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Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31025.   Posted 13-Jan-2017 Fri 06:08] View Near Messages
Sergio, I can`t see anything yet on Google

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31022.   Posted 30-Dec-2016 Fri 04:50] View Near Messages
Hi Braintree, there was a posting a couple of weeks ago about impending mailings. I will ask Gav over the weekend.

Update: The latest post is at

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31020.   Posted 11-Dec-2016 Sun 00:10] View Near Messages
Sergio, yes welcome to the New World.
Tor is free and good for occasional use, and Opera has a free VPN for use in a restricted envirnment of privacy mode.
Will probably need a paid for option for more general use.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31017.   Posted 27-Nov-2016 Sun 05:59] View Near Messages
Thanks phantom, I enjoyed other in the Britisher series too.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31015.   Posted 28-Oct-2016 Fri 18:44] View Near Messages
Sergio, thanks an interesting addition. presumably there is soething similar in place forour own ISPs too

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31010.   Posted 3-Oct-2016 Mon 21:42] View Near Messages
Hi Braintree, Re the Cutting Edge DVD.

The DVD menu is currently being authored and then its off for printing and production. The current schedule is for the DVDs to be sent out before the new year. Cutting Edge will be in touch prior to that to confirm shipping addresses.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31005.   Posted 7-Sep-2016 Wed 07:16] View Near Messages
Phantom, here is a pretty damning piece that rather opposes many commentators love-in of Vaz

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [31004.   Posted 6-Sep-2016 Tue 00:11] View Near Messages
phantom, indeed. It`s a strange world when even our elected representatives have to be totaly 100% behind implementing morality laws that diminish people`s emjoyment of life (including their own), just so that the moral highgrounders can savour their power to control.

How has `democracy` become so worthless in representing the people?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30996.   Posted 18-Aug-2016 Thu 00:00] View Near Messages
Hi Glenn, I spotted the BBFC update for this version but haven`t seen yet what Eureka plan for the release. Perhaps the film is one of the BBFC lines in the sand and not to easy to let go of. Also if cuts can`t be waived then it may be best to keep as quiet as possible abut it. I have read several times lately that UK cut versions haven`t been selling well for movies of this genre. Presumably fans look out for the uncut US or Euro versions.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30994.   Posted 14-Aug-2016 Sun 07:03] View Near Messages
I am afraid that Melon Farmers updates are delay for a day or two due to a computer crash

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30992.   Posted 7-Aug-2016 Sun 08:02] View Near Messages
Indeed Braintree,

`A new rule added where they are allowed to to use common sense and tell the complainers to get a life and STFU`.

Such a rule would be a godsend for most of our politically correct authorities who insist on siding with whingers.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30990.   Posted 5-Aug-2016 Fri 01:15] View Near Messages
Hi Simcha

Yes despite best efforts from the likes of the Daily Mail, the show registered less than a hundred complaints to Ofcom. I think there has to be something that is politically incorrect to generate a little outrage these days. Now if the contestants got rated out of 10 for attractive genitals then that may get a more `outraged` response.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30988.   Posted 26-Jul-2016 Tue 02:15] View Near Messages
Thanks Glenn,

I don`t always buy the public consultation line. It is far too simple to say there is some sort of measure of `public opinion`. Those in charge of the consultation decide to draw the line exactly where they want to and claim it as some sort of mean value of a vast array of individual opinions. Still, at least the BBFC line drawing is pretty reasonable, with `sexual violence` retained as just about the only area up for censorship.

I don`t think there is much chance of changing this line drawing, but just 20 letters would give a top 5 place in the complaints league, that would get national press coverage when the annual report is published.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30983.   Posted 21-Jul-2016 Thu 07:13] View Near Messages
Thanks Gllenn,

I will get this written up tomorrow. I presume this is more about Ofcom`s investigation of Horror Channel`s broadcast rather than any new release.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30980.   Posted 9-Jul-2016 Sat 00:13] View Near Messages
Re porn selling. I guess most of these businesses rely on mailing lists or repeat customers. I can`t imagine anyone can list films for sale on eBay, but maybe they can use eBay more to scout out interest in softer titles, and send them flyers for their mail order business.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30973.   Posted 1-Jul-2016 Fri 08:01] View Near Messages
The BBFC has today released its Annual Report covering 2015.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30972.   Posted 30-Jun-2016 Thu 01:38] View Near Messages
Thanks Braintree

I have just spotted that a Director`s Commentary is 12 rated. The main feature is presumably still cut then, as there is no 12 rated version on the BBFC database.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30968.   Posted 24-Jun-2016 Fri 01:25] View Near Messages
Thanks goatboy, I added the note about episode 16.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30965.   Posted 5-Jun-2016 Sun 09:00] View Near Messages
Sorry for the lack of updates. I have spent the weekend traveling. Back to normal on Monday.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30959.   Posted 21-May-2016 Sat 01:11] View Near Messages
Interesting phantom,
I will look further into this and get something posted on the main site.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30957.   Posted 16-May-2016 Mon 05:19] View Near Messages
Re I Spit On Your Grave on Horror Channel. is pointing out that a January showing of I Spit on Your Grave wasn`t actually a BBFC approved version. The website concludes that the Horror Channel did its own edit which although cut, was stronger than the BBFC version.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30955.   Posted 13-May-2016 Fri 21:50] View Near Messages
Re Ofcom and horror novies>

I would guess that Ofcom`s problems with these horror films is to do with a 9pm showing. I interpret Ofcon;s post watershed rule to maean that 18 rated material or even strong language shouldn`t be shown until 10pm

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30951.   Posted 10-May-2016 Tue 00:46] View Near Messages
Perhaps the era of Blu-rays being expensive to encode is over and the distributors can now cheaply use cut versions. Generally the distributors seems happy with uncut 15s over cut 12s, but perhaps the teen target audience makes a difference to this generality.

It is not offering much for a exclsuivity window of 1 year. The vast majority of films are `exclusive` to the company issuing the first DVD/Blu-ray release. Not many get another release within a year.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30933.   Posted 29-Apr-2016 Fri 05:00] View Near Messages

The concept of political correctness seems to be some form of extreme politeness enforced by a lynch mob. However the lynch mob doesn`t seem very good at graduating its demands. Any perceived sleight, no matter how small is considered up for mob punishment. The lack of a minimal tolerance limit seems to mean that absolutely anything can be conceived as un-PC... and rather leaves the ultimate outcome that the only acceptable behaviour is absolute silence.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30929.   Posted 24-Apr-2016 Sun 06:15] View Near Messages

I just downloaded the VPN system and it works fine on Windows 7. An excellent facility

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30927.   Posted 23-Apr-2016 Sat 00:52] View Near Messages
Thanks braintree, I will delete the link today. It all seems to be commercialisation gone mad. As far as I can tell the US DVD is exclusive to Amazon. I must be missing something, surely that is a step too far.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30922.   Posted 21-Apr-2016 Thu 08:11] View Near Messages
Thanks phantom, I enjoyed that article about `coded` sexism. It is one the laws of humanity that if you initiate rules about communications, no matter how well meaning, there are low lifes that will exploit them to bully and abuse their fellow man.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30910.   Posted 2-Apr-2016 Sat 05:23] View Near Messages
Thanks Braintree, am interesting update. I am just adding it to the news item. I believe the cut US version was for a PG rating rather than an R.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30906.   Posted 26-Mar-2016 Sat 01:01] View Near Messages
Re Journey to the Unknown

So obscure that I didn`t even know that I was missing it.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30904.   Posted 22-Mar-2016 Tue 23:11] View Near Messages
phantom, I take your point that police pc/phone checks are not a new thing explaining the rise in prosecutions.

