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IanG    [30005.   Posted 9-Apr-2014 Wed 07:07]
phantom, I suppose this `generification` of cigarette packaging will only affect those who are seduced by brand-name marketing. However, without mass media marketing of cigarette brands, which was of course banned many years ago, such people are already well protected from the advertising gurus` mind tricks.

Indeed, the only people who will actually benefit from this bullshit are the cigarette counterfeiters, who will no longer have to print expensive branded look-a-like packaging - a ubiquitous and cheap plain white box will cunningly disguise their killer brand of fake fags.

As a smoker of many years, I am perhaps better placed to explain why I smoke the brands I do. It`s a simple equation really of cost vs. flavour. I choose my brand based on taste and cost, NOT on the design on the packet, NOT on the name on the front. I`m sure the same principles apply to people who buy breakfast cereals or baked beans - you either like the cheaper supermarket brand or you fork out for the big brand name. The name and picture on the box just confirms you picked up the brand you prefer at a price you`re willing to pay.


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