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Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30737.   Posted 28-Jul-2015 Tue 14:18]

I rather think these figures don`t really suggest there is much porn viewing going on there. There are typically 1000 members and maybe 2 staff each, so a fair amount of websites being accessed. Then there are also loads of sites like melon farmers that are blocked with the message `porn` so surely there are thousands of useful non-porn sites similarly blocked.

But it is interesting to note that people are trying to generate new laws about porn without actually being able to see what they are legislating against.

Also good to note that the authorities feel the need to block MPs from viewing porn in the first place. They`ll be initiating drugs tests next.

And of course it is excellent that this attempt to prevent MPs from viewing porn ends up suggesting that they watch loads of the stuff.

DarkAngel5    [30736.   Posted 28-Jul-2015 Tue 08:10]
Have you guys read this? Seems our learned peers see nothing wrong in viewing porn whilst simultaneously seeking to prevent us from doing to same....

Hypocrisy in the extreme!!!!


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