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Therumbler    [30351.   Posted 1-Oct-2014 Wed 12:56]

An apparent anti-racist Banksy work destroyed on complaint that it was racist.

Some people have no sense beyond a very literal interpretation of things. Unfortunately, they appear to be ones who cry the loudest. Like the old saying goes, empty barrels make the most noise.

phantom    [30350.   Posted 1-Oct-2014 Wed 05:47]
jackdeth [30349]

And I can see how these proposals could impact on such conspiracy theorists.
But I don`t think they are specifically designed to deal with them.

Far more, I think these measures are meant as a broad net which could catch almost any non-approved ideas.
Most frighteningly this would also include not politically correct speech.

To me it is self evident that it has nothing to do with terrorism.
Incitement to violence is already illegal.
But anything which challenges the established norm could fall foul of this.

Consider David Starkey stating on BBC`s Question Time that modern day so called youth culture is black culture.
Or John McCririck`s views on women.

If the authorities will have the right to override anyone from saying anything which might `radicalise` someone else, then it`s not that big a leap to see them gagging the Starkey`s and McCririck`s of this world.

And not to permit what the `bad` person has said to be broadcast, etc is perhaps even more sinister. Because it provides the means by which to censor the news.

jackdeth    [30349.   Posted 1-Oct-2014 Wed 04:44]
phantom: It seems that the `extremists` May is referring to are conspiracy theorists.

This was conveniently left out of mainstream media reports in the frenzy surrounding Iraq last week.


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