I try to scan local news papers for extreme porn prosecutions but haven`t really noticed the dramatic rises being suggested being reflected in the number of local newspaper stories.

Maybe something to do with dangerous pictures found whilst scanning for other crimes. I noted that one article that said that extreme porn prosecutions associated with child abuse cases was specifically excluded from the figures being discussed, but maybe this exclusion does not tend to associations with other crimes.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30902.   Posted 19-Mar-2016 Sat 21:43] View Near Messages
phantom, re `I can only imagine that the increase is due to the widening of the parameters of the law by the current government`.

Surely the increase is down to the current police tactic of searching the phone and PC of anyone picked up for a suspected crime. Eyes must light up often when something is found that is `dangerous`. Another crime detected and solved. (Such prosecutions must register as near 100% success rate for the records and performance related pay. After all not many such `crimes` are reported but left unsolved.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30895.   Posted 13-Mar-2016 Sun 03:41] View Near Messages

Indeed the censorship of particular words does seem rather blinkered to the infinite wit of man to dream up equally effective (or insulting) words as those being censored.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30890.   Posted 10-Mar-2016 Thu 23:12] View Near Messages
I`m not sure of the practical difference between the two roles but `compliancy officer` has the ring of dumbly checking against current rules, probably being assigned to kiddy cartoons and porn. Perhaps the perception of `examiners` is that they interpret rules rather than blindly follow them, so are given the more border line films to consider.

In today`s news that `Fat Cat` David Austin will now be known as the BBFC CEO rather than its Director. Surely this is another nod to `child protection` becoming a big business.

Perhaps this explains the cost reduction programme hitting staff pay.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30887.   Posted 9-Mar-2016 Wed 22:11] View Near Messages
Thanks Joshua, interesting stuff. I will add something to the main website, maybe it will stir some extra input.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30882.   Posted 1-Mar-2016 Tue 18:24] View Near Messages
Re Theresa May`s earlier stance
If I have got the right occasion, Theresa May wanted to get a trafficking bill through and simply didn`t want it hijacked by controversy about a new rather rushed anti-sex work measure. I am not sure if this is showed she was against criminalising men.

It`s a sad world when people want to jail men just for wanting to get laid.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30878.   Posted 22-Feb-2016 Mon 08:42] View Near Messages
The webserver used by is broken. The engineers are on the job

Update: Now fixed but it took a fair few hours

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30877.   Posted 18-Feb-2016 Thu 06:47] View Near Messages
Thanks Sergio, That`s a good piece, I`ll make a link to it.

prm2007. The block to imagefap has come up a few times, I`ll have a think on how best to maintain a record, perhaps of major sites blocked in the UK.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30874.   Posted 14-Feb-2016 Sun 07:08] View Near Messages
Sadly it seems that the webhost used for is suffering a denial of service attack, so sometimes is is not working.

Reported as resolved on 16th Feb

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30872.   Posted 13-Feb-2016 Sat 06:51] View Near Messages
Sergio. Indeed images who`s obscenity is more related to who is looking at them rather than the content itself. However it does seem an issue best not picked up by melonfarmers, anti-censorship ideals probably don`t go down well in the debate.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30868.   Posted 2-Feb-2016 Tue 12:48] View Near Messages
I am off travelling for a few days so updates may become a bit sporadic for that time.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30867.   Posted 24-Jan-2016 Sun 10:45] View Near Messages
Thanks Sabreman, I will add a correction

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30865.   Posted 13-Jan-2016 Wed 14:22] View Near Messages
Hi prm2007

The site isn`t blocked by ee. I haven`t spotted anything about the site for years, but I`ll see if Google has anything

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30861.   Posted 31-Dec-2015 Thu 08:10] View Near Messages

Happy New Year to you all, and a speedy drying out to those in the north wet.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30859.   Posted 25-Dec-2015 Fri 02:37] View Near Messages
Merry Christmas everybody

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30857.   Posted 22-Dec-2015 Tue 16:07] View Near Messages
The theory that 88 Film just got ahead of themselves a bit seems to be the most plausible I`ve heard, so I`ll go along with it.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30855.   Posted 19-Dec-2015 Sat 18:35] View Near Messages
Yes interesting stuff about Nightmares. I wonder if there is the possibility that the 88 Films were originally going to re-release the previous cut version, using the existing BBFC certificate. They then seemed to change their mind when the weasel description of the cut version was spotted and they changed to to the uncut version without thinking about BBFC requirements. When the oversight was spotted after release, the BBFC obligingly did a rush job to help out and get the certificate cleared same day. Just a wild guess.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30850.   Posted 2-Dec-2015 Wed 11:37] View Near Messages
Many thanks Braintree. I am just adding your note to the listing. It will be published later tonight.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30848.   Posted 1-Dec-2015 Tue 01:16] View Near Messages

Isn`t it ludicrous how much money is being wasted paying expensive professionals to go carefully vet every single second of video material. Vast amounts could easily be self certificated by the distributor, eg porn, kids stuff and TV material.

TV material is a particular example. What`s the point of vetting something that has already passed strict controls and has already been shown to a vast amount more viewers than on DVD.

With most material being viewed on the TV and internet, where realistically, parents and kids have to be pragmatic about watching material with a higher age rating.

What`s the point of spending all that money getting perfect ratings, when it reflects such a small proportion of viewed content, and where self certification is going to be right 999 times out of a 1000 anyway?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30846.   Posted 29-Nov-2015 Sun 15:09] View Near Messages
Re avoiding a fast forward on paint drying.

I suggest a dirgesome soundtrack with just a couple of songs that have lyrics that are 12/15 rated.

How about a 14 hour looped 10 green bottles

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30843.   Posted 29-Nov-2015 Sun 01:42] View Near Messages
Re watching paint dry.

And don`t forget the idea has also generated a fair amount of publicity. There are plenty more people now aware of the futility of state mandated censorship of even the most innocuous material.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30840.   Posted 28-Nov-2015 Sat 03:04] View Near Messages
An interesting thought phantom. It would apply equally to other areas of censorship too. I guess that prison costs a lot more than accommodation, I guess a few fair of those sent to prison (and their families) end up on benefits for life

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30838.   Posted 26-Nov-2015 Thu 15:02] View Near Messages
Pooch re [30837]

I stand corrected. I looked up `banned` in the dictionary and it is indeed defined as an `official or legal prohibition` ...and there I was thinking I could speak English.

I do use the word in wider context such as my wife `bans` me from going down the pub...but I see that implies the irony that my wife makes the law.

But saying that, when the 3 cinemas formally publish rules, these then could be said to be their official rules...So they could still be said to ban religious advertising according to their official rules.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30836.   Posted 25-Nov-2015 Wed 06:44] View Near Messages

Well it is banned from being shown at Vue, Odeon, and Cineworld. True it is not in any sense banned by the state or by law, but it has been banned by the cinemas involved... up to them though.

