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braintree    [30926.   Posted 22-Apr-2016 Fri 13:05]
The news pages mentions the Steelbook on Amazon being classified by the BBFC.
I suppose I`m being a bit pedantic but for accuracy, the steelbook on Amazon UK is actually the Italian import as the steelbook is a Zavvi exclusive in the UK although I daresay every single disc is exactly the same bar the label and on most things only the cardboard sticky bit that lists the contents of the steelbook is foreign so once its removed the steel book case should be identical to the UK one. Important when they`re asking 40 for it.Of course if you order direct from Amazon Italy you can get it for half that or a bit more at 24.99 from Zavvi

braintree    [30925.   Posted 22-Apr-2016 Fri 13:00]
It is when it`s the waffle I`ve seen you post more than once.
Although it is amusing that you being called a troll is "bully boy tactics" yet you labelling anyone who disagees with you a fanboy isn`t. I think it`s clear few people would agree your comments have merit.
I never had any hassle getting ZFE exchanged.
And as Cronenberg himself signed off the restoration of Shivers you might expect Arrow to pass the blame on to him. With TIFF having performed the restoration it was always going to take some time to get it corrected. Arrow said this at the offset when they decided that the disc needed correcting.
You can pop over to Amazon and have some more Arrow bashing as it seems both cuts of the Bride of Re-Animator have been supplied in mono by mistake.

And how nice to admit that you don`t feel inclined to write any positive reviews for Arrow titles that you`re happy with. If that`s not clear evidence of your bias I don`t know what is.
No you don`t have to tell the world how happy you are with your Arrow titles yet for some reason you seem to find the need to tell as many people as possible when you`re not happy.
Lets agree to differ and move on


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