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Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30848.   Posted 1-Dec-2015 Tue 01:16]

Isn`t it ludicrous how much money is being wasted paying expensive professionals to go carefully vet every single second of video material. Vast amounts could easily be self certificated by the distributor, eg porn, kids stuff and TV material.

TV material is a particular example. What`s the point of vetting something that has already passed strict controls and has already been shown to a vast amount more viewers than on DVD.

With most material being viewed on the TV and internet, where realistically, parents and kids have to be pragmatic about watching material with a higher age rating.

What`s the point of spending all that money getting perfect ratings, when it reflects such a small proportion of viewed content, and where self certification is going to be right 999 times out of a 1000 anyway?


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