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sergio    [30578.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 16:28]
Might be off topic but seems like this documentary

used some Harrison Marks footage of Lorraine Burnette -
Doco image cap

at about 25mins in
Harrison Marks films start about 1958 - 2nd world war about 1939 to 1945.

freeworld    [30577.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 09:32]
Well it does look as if the Sun wasn`t caving in to the screechers after all - I`m no fan of the paper, but good on `em for having a laugh at the expense of the righteous. This might even be a (sadly rare) example of a push back against the gaggle of canting miserablists.

Sabreman64 [30575. Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 02:43]
I really doubt plain packs figures much in the scheme of things as a potent electoral issue. It`s irrelevant anyway, if you support any of the "Triad", for not one of those "different parties" (well, the three headed hydra) will commit against compulsory plain packs - all of them favour it (in the case of the Tories many of their MPs don`t, but the leadership does, which is what matters). Say hello again to the good old cigarette case - to be decorated how people want them! I feel like starting smoking again just so I can get a case emblazened with colourful pictures of hotties - drive the think of the children "normalization" brigade into spasms of righteous fury.

For ages Labour have been assaulting the Tories about them being tardy over introducing plain packs for cigarettes. There is no chance Edweird Minibrain will oppose this - he is, as they say, "gagging (or should it be gasping in this case?) for it! Labour passed the comprehensive smoking ban, which did little to endear them to many of their traditional supporters, forced to go outside and shudder with cold or get drenched if they wanted a fag. Labour also brought in the ludicrous "hide all cig packets in shops" law. And Labour have pledged to introduce plain packs. As a party they are far more committed on it than the Tory rank and file MPs are - as opposed to the dept of health and its current ministers (when the pro plain packs minister brought it up last time in parliament she was barracked - but only by MPs from her own Tory party).

On the comprehensive public places ban and display ban, the Tories voted against these policies in opposition. In government they kept them - though on the display ban they provided an exemption for non supermarket retailers until this year (retailers had argued that the cost of altering their shelves etc would be too great for them, businesses were struggling with a flat economy at the time).

If you`ve seen the Labour policies on health announced very recently - plain packs and all, it`s a nanny`s charter. But essentially this government is little different in power when it comes to banning, regulating, censoring, nagging and creating rotten/nanny state laws and regulations.

"We rage that, as we go about our business, we are picked and poked and bossed around, annoyed and irritated and endlessly harassed by public and private sector officialdom that treats us like children with rules and regulations and directives and laws that no one voted for, no one supports, but no one ever seems to be able to do the slightest thing about.

- David Cameron, arch hypocrite, when in opposition.

For all it matters what I think in the scheme of things, the reduction of sugar in foods policy is a sound one (though it is there in excess because the "experts" and the orthodoxy pandering politicians blamed fat wrongly for health problems in the past - and it was replaced by lots of sugar - hence the obesity problems now) - unlike a lot of other rubbish. Though they made an attempt at sugar reduction during their last time in power, Labour bottled it when the food industry told them in no uncertain terms where to go.

phantom    [30576.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 07:19]
Yes, it is rather ludicrous that there appears to be the belief that folks smoke, because the packages look nice. It once more is a faith.
A faith that there are vulnerable people out there there who can be led astray simply with brightly coloured cardboard.
Oh, not you or I, of course. But others. Vulnerable people.

It is a faith which is everywhere these days.
We all know it originated in the anti porn movement.
But now we even find it in ideas about combatting islamist radicalisation.
As with all dogma, it sooner or later spreads into every nook and cranny.

The irony course is that the government approach aims to be offensive. Yes, think about it.
`We`ll plaster the packets in ghastly, hideous pictures,` goes the mantra.
Yes, offensive pictures, say I.

So in an age when causing offence is the greatest crime, offensive pictures on cigarette packets are ok.
I can but chuckle.

I understand the desire to stop people smoking.
But I do not think this is the way to do it. Who knows, it might be effective, although I doubt it.
However, things need not only be effective, they need to be right in principle.
Telling manufacturers of a legal product that they need to make it look ugly and repulsive is highly questionable to me - in principle.

And I`m speaking as someone who has never smoked a cigarette in his life. So I hardly have a reason to be biased.

But who knows, maybe there is an answer here.
I may be willing to agree to this in principle, if it also applies to political advertisements.

So the next posters to go up advertising Labour and the Conservatives; if 75% of the available area is covered by photographic depictions of gum disease or genital warts and only 25% is left - in plain grey, of course - to contain the party political message; then I might come round to this idea.

After all, there are many vulnerable people out there.
It`s important not to corrupt them. ;)

Sabreman64    [30575.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 02:43]
The health fascists are to ban branded cigarette packaging. Once they`ve finished with tobacco, they`ll go after chocolate, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. After all, "sugar is the new tobacco". So don`t be surprised to see legislation brought in some time in the next decade or so banning branded packaging of sugary foods.

There is one reason, and one reason alone that the idiot Cameron is having this vote on cigarette packaging before the election. It`s one of his last hopes of winning the election. A victory here will boost his election chances. If Miliband and Labour had any sense (which they haven`t), they would oppose this, and deny Cameron a victory in the run up to the election.

Miliband and his fellow Labour morons are so stupid they don`t deserve to win power. They`re going to end up giving us another five years of Cameron and his Tory fools.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30574.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 02:23]

Well it seems the Sun is having a little fun. It will be interesting to see how the PC world responds to the return of Page 3


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