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phantom    [30506.   Posted 27-Nov-2014 Thu 16:12]
re: The war on Facebook

Yes, I love this facebook story.
Nothing is quite as magnificent as Malcolm Rifkind pontificating on the BBC about how `that American internet company` is failing in its responsibilities.

We spend billions on GCHQ. They everlastingly demand new powers in order `to keep us safe`. And when it turns out it was all rubbish and they are no more able to keep us safe than Postman Pat, what do they do? - It was all Facebook`s fault!
Why of course it was...

Meanwhile the police is handing out leaflets to commuters telling them to run and hide if they hear gunfire.
And why is that?
Well, Theresa May and GCHQ want more powers. In order to keep us safe again. So they stir up a little fear to further their aims.

Once upon a time, the UK government put up posters telling folks to `keep calm and carry on`. It was the blitz. Bombs were raining down on London. Literally. Meanwhile today they`re distributing leaflets telling us, `Panic! Now!` The last bomb went off seven years ago.

But at least we now know what Britons are made of these days.
If the tough get going, the British now run away and hide...

DarkAngel5    [30505.   Posted 27-Nov-2014 Thu 11:05]
Test message, just ignore :-)

phantom    [30504.   Posted 27-Nov-2014 Thu 07:30]
Another piece of little known censorship.

More power to John O`Farrell`s elbow, say I.


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