I reckon `banned` is a general purpose English word and can be used as English speakers feel fit.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30833.   Posted 24-Nov-2015 Tue 06:15] View Near Messages
BBFC announce that its current deputy director, David Austin, will take over as director when David Cooke leaves in March next year

Phantom. Yes I agree. I think it is fair to summarise that cinemas don`t want religious advertising because it simply causes too much trouble.

TV have similarly banned religious advertising years, way before political correctness took hold. I think this ban was more based on not wanting to police religious fund raising.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30829.   Posted 13-Nov-2015 Fri 04:24] View Near Messages
Re the BBC

I cannot really work out why the BBC is under so much attack from the government. There is no way that any other organisation will feed politically correct news straight from government press releases to so many people as the BBC does.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30828.   Posted 13-Nov-2015 Fri 04:19] View Near Messages

I had a read of most of the murder trial coverage. I`m not sure that the porn angle provides much focus for campaigners as the offending material has recently been banned anyway. I`m not sure what the campaigners would be calling for. Maybe most likely perhaps is foreign website blocking.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30824.   Posted 5-Nov-2015 Thu 01:12] View Near Messages
Interesting stuff phantom.

I am waiting to spot a few things in the bill but haven`t noticed anything in the press coverage so far. One of the key issues is how searchable the ISP data records are. Previous incarnation sf the Snooper`s Charter had the ISPs providing an SQL like interface so that the snooper`s effectively had a searchable central database (albeit a bit slow).

Also has anyone spotted if the vetting agency has access to the data? I`d hate to be a teacher if the vetting agency was noting my visits to the likes of PornTube.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30820.   Posted 2-Nov-2015 Mon 02:39] View Near Messages

Good points. All we will need is a few magistrates with a rubber stamp and then any Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to read our browsing histories

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30803.   Posted 14-Oct-2015 Wed 01:31] View Near Messages
The first news item have read confirming the sacking of ATVOD

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30798.   Posted 12-Oct-2015 Mon 08:48] View Near Messages
DarkAngel, phantom

Who`d have thought in the time of the video nasties and Midnight Run that it would be hearing strong language that would persists as a censorship issue.

And who`d have thought back then that it would be simple opinion that would be the censorship focus of the nest generation. Even in political issues that are most dominant in the news, we are not allowed to comment on the ructions that are threatening the very existence of the EU. But at least we can watch Cannibal Holocaust.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30794.   Posted 2-Oct-2015 Fri 04:32] View Near Messages
Re sheriffs and power.

Perhaps anyone who dreams up a new PC rule that the BBC is keen to grab at. It just takes a `bright` idea, maybe it only needs sufficient rank to get the idea aired in the first place.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30791.   Posted 22-Sep-2015 Tue 08:39] View Near Messages
phantom, a good find, I will slot it in somewhere.

Sergio, I guess immorality in films is when the bad guys don`t get their comeuppance. And super immorality would be where the bad guys get the girl.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30788.   Posted 19-Sep-2015 Sat 05:11] View Near Messages
Sergio, phantom

Good points indeed. Anthropologists with no humanity, ethicists without ethics, and academics who haven`t twigged that sex robots are likely to be sex Roberts

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30784.   Posted 14-Sep-2015 Mon 03:31] View Near Messages
Thanks Therumbler.

I am not quite sure what happened on Saturday, Sunday`s links appear back to normal

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30777.   Posted 4-Sep-2015 Fri 00:10] View Near Messages

Absolutely disgraceful policing but I think the USA are the world leaders on this topic

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30771.   Posted 29-Aug-2015 Sat 10:03] View Near Messages
phantom, re BBC news

We are living in a strange BBCland these days. AS far as I can see there are only 3 things going on, endless mourning at an airshow accident, endless lust for revenge over a bin lorry accident and of course ongoing glorying in the plight of people trying to escape Africa and the Middle East.

It is sometimes a pleasure to channel hop on to Russia Today and Al-Jazeera news, still propaganda but at least it is about more important news than the BBC car crash, public grief and blame broadcasting.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30769.   Posted 27-Aug-2015 Thu 00:34] View Near Messages
Re `obscene` violence

A lot TV news these days seems to be `car crash of the day` reporting relishing in the grief of the victims. This is all very reminiscent of watching news in Thailand, where they are at least trying to wean themselves off this mawkishness. Commentators seem to consider this as propaganda in that it is used as a distraction for more important news.

As to violence prosecutions for obscenity, all the video nasty prosecutions were brought under obscenity law. Since then until around 2000, customs seizures of violent films were based on obscenity claims, albeit rarely actually being tested in court.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30764.   Posted 24-Aug-2015 Mon 00:10] View Near Messages
Braintree re Videodrome (corrected)

A CIC VHS presumably in 1990 claimed on the cover "Includes Footage not previously available on video in the UK". This was true in that it restored material pre-cut for 1987 VHS. However it was still the R rated version.


Don`t you think that video is downloaded from the internet that is nothing to do with regular programming is more DVD-link than TV-Like. I think this is the nub of the ATVOD land grab, as the Euro directive was very much talking about linear TV like programming delivered via the internet, at least during the discussions leading up to the law.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30762.   Posted 23-Aug-2015 Sun 03:52] View Near Messages
Re Videodrome Thanks Braintree, I`ll follow this up.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30758.   Posted 19-Aug-2015 Wed 23:53] View Near Messages
Perhaps David Cooke will be exchanging his scissors for gardening shears.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30756.   Posted 19-Aug-2015 Wed 10:40] View Near Messages
BBFC Director David Cooke to retire in March 2016

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30753.   Posted 14-Aug-2015 Fri 23:58] View Near Messages
A very good point Phantom which amused me

I will have to add this to the main site.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30750.   Posted 9-Aug-2015 Sun 14:21] View Near Messages
Sergio, whilst it all smacks of the usual discrimination that men`s enjoyment of sex and sex entertainment is always considered morally repugnant, the feminist angle is surely one to applaud. It has probably got way more chance of succeeding then men complaining that they are being censored.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30747.   Posted 5-Aug-2015 Wed 01:06] View Near Messages
Re Amnesty and prostitution and the Guardian

The Guardian have published an article providing a bit of a balance to their stridently feminist editorial.

But one of the comments noted that the piece was published in an obscure column:

"In the storm of (mostly moralizing, generalizing, opinion) articles on the subject, this is the first one with actual links to actual reports with actual evidence. Sadly it`s all but hidden in an obscure "Global development" column, meaning that it won`t be read (as demonstrated by the 4 comments in 24 hours)".

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30745.   Posted 4-Aug-2015 Tue 07:36] View Near Messages
Glenn, I added the news about Nekromantik 2 and it stirred plenty of interest.

Therumbler, an interesting comment from the Guardian, i read it as accepting the harms caused by criminalisation but concluding that the feminist/PC cause trumped those concerns.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30742.   Posted 2-Aug-2015 Sun 05:35] View Near Messages

I reckon if they somehow managed to ban all porn from the internet overnight, there would be enough to last a life time already on hard drives.

