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phantom    [30755.   Posted 18-Aug-2015 Tue 14:56]
Ah, but you`re not thinking like a sneaky, cynical leech on society, are you, Sergio?
You are making the mistake of applying common sense.

Because you see, crime has been falling for thirty years now.
There is no reason to think it will suddenly start rising.

So, what you do is you connect something with crime. Ban it. And then claim the predictable fall in overall crime was due to your intervention.

Politicians have been playing that game for years now. Or have you not heard them tell you that any fall in crime is due to their good stewardship? When crime has fallen across the developed world, that is of course nonsense. But things making no sense has yet to discourage any blackguard from taking credit.

So is it not a natural thing for the censorship industry to follow the example of politicians?

a) you claim that some activity is causing the earth`s gravity to fail.
b) you ban said activity.
c) you drop an apple to demonstrate that gravity is now fully functional.
d) you claim credit for saving earth.
e) you find something else which you don`t like and claim it causes water to run upstream....
f) You collect your BBFC paycheck.

sergio    [30754.   Posted 18-Aug-2015 Tue 10:35]
Children watch violent/sexualized and inappropriate content music videos.
Crime goes up. Right?

BBFC are now part of the Police state and helping drive down crime. Right?

What if crime doesn`t go down?
Maybe it`s not about crime. What`s it all about Alfie?


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