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braintree    [30918.   Posted 19-Apr-2016 Tue 13:23]
Pooch - I seem to recall you were ridiculed on this site for your anti Arrow status which isn`t surprising. I agree the publicity on the Arrow book was lacking and the detail that only 35% of the content was new was not highlighted well enough. As you can see from Amazon and Facebook there are lots of disappointed buyers but the reason you get picked out is because your views would have been the same regardless of how good the book was. Yes you are that predictable. You do yourself no favours by calling anyone who picks you up on it an Arrow fanboy. It just makes you look more of an idiot than you have done already. Those who label you a troll do so because of your anti Arrow reviews , the number of them and the petty list of things you use as an excuse to criticise. But you call people fanboys on Amazon who might have never reviewed an Arrow product before or like me never reviewed an Arrow product ever. I agree that Tele 62 might be labelled a fanboy as I`ve seen his posts on a variety of forums but there don`t seem to be many others , not on Amazon anyway. I`ve not seen anyone saying Arrow cannot be criticised. What I`ve seen are people criticising your comments for exaggerating. For example , one of your comments says the book is nothing but reprints. That is completely false. And that is why you are labelled a troll. On here too IIRC
I think in amongst the Amazon comments someone asked you for a link to one of your positive reviews of any Arrow title. I`m guessing we have a long wait
I guess I have between 20 and 30 Arrow titles altogether and I can say that I haven`t found anything to complain about. That doesn`t make me a fanboy. If something is wrong I will complain about it. The glitch on Zombie Flesh Eaters was corrected. The disc problem on The Beyond was corrected. And at long last the uncut version of Shivers has been supplied. Apart from those problems the only one I would take issue with was their decision to issue Bird with the Crystal Plumage cropped which is why I have the Blue Underground disc

Pooch    [30917.   Posted 19-Apr-2016 Tue 13:10]
[30916] Clearly, braintree, you (and some of the other Arrow fanboys) don`t know the meaning of the word "all"! I don`t "routinely slags off all Arrow titles"! If you`re going to lambast me, at least get your facts right!

Oh, and for what it`s worth, I`m not the only one who has been critical of that book! Even Arrow`s own Facebook page, had plenty of negative comments on it, because purchasers were less than happy that a book costing 35 contained more than 65% reprints in it, and this WASN`T widely known or publicised!

It seems Arrow is never allowed to be criticised, when they do things wrong, but sycophantic fawning is positively encouraged and demanded! Hmmm....


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