A single 32Gbyte stick full of porn passed around amongst kids would be enough to last a fair while.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30739.   Posted 30-Jul-2015 Thu 03:42] View Near Messages
So the government are kicking off another round of publicity for their anti-porn efforts

Sergio re the legal argument.

I think it also quite key that none of the other countries have decided that porn is seriously harmful. It would be interesting if the UK had to argue its case in Euro court, any winning arguments would have serious ramifications for the rest of Europe.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30737.   Posted 28-Jul-2015 Tue 14:18] View Near Messages

I rather think these figures don`t really suggest there is much porn viewing going on there. There are typically 1000 members and maybe 2 staff each, so a fair amount of websites being accessed. Then there are also loads of sites like melon farmers that are blocked with the message `porn` so surely there are thousands of useful non-porn sites similarly blocked.

But it is interesting to note that people are trying to generate new laws about porn without actually being able to see what they are legislating against.

Also good to note that the authorities feel the need to block MPs from viewing porn in the first place. They`ll be initiating drugs tests next.

And of course it is excellent that this attempt to prevent MPs from viewing porn ends up suggesting that they watch loads of the stuff.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30734.   Posted 27-Jul-2015 Mon 12:46] View Near Messages

Interesting about the versions of Zombie Holocaust.

There may be an explanation here:

VTC issued a less cut version before replacing it with a more heavily cut version

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30724.   Posted 17-Jul-2015 Fri 05:42] View Near Messages
ATVOD has released its latest Annual Report

Press release at

Annual Report at

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30723.   Posted 14-Jul-2015 Tue 01:47] View Near Messages
The BBFC has released its Annual Report covering 2014

The press release is at

The report is at

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30722.   Posted 14-Jul-2015 Tue 01:46] View Near Messages
Thanks Doodlebug, I will get the info updated.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30720.   Posted 9-Jul-2015 Thu 05:57] View Near Messages
Well the ISP have now `upgraded the server`, and the forum still seems to be working. This is a bit strange as they told me the server would then no longer support the database, Access, that is being used.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30718.   Posted 1-Jul-2015 Wed 05:25] View Near Messages
phantom, a fascinating post.

Maybe there is another level of societal political correctness at play though.

There are absolute rules that are widely supported. And then there are the rules that everybody knows are bollox, and only given lip service for published comments.

I think many of the issues you note are protected by a veneer of PC but it doesn`t go very deep. There can`t be many who buy the claim that `radicaliation` is some sort of instant 100% transformation/revelation initiated by an internet posting. It seems clear that such occurances are more likely reflections of the milieu in which these people live their day to day lives.

Of course the authorities could never say that... But they could pressgang teachers into spying on signs of exactly that unmentionable community background.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30715.   Posted 29-Jun-2015 Mon 03:02] View Near Messages

Mental gymnastics with terminology seems to the preoccupation of our time. One has to wonder how they will deal with the more substantive problems.

Boris Johnson provides a good example in this morning`s news.


Re Here We go Round the Mulberry Bush. I was just trying to confirm that the current release was the uncut version. I have now added a not to say that it has been uncut since the BFI release in 2005.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30711.   Posted 25-Jun-2015 Thu 15:53] View Near Messages
Any time from now on when GoDaddy move this site to an Apache server.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30709.   Posted 24-Jun-2015 Wed 21:36] View Near Messages
The ISP is withdrawing support for Microsoft Server based software on which this forum is based. Unfortunately this spells the end of this forum.

I will have a look around for alternatives

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30708.   Posted 22-Jun-2015 Mon 15:54] View Near Messages
Good one phantom, it all seems so typical of 21st Century life. As always rules intended to promote harmony, tolerance and politeness get used to generate disharmony, intolerance and strife.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30704.   Posted 31-May-2015 Sun 13:55] View Near Messages
Not a particularly enlightening contribution from the Daily Mail, but the admission in the headline is surely a first for the rag.

LIZ JONES: Shocking, I know... but could porn be making the world safer?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30701.   Posted 21-May-2015 Thu 15:06] View Near Messages
Sergio, it is not entirely surprising, as the previous meeting featured a couple of webmasters openly describing how they were using the age verification procedures to pedal rubbish, that people simply would not buy if they could see a preview.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30699.   Posted 21-May-2015 Thu 02:13] View Near Messages
Thanks Sergio.

Isn`t it a disgrace that those being censored by age verification aren`t allowed to hear the latest about what is being implemented.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30697.   Posted 19-May-2015 Tue 11:38] View Near Messages
The latest article from the BBFC archive speaks of the cuts required to the early releases of the original Mad Max.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30696.   Posted 17-May-2015 Sun 02:12] View Near Messages
Re category cuts.

There are certainly issues with category cuts but I think the distributors have got it more or less sewn up on the issue of enough viewers taking issue at the cuts themselves.

Distributors of horror films, most at risk of customer opposition tend to be aware of this and do as good as job as possible of getting their releases uncut.

Category cuts are generally requested in large market releases where it is unlikely that a significant proportion care about the cuts themselves.

However I do think there is one aspect that may be more amenable to opposition from a large proportion of viewers. And that is the perception that category cuts are diluting films and making them less worth viewing. Perhaps along the lines of Die Hard or Expendables being devalued by being toned down for a 12 rating.

Perhaps we could all contribute by emphasising the view that distributors pushing for lower ratings devalues the films, eg dismissing 12 rated films as kiddy horror or family actions films.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30693.   Posted 15-May-2015 Fri 02:35] View Near Messages
Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) has been passed 18 uncut by the BBFC for strong bloody violence, gore, sexual violence for cinema release.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30691.   Posted 13-May-2015 Wed 03:39] View Near Messages

These are the sort of question that lawyers earn 100 quid an hour debating.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30689.   Posted 12-May-2015 Tue 00:35] View Near Messages

Yes a gif can be a video, in this mode it is referred to as an animated gif.

On ATVOD determination, it seems to me that there is a fundamental lie about a video being TV like. The EU legislation started off all about linear TV with schedules and programmes. Then somewhere along the line it switched to being DVD like. Surely a downloaded video should be considered as DVD like, not TV like. ATVOD aren`t trying to censor Amazon DVDs, whats the difference to the films being downloadable, it just takes a day longer to get hold of exactly the same digital file.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30686.   Posted 9-May-2015 Sat 10:53] View Near Messages

Interesting, but maybe inevitable background about Labour potential leadership.

I am wondering if they would be better advised to seek somebody who speaks more about workers and making money, and less about feminist/political correctness issues that make Labour seem very middle class and anti-men.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30684.   Posted 7-May-2015 Thu 05:11] View Near Messages

One has to suspect that whichever parties win the election, there will be a fair few more MPs keen to criminalise men for crimes against equality.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30681.   Posted 23-Apr-2015 Thu 03:49] View Near Messages

`explicit` seems to bandied around as general purpose negative loaded term by moralists and campaigners.

In reality it is related to context. for instance sex in a TV drama could be described as implicit if a couple is shown drawing over the covers before a fade, but explicit if you see sexual movements, even below the covers. Here the point is the story line point as to whether the characters have sex or not.

