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braintree    [31028.   Posted 15-Jan-2017 Sun 14:47]
  It was my understanding that the famous shot from Lust for A Vampire was a PR shot and is not from the movie itself where the sequence runs a bit differently.
I`m not aware of any censored or "blurred" version of the movie ever being released. Is the shot you refer to the one that is the poster for this issue of Monster Mag?

sergio    [31027.   Posted 15-Jan-2017 Sun 04:58]
  I don`t seem to have much more

stanlee    [31026.   Posted 14-Jan-2017 Sat 18:56]
  Forever I have seen this picture of Yutte Stengaard all bloody with her breasts exposed and it is from the scene in "Lust for a Vampire" where they have resurrected her and she sits up in her coffin. But in the actual movie that scene is blurred out and you can not see her bare chest. Is there a copy of the movie to buy that this scene is not blurred out? Many thanks.[1701]

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31025.   Posted 13-Jan-2017 Fri 06:08]
  Sergio, I can`t see anything yet on Google

sergio    [31024.   Posted 12-Jan-2017 Thu 08:08]
  I haven`t got much more detail but seems like Torbe - so called `Spanish king of porn` - was released from jail.

Seems like an actress had fake documents? Sort of Tracy Lords?

braintree    [31023.   Posted 30-Dec-2016 Fri 13:47]
  Ok thanks. I can scroll down to a post from Oct 3rd which mentions pre New Year delivery but not seen one since then.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31022.   Posted 30-Dec-2016 Fri 04:50]
  Hi Braintree, there was a posting a couple of weeks ago about impending mailings. I will ask Gav over the weekend.

Update: The latest post is at

braintree    [31021.   Posted 29-Dec-2016 Thu 15:15]
  Looks like the Cutting Edge discs won`t be making it out in time for the new year. Any news?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31020.   Posted 11-Dec-2016 Sun 00:10]
  Sergio, yes welcome to the New World.
Tor is free and good for occasional use, and Opera has a free VPN for use in a restricted envirnment of privacy mode.
Will probably need a paid for option for more general use.

sergio    [31019.   Posted 8-Dec-2016 Thu 04:03]
  Brave new world? Or a waste of money?

phantom    [31018.   Posted 3-Dec-2016 Sat 15:36]
  It did not take them long, did it?

`The Britisher censored`

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31017.   Posted 27-Nov-2016 Sun 05:59]
  Thanks phantom, I enjoyed other in the Britisher series too.

phantom    [31016.   Posted 23-Nov-2016 Wed 17:49]
  Some ARE trying...

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31015.   Posted 28-Oct-2016 Fri 18:44]
  Sergio, thanks an interesting addition. presumably there is soething similar in place forour own ISPs too

sergio    [31014.   Posted 26-Oct-2016 Wed 01:37]
  Who`d have thunk it

phantom    [31013.   Posted 22-Oct-2016 Sat 15:53]
in truth these proposed pardons have nothing to do with the people of the past and everything to do with the people of the present.
The term we`re looking for is called `virtue signalling`. ;)
keep in mind that homosexuality has been the fig leaf of liberalism for ever more authoritarian UK governments over the past twenty years.
One may have introduced one Orwellian statute after another, but one always had one`s liberal credentials regarding homosexuality to point to.
By now of course one has utterly exhausted this mine.
`Gay marriage` was already rather farcical given that one had already provided the rights involved with `civil partnerships`.
Thus one simply has nowhere left to go.
So now we`re going to de-discriminate the dead.
Ah well... :)

braintree    [31012.   Posted 22-Oct-2016 Sat 13:55]
  I must admit that I can`t agree with the current pandering to PC with this stupid idea to pardon dead people for committing crimes that were illegal at the time they committed them. How long before retrospective law changing means pardons for women burnt at the stake as witches. Appropriately for this website more relevant might be pardons for people who sold hardcore porn in the 70`s and 80`s when it was illegal. And on a personal note , I wonder if I can expect a pardon and compensation for jail time spent when the law decides that fisting is not included in the Obscene Publications Act. Give Turing a posthumous award by all means for his service but pardons for completely legit convictions for a selective group of offences is stupid. This move just shows that there are now so many gay people in positions of authority they can now use their own agenda to put forward moves like this while the rest of the authorities sit back and shutup for fear of being branded homophobic. A bit like Russell T Davies and his influence on the family show that is/ was Dr Who

braintree    [31011.   Posted 4-Oct-2016 Tue 13:30]
  Thanks for the update- it would be a great xmas prezzie.
With reference to todays story on the new release of Private Lessons. As far as I can tell it was only uncut in the US on VHS. One dvd release was an edited version and the longest version pixellated out pubic hair on Kristel.The UK dvd removes or shortens all the scenes involving the male lead with a naked Kristel. The new Bluray is not as easy to obtain as most titles. The usual retailers don`t seem to be stocking it so I`ve had to order from Amazon which works out over 30 delivered

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31010.   Posted 3-Oct-2016 Mon 21:42]
  Hi Braintree, Re the Cutting Edge DVD.

