against porn/free speech etc is more skin deep, and probably they don`t, in many cases, understand how deranged and dangerous (dangerous quite possibly to THEM) our law has become since it has been perverted by totalitarians, than the ideological extremism you get from the gender "warriors" and male idealogues like Straw - who infest Labour. UKIP are the only bunch who aren`t thoroughgoing statists among the parties with any chance of exercising real power.


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