However if the context is porn, one knows that sex will be depicted somehow, then explicit should mean hardcore whilst implicit would be softcore.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30677.   Posted 19-Apr-2015 Sun 12:28] View Near Messages

I would guess it is more the unviable age verification rules that would suffocate dreamsofspanking rather than the yearly censorship charge.

Perhaps Pandora Blake would stand more chance than most of subscribers paying up without being able to see the goods. Perhaps a few people would take the political activism as a means of proving good faith in buying goods unseen.

I remember one webmaster at a UK conference saying that he thinks that age verification is a good thing as his content is shite. If he had to show a sample free, he would get no customers. With up ATVOD rules he extracts the money up front and only then does the customer realise that he/she has wasted the money.

ATVOD`s rules are a scammer`s charter

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30676.   Posted 19-Apr-2015 Sun 12:19] View Near Messages
Glenn Quagmire

Blood and Black Lace was heavily cut for a 1965 X rating. It was this cut version that was passed 15 by the BBFC. The uncut version was 18 rated by the BBFC. There can`t be many films from the mid sixties that have managed to maintain an 18 rating right up to the current day.

How about a quiz:

Which is the oldest film that has had a 21st century BBFC 18 rating?

I don`t know the answer, but my best guess would be Blood Feast from 1963

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30671.   Posted 15-Apr-2015 Wed 00:20] View Near Messages

Surely Baise Moi is in the realm of films that could lead to your persecution if the police decided were to trawl through your PC or DVD collection. However in this case the DVD happens to have an uncut BBFC certificate which makes it OK under the Dangerous Pictures Act

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30669.   Posted 11-Apr-2015 Sat 18:47] View Near Messages

Yes In the Realm of the Senses is now totally uncut since the 2011 Optimum release, with the previous reframing no longer required.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30664.   Posted 9-Apr-2015 Thu 02:11] View Near Messages
Re What the Peeper Saw

Thanks Braintree, an interesting update which I added to MF.

Presumably the censored scene in the VCI DVD prevents people being sent straight to prison but maybe a warning is required about the uncut releases noted.

Re Human Centipede 3.

I am looking forward to the Daily Mail reports. Maybe another `Sickest Film Ever`. I should start a book on how many times the Daily Mail uses the word `vile` in connection with reports on HC3.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30657.   Posted 4-Apr-2015 Sat 02:42] View Near Messages

I read that France had decided not to ban slim models. The law will target more positive incitement to skininess, notably pro-ana websites. i will have another look round though

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30656.   Posted 4-Apr-2015 Sat 01:13] View Near Messages
Is this new Tory nastiness about age verification for porn or just a rehash of the current ATVOD approach?

Javid said: "If you want to buy a hardcore pornography DVD in a store you need to prove your age to the retailers".

"With the shift to online, children can access adult content on websites without restriction, intentionally or otherwise".

"That is why we need effective controls online that apply to UK and overseas. This is about giving children the best start in life".

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30653.   Posted 3-Apr-2015 Fri 08:30] View Near Messages
Re lies

A fascinating perspective. The rules of political correctness back this up. For instance it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to spout any old bollox about what adult entertainment may `cause` men to do, the more ludicrous the claim, the better. And the PC rules then demand that all adherents support these lies no matter how blatant.

It is so commonplace, that every person attaching to acause now expects to be able to bully everyone else into submission. It is becoming a very fractious world.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30648.   Posted 28-Mar-2015 Sat 12:25] View Near Messages
Re Commando

The Director`s cut contains extra violence originally cut in the US for an R rating during the tool shed scene:

-The pitchfork killing features additional reaction from the soldier as he dies and an extra shot as he slumps to the floor
-Schwarzenegger throws a second circular saw blade which embeds itself into the neck of a bad guy, lots of blood, and more reaction from the soldier as he puts is hands to his neck.
-The guy who is axed in the groin is shown in agony longer
-The guy with the severed arm is seen lying on the floor, stump in the air, screaming for a second or two longer and for an extra shot when is crawling on the ground.

So the main censorship UK timeline is

1985 cut in the US for an R rating
1985-2001 further cut by the BBFC and later even more cuts appeared as German version was released in the UK
2007 Directors Cut passed uncut by the BBFC but not released
2007 Directors Cut released in the US
2008 BBFC cuts waived to the theatrical version so that the UK release of that year was the same as the US R rated version
2015 Directors Cut released in the UK (with the uncut BBFC certificate from 2007)

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30640.   Posted 22-Mar-2015 Sun 01:31] View Near Messages
Braintree, re Don`t lose your head.

I added the note. I couldn`t find anything else on the cuts, so given the difference in production set up, then it does seem likely that the company treated the cuts differently to most Carry On films, and kept the cut material for future use. Thanks for the info.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30639.   Posted 20-Mar-2015 Fri 12:55] View Near Messages
Phantom re D & G

A Spiked article about the PC bullies launching into D&G

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30635.   Posted 17-Mar-2015 Tue 01:37] View Near Messages

Never has so much power been granted to censorship by private company and they impose it so incredibly arbitrarily and ruthlessly. They can trash an entire company in a computer generated decision. Yet no one seems to bother opposing this except for the very few high profile cases where the naff rules get mass publicity.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30632.   Posted 13-Mar-2015 Fri 19:13] View Near Messages
Thanks goatboy, I will take a look

Maybe a bit political as opposed to politically correct, but I thought this interview over a pint with Nigel Farage is just about the most refreshing political piece I have read during the current election campaign.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30630.   Posted 13-Mar-2015 Fri 04:34] View Near Messages
No it isn`t odd. It just should be.

It may be quite fun to see a little unregulated electioneering on YouTube, just allowing them to swear at the opposition would be amusing.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30628.   Posted 10-Mar-2015 Tue 04:49] View Near Messages

Indeed this linkage between the viewer and the rapist has been a major issue for the BBFC. Strangely this time round it doesn`t figure so much in the BBFC`s write up of their ban. Maybe because the details portrayed are not quite so clear. This time round seems more related to the relentless thuggery coupled with the racist setting.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30625.   Posted 1-Mar-2015 Sun 09:57] View Near Messages

A fascinating analysis that is very persuasive and I concur with most of it.

I don`t think you will be far wrong that the prevention strategies will be prove to be a blind alley and terrorism will continue unabated.

I would like to add though that more likely factors of religion, culture, money, opportunity and general intolerance may be equally futile to identify. These are the sort of factors, even if correctly identified, would take generations to lead people away from. I rather fear that there is nothing much we can do to make the problem go away.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30622.   Posted 27-Feb-2015 Fri 00:35] View Near Messages

I didn`t release that Manwin did operate from there. Yes could be a major issue. I think other major TV/video/internet companies operate from there too.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30613.   Posted 10-Feb-2015 Tue 04:13] View Near Messages
Nearly all UK political parties unsurprisingly classed as `authoritarian` rather than libertarian.

And given that Caroline Lucas called for the banning of the Sun and is generally a PC extremist on feminist issues, then I am not sure how the Green Party got away being classified on the libertarian side.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30612.   Posted 10-Feb-2015 Tue 01:31] View Near Messages
Thanks braintree

That seems to explain the loose ends, I will update the lists accordingly

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30609.   Posted 9-Feb-2015 Mon 13:53] View Near Messages

I don`t think it`s true to limit your observation to politicians. It seems that half the world is trying to tell the other half what to think, say and do. And the other half doesn`t like it.