The DVD menu is currently being authored and then its off for printing and production. The current schedule is for the DVDs to be sent out before the new year. Cutting Edge will be in touch prior to that to confirm shipping addresses.

braintree    [31009.   Posted 3-Oct-2016 Mon 14:58]
  I don`t use Facebook so not sure where to ask this. Is there any update on the Cutting Edge crowd funder? I pledged a while ago but can`t seem to find any details of a timetable that may indicate when the dvd would be available. A rough estimate would be great. Thanks

braintree    [31008.   Posted 24-Sep-2016 Sat 13:33]
  Depends on where you are. The Naked Rambler spends most of his time in jail for outraging public decency because he likes to be naked everywhere even where kids can see him. These days with all the PC whining and agenda for complaints its unlikely anyone would get away with being naked for long periods anywhere except naturist places although I don`t believe there is a specific law in place to prevent nudity per se. It`s about the context, the place , the time , the intent.

sergio    [31007.   Posted 24-Sep-2016 Sat 02:29]
  Mock the week seem to discuss whether going naked/nude is legal (they seem to be incorrect).

Farage was first naked then with boxer shorts on when he `skinny dipped`.

A naturist on Radio 4 in relation to the Farage story seemed to imply that `intention` to offend was the legal advice.

So, which is it? Legal or not?

sergio    [31006.   Posted 10-Sep-2016 Sat 06:15]
  and in some countries might even qualify as child pornography

What countries are those? In the UK it is child pornography. There is no `iconic, historic` defense. The news has published child porn. Child porn doesn`t even have to include nudity.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31005.   Posted 7-Sep-2016 Wed 07:16]
  Phantom, here is a pretty damning piece that rather opposes many commentators love-in of Vaz

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31004.   Posted 6-Sep-2016 Tue 00:11]
  phantom, indeed. It`s a strange world when even our elected representatives have to be totaly 100% behind implementing morality laws that diminish people`s emjoyment of life (including their own), just so that the moral highgrounders can savour their power to control.

How has `democracy` become so worthless in representing the people?

phantom    [31003.   Posted 5-Sep-2016 Mon 14:08]
  Wasn`t goodie-two-shoes Keith Vaz already chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee when the Dangerous Pictures Act went through Parliament?

I don`t recall him putting up a valiant fight for the rights of those with a slightly different sexual twist back then.
Who`d have thought he was standing in a massive glass house at the time...

braintree    [31002.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 15:26]
  Is there no European release? I think MPI releases in the US are locked. I shouldn`t say this but you could buy the US disc and then make a copy on your computer which should remove coding. If you`re really desperate to see it I think you can use Anydvd HD on a 30 day trial so you`d be able to watch it on your computer or on your tv if your PC has an HDMI output and then sell the disc to me. I`ve just checked Amazon France and there appears to be an uncensored French release on there. Just over 17 delivered - states Uncensored but make sure you buy from Amazon themselves , the other sellers are slightly cheaper but don`t ship to the UK. Reviews on there state 100% uncut. If you already have a UK Amazon account it`s no bother to order from the French site. All your details are stored inlcluding payment cards , password etc and you won`t have to enter anything new

Glenn Quagmire    [31001.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 14:30]
That`s a shame.

I really want to see the colour version of "Human Centipede II" but, obviously, uncut. I`ve seen it uncut in black and white but want to experience the full gory gloriousness.

braintree    [31000.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 13:40]
  If you want your Panasonic Bluray player to be multi region for dvd`s you can buy little service remotes for 10 off ebay. But that`s dvd only. There`s no way to make it fully multi region for Bluray but here and in the US it has come to the attention of fans there are a couple of tricks Panasonic users can do to play some, and only some region locked US discs. Once a disc fails to load it will stop spinning or in most cases you`ll get some kind of wrong region caption. Once that happens press STOP , then wait a few seconds then press MENU ( you might have to do that twice but not in quick succession) and the player will then go straight to the main menu.US collectors can play region locked titles from Network , Studio Canal, Arrow and one or two others. Off the top of my head I can`t recall which labels work on the UK versions. I`m pretty sure the William Castle double bills from Mill Creek work which means the 2 Hammer double bills coming soon should work too. It`s not really a substitute for true multi region but it would be useful to check out the UK section of where there is a thread dedicated to naming the discs that work this way. I can`t recall if Kino discs will work but I do recall that titles from Shout /Scream Factory won`t.

Glenn Quagmire    [30999.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 10:15]
Thanks, Braintree.

I do have a Panasonic Blu Ray player at the minute but can`t find any hacks for it. If you know of any it`d be great to hear them.

