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Pooch    [30021.   Posted 16-Apr-2014 Wed 06:07]
Addendum: My local Library, here in Norfolk (England) has now banned the Daily Mail website from its internet service on the grounds of "Gore, News, Web Content, Clothing & Accessories, Music, Real estate and Property"! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Genius!

Pooch    [30020.   Posted 16-Apr-2014 Wed 05:34]
FAO Dave - Can someone kindly let Gav Salkeld know that his YouTube video "Cutting Edge: Episode 2 - The Woman In Black" is not viewable in the United Kingdom, please? A bizarre occurrence of censorship, or just YouTube screwing things up as usual? ;-) I can`t seem to find any other way of getting in touch with him, hence this posting. Thanks folks!


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