We seem to be engineering a very fractious world

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30607.   Posted 8-Feb-2015 Sun 14:33] View Near Messages
I haven`t checked it out yet but this tweet amused me

"50 nuances de Grey interdit aux -12 ans en France! C`est la classification de Madame Doubtfire en Angleterre"

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30604.   Posted 5-Feb-2015 Thu 17:07] View Near Messages

And today we have ASA banning adult adverts for adult viewers watching children`s content, assuming that the adult must be watching with children.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30602.   Posted 4-Feb-2015 Wed 01:04] View Near Messages
Indeed phantom.

And of course there is the Daily Mail and the likes to consider. They could have a field day given the opportunity to accuse the BBFC of being too liberal with a 15 rating.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30600.   Posted 3-Feb-2015 Tue 15:27] View Near Messages
Re Fifty Shades

Iceland has chipped in with a 16 rating whilst Ontario has joined the UK with an 18A rating.

So the majority so far have given the film less than an 18 rating. I guess the UK distributor asked for an 18, and the BBFC kindly obliged.

And as for the tangled mess that the publicity department has got in trying to sex it up...well I think we are rather expert at detecting double speak bullshit, we get it fed constantly by politicians and the like. I guess most movie goers will be waiting on the reviews.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30597.   Posted 2-Feb-2015 Mon 08:03] View Near Messages
Fifty Shades of Grey gets an 18 rating.

I bet the distributors were relieved that it wasn`t a 15.,35PDI,8X4Z3A,BBE0H,1

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30594.   Posted 31-Jan-2015 Sat 17:22] View Near Messages
Thanks Braintree, I`ll get it fixed tomorrow. The 2 version release has been confirmed by Michael Brooke, the producer.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30574.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 02:23] View Near Messages

Well it seems the Sun is having a little fun. It will be interesting to see how the PC world responds to the return of Page 3

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30552.   Posted 9-Jan-2015 Fri 16:53] View Near Messages

Indeed the world needs to pinch itself and wake up. Today was quite surreal with more or less everyone voicing an opinion on issues to do with Charlie Hebdo being totally fractious, intolerant and somehow expecting or demanding everyone else to think as they do.

And like you say, its not just the big things, but the trivial too.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30548.   Posted 7-Jan-2015 Wed 14:46] View Near Messages
What`s the betting that David Cameron`s `free speech and democracy` state machinery will lay into the first tweeter who dares make a joke about the murders?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30540.   Posted 21-Dec-2014 Sun 05:20] View Near Messages
Thanks Braintree

I will pass on the comment

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30536.   Posted 17-Dec-2014 Wed 16:56] View Near Messages

Here is the Hansard proceedings. I wonder if `negative` means that it didn`t get voted on. A positive one did have a resolution.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30534.   Posted 17-Dec-2014 Wed 10:51] View Near Messages

It would be interesting to know what level of parliamentary interaction there is for these ministerial decrees. It would also be interesting to know which minster has been pushing through this undemocractic censorship. How can these people pass a new law that kills an entire industry without even the decency to give it a decent mention it in parliament.

This is the sort of democracy you get in the likes of China, Burma and Thailand

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30532.   Posted 17-Dec-2014 Wed 03:10] View Near Messages

There is a chance that Clegg did not realise what it meant. It was not debated in parliament, just nodded through.

Before the Face-Sitting protest then it was probably justified as applying BBFC rules to online video. And before the protest I bet few realised that the BBFC/CPS rules were so naff and impinging on people`s sexuality.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30529.   Posted 14-Dec-2014 Sun 14:26] View Near Messages
Thanks Braintree, i will add an update.


I presume you are referring to the work described here

Sounds interesting

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30517.   Posted 5-Dec-2014 Fri 00:47] View Near Messages
re: The Truth about the Porn Law Changes...

All the puffed up censors are loving it aren`t they.

I thought it was interesting that the BBFC acknowledged that the government/police/CPS were writing their censorship rules.

The BBFC need to update their catchprhrase: "Ratings you trust...except for R18s, which are absolute Politically Correct/police censorship bollox"

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30513.   Posted 2-Dec-2014 Tue 17:01] View Near Messages

Well all with video, except YouTube that was luckily explicitly excluded in the EU law

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30511.   Posted 2-Dec-2014 Tue 00:54] View Near Messages

I have just noted that ATVOD have added a new rule 14, not primarily about R18. ATVOD will ban any video material that is banned by the BBFC from all ATVOD qualifying websites (not just adult ones), and furthermore for unclassified material, take their own view on what the BBFC would ban.

ATVOD is the new internet BBFC

...more to follow

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30508.   Posted 28-Nov-2014 Fri 09:36] View Near Messages
Jack Straw steps into the fray of blaming Facebook and Snowden for... well everything

It is always a bit disconcerting when all the big guns start firing at the same time...Is something nasty in the offing?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30507.   Posted 28-Nov-2014 Fri 06:17] View Near Messages
The War on Facebook

This all seems a little too unbelievable. How can a website be expected to monitor messages. Automated filtering, censorship etc is inevitably characterised by being crap. It would take some very AI systems to actually get a good handle on conversations which are hardly likely to be open and clear. I would suspect that dangerous conversations would be shrouded in jargon, euphemism and allusions where only participants would know the context. Surely this is what the security services should be expert at, not Facebook.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30500.   Posted 25-Nov-2014 Tue 04:12] View Near Messages

I always wonder if the parents really want their kids to grow up in a non-sexualised world and suddenly find at the age of 18 that being sexy is of key importance to life.

Maybe the desexualisation glasses need the ability to peer over the top whenever necessary.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30499.   Posted 25-Nov-2014 Tue 03:26] View Near Messages

I amused myself for a whiling trying to think of Labour women who are not feminist nutjobs, and you are absolutely right, I couldn`t think of one.

I agree entirely that there is no hope of any change, but surely the middle class feminist campaigning IS causing them to lose votes from working class men. And the concern must be there, hence, Miliband`s outburst at the white van man tweet.

Just because it will have no effect, doesn`t make it not worthwhile to pick at a sensitive spot.

I think there is a general dissatisfied rump of the electorate, that will support whatever is the best third party cause at the time. Maybe UKIP at the moment but maybe greens another time or even a return to the libdems (after they have spent some time on the naughty step). Of course it is much easier in Wales and Scotland to vote against the LabCon party via the nationalist parties

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30496.   Posted 23-Nov-2014 Sun 01:14] View Near Messages
Re Tesco `thinking of the children`

Perhaps it is worth alluding to a middle class feminist campaign that seeks to ban working men`s pleasures in life. I think Labour may be sensitive about this observation at the moment.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30492.   Posted 18-Nov-2014 Tue 06:47] View Near Messages

It is a bit unfair on websites. We`ve only just notice the new law 2 weeks after it was passed leaving just 2 weeks for webmasters to censor their websites.

It rather suggest that Cameron is keen to bang on about this during the run up to the election.

Coincidently I got a circular emall from Cameron yesterday claiming:

"we will carry on backing businesses by scrapping red tape, cutting taxes - and continuing to invest in the infrastructure that is vital to create jobs and enable Britain to compete successfully in the global race".