I`ll have a peek at those sights you mentioned.

braintree    [30998.   Posted 19-Aug-2016 Fri 16:38]
  There are 2 companies that offer multi region Bluray players and Recorders. Multi Region Magic and TPS ( search for TPS Multiregion) both offer players hardware modified for all zones and regions. I`ve not checked either out for a while but when I did TPS seemed to be offering more recent models than MRM. Until recently TPS were also selling upgrade discs for Panasonic gear that would add MR to existing players. I paid 100 for such a disc a couple of years ago for my Bluray Recorder and at the time discs for players were 60. Apparently they don`t supply these firmware upgrades anymore which is a shame as they also added the very useful feature of disabling UOP/PUO which allows you to skip or FF through any sections of the disc so you can skip warnings and trailers and other bits much faster. The current hardware mods do not include that feature. Another benefit was being able to switch off the "forced" subtitles you sometimes get if you select an English soundtrack on a French or German disc. Players usually start around 150 for Panasonic or Sony players. If you currently have a Panasonic player you`ll be surprised at the number of Region A discs you can play using the MENU trick. I`ll explain it if you have one. A company called WOW HD also seem to be the cheapest place currently to buy US imports.
Alternatively if you`re happy playing discs on the computer then Anydvd HD will enable your Bluray drive to play any region discs.
Some years back there were a couple of supermarket cheapies for around 60 which could be made MR using the players own remote but there were reports that these had playback issues unconnected to region locking with certain discs so best not bothering with those.

Glenn Quagmire    [30997.   Posted 19-Aug-2016 Fri 14:07]
  Does anybody know where I can get hold of a multi-zone Blu-ray player? I`ve looked on Amazon and that but they`re all multi region DVD. I really want some region A Blu rays but am really struggling to find something to play them.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30996.   Posted 18-Aug-2016 Thu 00:00]
  Hi Glenn, I spotted the BBFC update for this version but haven`t seen yet what Eureka plan for the release. Perhaps the film is one of the BBFC lines in the sand and not to easy to let go of. Also if cuts can`t be waived then it may be best to keep as quiet as possible abut it. I have read several times lately that UK cut versions haven`t been selling well for movies of this genre. Presumably fans look out for the uncut US or Euro versions.

Glenn Quagmire    [30995.   Posted 17-Aug-2016 Wed 11:38]
  I haven`t seen it mentioned on here but the BBFC have just passed "The Human Centipede 2" in colour but, unfortunately, it`s the same cut as before. This was a perfect opportunity to try and get a more complete version, through. I know that they would never have passed it uncut but, given the backlash and ridicule the BBFC got for banning it, maybe they would have allowed some more of the cut stuff through, like the teeth smashing scene. I never understood why they cut that or a lot of the other violence. It wasn`t any stronger than "Hostel" or any of the "Saw" films. My guess would be that they had the distributor by the balls and could demand anything they wanted because it was important to get released. They were just bullying. They`re not strangers to that, though. They were justholding them to ransom.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30994.   Posted 14-Aug-2016 Sun 07:03]
  I am afraid that Melon Farmers updates are delay for a day or two due to a computer crash

braintree    [30993.   Posted 7-Aug-2016 Sun 13:51]
  What would be nice and refreshing would be to see some celeb who gets picked up on saying something perhaps offensive to have the guts to standby their comments and tell people that opinions are not legislation. Even Jeremy Clarkson has backed down on occasion. We need some high profile celeb to put the morons who use Twitter to whine in their place

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30992.   Posted 7-Aug-2016 Sun 08:02]
  Indeed Braintree,

`A new rule added where they are allowed to to use common sense and tell the complainers to get a life and STFU`.

Such a rule would be a godsend for most of our politically correct authorities who insist on siding with whingers.

braintree    [30991.   Posted 6-Aug-2016 Sat 13:07]
  Speaking of nutty tv shows, the latest Celeb Big Brother is the usual farce. Gone are the great days of C4 when housemates being outrageous and offensive was the whole premise. Now C5 seem to be terrified of any viewers being offended ( is that actually against Ofcom rules?). They plaster full screen warnings on after every ad break warning of potential offence and scenes that might shock viewers yet the other day with the spitting in the tea fiasco over 70 morons still felt the need to contact Ofcom who will just say the content was well signposted so C5 did their duty so won`t investigate. Ofcom should have a new rule added where they are allowed to to use common sense and tell the complainers to get a life and STFU. The days of celebs being themselves is also long gone and now they have to pander to viewers and other housemates for fear of expulsion. Biggins already kicked out. The show is not live so why are C5 too stupid to edit content out.God forbid it becomes interesting. Opinions not allowed unless they meet C5 standards

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30990.   Posted 5-Aug-2016 Fri 01:15]
  Hi Simcha

Yes despite best efforts from the likes of the Daily Mail, the show registered less than a hundred complaints to Ofcom. I think there has to be something that is politically incorrect to generate a little outrage these days. Now if the contestants got rated out of 10 for attractive genitals then that may get a more `outraged` response.

simcha    [30989.   Posted 4-Aug-2016 Thu 04:14]
  Hi all,

Have not been on here for a while. Thought I would pop on and see if you have all been chatting about the new Channel 4 program Dating naked. Seems you have all missed it. Full frontal close up nudity of hairless bodys male and female. On at about 10pm.
I find it quite interesting that there has been no talk about this in any of the media, could we have at last got to the point where nudity is not a problem to public or the censors?


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