Well if Cameron considers this new law as `backing businesses` and `scrapping red tape` then Britain is doooomed.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30489.   Posted 16-Nov-2014 Sun 00:40] View Near Messages
Thanks Phantom

I enjoyed `it was alright in the 70s` on channel 4.

It was fun watching the modern commentators feign shock at some of the very unPC 70`s programming such as Benny Hill.

Somehow the argument is that of pure morality when perhaps there is a more important economic aspect. It may have been shocking but at least people had the freedom get on with the job of making money.

Now everything is banned on grounds of safety/political correctness/health/child protection we seem to have the problem of a stagnating and declining economy

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30480.   Posted 4-Nov-2014 Tue 16:46] View Near Messages

There was vote on the commission of a prostitution law review but MacTaggart`s clauses 6 & 7 were dropped without being voted on

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30451.   Posted 29-Oct-2014 Wed 02:36] View Near Messages
The Telegraph is having a bit of fun at the expense of the CPS

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30439.   Posted 27-Oct-2014 Mon 08:18] View Near Messages
Only vaguely related to the Tiger Porn case but I just happened to spot another case of a seemingly innocent man being punished by the CPS with a no hope prosecution being dropped only on the eve of a trial. I am guessing that this is a widely used tactic.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30435.   Posted 27-Oct-2014 Mon 02:38] View Near Messages
The Dangerous Pictures Act is set for a Judicial Review over the tiger porn case

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30424.   Posted 25-Oct-2014 Sat 23:34] View Near Messages


I don`t for a moment figure that UKIP are worth supporting for their policies. However to me, the point is that having them around as a threat may mean that the ruling parties (tories alternating labour) may be forced into doing a little more for the people, rather than implementing policies for their own pleasures. So the point is that the threat of UKIP may force the other parties into doing a better job, and hence should be nurtured.

Re Yvette Cooper

I interpreted the news as being that labour HAVE accepted the policy of criminalising buying sex. The debate about putting it on the conference stage is more whether this should be included as a manifesto policy to be debated during the election run up. In the end I reckon that they decided that the policy should be secret and not announced until they were elected. There is no way that Cooper could have even considered a conference announcement of something that was not an agreed policy. You simply can`t spring a surprise like that on your own party in a conference speech

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30418.   Posted 24-Oct-2014 Fri 16:29] View Near Messages
Phantom I agree, but still think it would be worthwhile giving the current politicians a once in a life time kicking. Maybe they would then devote a little more time to what the people want, not what big business/political extremists/police want. Switching endlessly between Tories and Labour does not achieve this. It just may help if there is an `you`re (all) fired` button available just in case.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30416.   Posted 24-Oct-2014 Fri 16:06] View Near Messages
Phantom, well if I don`t like it I will vote UKIP, it seems to be the only thing in town that may stop labour and tories treating the people like shit who need to be jailed for whatever petty excuse they can dream up.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30394.   Posted 16-Oct-2014 Thu 17:52] View Near Messages

I have not seen it but there are two film clips within the film. The short films from which those clips are taken are included in their entirety as part of the set, one of these is cut. More than an extra but not quite the main film.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30367.   Posted 12-Oct-2014 Sun 08:53] View Near Messages
So the government will now create a standalone offence of revenge porn.

I wonder if the wording will criminalise an awful lot more than stated.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30360.   Posted 9-Oct-2014 Thu 02:41] View Near Messages
Re Not a Love Story

Thanks Bleach. That`s a shame. I watched it via that link and found it a fascinating documentary.

Re definitions

I don`t think we are far off the situation where the CPS make both the definitions and the decisions. Even if the defendant is right the CPS can destroy your life by taking the prosecution to the brink and then withdrawing just before the tactic becomes visible to the courts

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30347.   Posted 29-Sep-2014 Mon 23:43] View Near Messages

I think it is telling that the state is so arbitrarily negative about internet blocking. It is obviously all about moral censorship. If they really cared about the kids it would be reasonably easy for the state to set up a wide age verification scheme.

All you need is a single physical check or credit card transaction to your ISP and then your account could be set as age verified. I am sure this info could be encoded somewhere in the html protocol that the ISPS could verify on route so that webservers could then verify the setting and serve adult material accordingly.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30342.   Posted 17-Sep-2014 Wed 14:33] View Near Messages
Still watching Scotland getting excited about independence but I am totally at a loss where this excitement comes from.

Now from what I observe about various tiers of government:

Local councilors are a bunch of misery guts who want to ban all pleasure in life, generate shoddy legislation to micro manage people`s lives that `sends a few messages` but don`t give a stuff how it works in practice, and the harm it can do to people`s livelihood and freedom. It hardly even matters which party they are.

MPs are a bunch of misery guts who want to ban all pleasure in life, generate shoddy legislation to micro manage people`s lives that `sends a few messages` but don`t give a stuff how it works in practice, and the harm it can do to people`s livelihood and freedom. It hardly even matters which party they are.

MEPs and Euro politicians are a bunch of misery guts who want to ban all pleasure in life, generate shoddy legislation to micro manage people`s lives that `sends a few messages` but don`t give a stuff how it works in practice, and the harm it can do to people`s livelihood and freedom. It hardly even matters which party they are.

Why do Scots people think that their lawmakers are going to be any different? Surely there is so little chance of politicians being `better` that its not worth getting excited about.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30338.   Posted 16-Sep-2014 Tue 12:59] View Near Messages

This could be fascinating. with 10% of the population of the UK I bet there will be vast numbers of releases where it simply economically unviable to spend a grand on getting a film watched by professional film viewers. I bet they have to do something like accept BBFC ratings for use in Scotland. Or perhaps give up on pre-vetting for large chunks of the market.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30337.   Posted 16-Sep-2014 Tue 12:42] View Near Messages
Re Scotland

Earlier this month the debate seemed to be something along the lines of `wanting` independence vs the `necessity` of having to be part of ever larger power blocks.

Somehow I think that this has all changed with Cameron, Miliband and Clegg joining forces. It has now handed to the Scots people a once in the life time opportunity to give a good kicking to the whole political elite that has been ruling Britain with scarcely a thought for the people in the last few decades.

Limey if there was a vote in England to get rid of all the parties that have stitched up Britain, then who could resist the temptation of booting them ALL out.

Surely this unholy trinity will have sealed the fate of the United Kingdom.

So what will the UK be called when Scotland leaves?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30331.   Posted 14-Sep-2014 Sun 23:51] View Near Messages
Phantom. Scandinavia still seems pretty keen on porn (maybe except Norway).

Maybe there is something in the wording of the law.

The issue certainly came up when miserable laws to criminalise buying sex came up in Scotland. The moralists creating the bills were very keen to cast a massively wide net of sex being bought.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30327.   Posted 11-Sep-2014 Thu 06:56] View Near Messages
Thanks Pooch and Braintree

Interesting information. And yes I guess it will be new to the large majority of readers, so well worth passing on.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30319.   Posted 5-Sep-2014 Fri 14:38] View Near Messages
"Because some imaginary complainant may be able to draw an imaginary line between two completely unrelated situations.
Someone - may - feel offended. Simply because we can imagine that it might be the case. Thus we must take action - against our own imaginary offence".

Great line phantom

"To my knowledge neither Dr Who, nor Robin Hood, nor The Sheriff of Nottingham have ever been to Syria".

Well actually there is a rather poignant connection. King Richard is very much part of the Robin Hood story and he was off fighting muslims in the Crusades in lands including Syria. [Edit after reading Wiki]

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30313.   Posted 5-Sep-2014 Fri 07:19] View Near Messages

I sympathise with where you are coming from but I do believe that this has become an example of political correctness. In the past programmes that have being similar to a real life tragedy have been respectfully postponed and I accept that as a sensitive mark of respect. However Dr Who has no real connections with anything to do with the reallife ongoing inhumanity in Iraq and Syria.

It just seems to me going too far to clutch at straws for vague connections. This seems to have allusions to PC as one is bullied into some sort of mandated over the top response...And my rather cliched, but totally accurate concern is, where will it end?

I am just adding a trivial criticism, saying that in this case, the BBC response seems to me a little over the top. Just my opinion. Is one allowed to have opinions when debating issues deemed to be PC?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30310.   Posted 3-Sep-2014 Wed 15:43] View Near Messages

I believe the 2005 release was crammed onto 2 discs and hence the issues. This release is 4 discs. So although I haven`t read anything, should be better. And assuming it is, then the set itself seemed well received, so may be of interest to readers.

It appears twice because I wanted it to appear on the Hammer news page and also on the full list of releases. I`ll have a think if I can better organise this.


Yes `mandatory deradicalisation` sounds an excellently creepy term. Perhaps next deradicalisation camps will be built on Boris` unused island

Perhaps Miliband would like to consider mandatory de-sexualisation camps while he is at it. And we could recruit Ilsa as a de-sexualisation czar.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30309.   Posted 3-Sep-2014 Wed 15:20] View Near Messages is now back online

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30306.   Posted 3-Sep-2014 Wed 12:34] View Near Messages
Thanks ronandusty, I will follow this up for tomorrow`s update

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30304.   Posted 3-Sep-2014 Wed 09:47] View Near Messages
Melon Farmers web host is reporting storage failures, leaving MelonFarmers ( offline. Hopefully all will be resolved soon., ie

By the way, there is now an ssl option for a little extra privacy when reading melonfarmers at

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30297.   Posted 27-Aug-2014 Wed 09:06] View Near Messages
Interesting phantom.

Sometimes you can listen to the news and hear people spout on for a fair while without daring to mention the key points to what is being talked about. Your two items are both examples with a total ban on anything critical of muslims and on any acknowledgement that vast numbers of people enjoy sexy entertainment.

And in the Rotherham case you get the corollary that once a report is accepted by the powers that be then it becomes itself beyond reproach.

It`s a strange old world that we have created for ourselves.

Oh and I just noticed that Wrecking Ball has now been viewed 699,008,259 times on YouTube.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30292.   Posted 20-Aug-2014 Wed 22:43] View Near Messages
Hi DarkAngel

Ofcom always used to comment that they get hardly any complaints from PayTV. But now complaints have been encouraged massively as if it was some sort of replacement for the democracy lost in the real world. I`d be surprised if this episode would survive if complained about now. Hopefully there are still less people who complain about TV they have paid for.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30286.   Posted 16-Aug-2014 Sat 12:41] View Near Messages
Sergio, try

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30253.   Posted 29-Jul-2014 Tue 10:54] View Near Messages
Pooch, It looks like Victim wasn`t submitted for this latest release and used the last video cert which was 12. The cinema certificate is PG though and was passed a year later than the video

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30235.   Posted 25-Jul-2014 Fri 16:33] View Near Messages

Along the vague theme I haven`t yet spotted a story from the Daily Mail mentioning the low take up up options for ISP internet blocking.

Also I bet more people have been jailed for internet free speech violations in the UK than China if the size of the population is factored in.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30233.   Posted 25-Jul-2014 Fri 09:30] View Near Messages
Thanks Pooch, great stuff. Do you mind if I repost it on the main MF site? I am sure it would be of interest to many readers. I think there`s a good headline along the lines of How to kill a dead parrot.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30228.   Posted 24-Jul-2014 Thu 11:20] View Near Messages

I have been reading your comments about the licensing of porn clause in the Criminal Justice and Courts bill.

Although it sounds a silly idea to try and license foreign porn sites, there is a horribly practical angle from which it may well work to some extent. It is nothing to do with prosecuting foreign websites or seeking extradition etc, that would be a non-starter.

No it is a plan being hatched by the government to give the banks and payment services a legal certainty for grounds to refuse payment services. The Banks can`t or won`t suspend payment services to legal companies and ATVODs week attempt to convince them that hardcore is illegal under the OPA have clearly failed. BUT if the foreign website wasn`t licensed then that would be considered legal justification for refusing payment services.

Here is a little evidence of the government and ATVOD scheming along these lines:

Maybe the Lords amendments were turned down because the Government themselves are planning to add the licensing scheme, perhaps a little different to Thornton`s

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30225.   Posted 24-Jul-2014 Thu 02:03] View Near Messages
Great stuff Freeworld, I`ll get something added on the main site.

Fascinating that these people are angling to get so many in serious trouble with the law just serve personal morality whims.

It strikes me that many politicians don`t seem the slightest bit interested in thinking about the actual consequences of their actions. Once they have `sent their message` that`s their job done.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30223.   Posted 23-Jul-2014 Wed 14:34] View Near Messages

Not even the Spanish Inquisition can use the f-word before 9pm!

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30220.   Posted 17-Jul-2014 Thu 02:11] View Near Messages
The BBFC Annual Report covering 2013 has been published

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30211.   Posted 12-Jul-2014 Sat 23:09] View Near Messages
Hi Pooch

Yes I thought it was a dangerous new presumption that the pre-watershed restrictions `ought` to apply to anytime that children were watching. I bet if anyone dared to publish figures they would find that vast numbers of teenagers ARE still watching up to say 11pm. Any official recognition of this fact would end up with no real answer beyond pushing the watershed back to 11pm.

The reality is that the large majority of teenagers routinely watch post-watershed TV, with the approval, or at least acceptance, from their parents. I`m surprised that moralist campaigners don`t make more of this.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30209.   Posted 11-Jul-2014 Fri 09:18] View Near Messages

Google specified an image rather than a page, so presumably the pages (there are several) with the following image on get blocked


Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30196.   Posted 3-Jul-2014 Thu 23:30] View Near Messages
Re nudie tee

It always seems that jokes rank highly on the scale of easy offence, followed not far behind by a trivial throwaway remarks. The more trivial it is the more the easily offended get worked up.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30189.   Posted 29-Jun-2014 Sun 01:12] View Near Messages

I think the word `vile` maybe denotes that the judge is a Daily Mail reader, it seems to be their word of the year

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30182.   Posted 26-Jun-2014 Thu 07:39] View Near Messages
Doodlebug, Pooch
Good point about the film not being American/British.
Perhaps its just down to Europeans being more at ease with strong language, especially in a foreign language. If the makers had been subject to UK levels of hysteria over `bad` words, then surely they would simply not be in the film.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30179.   Posted 25-Jun-2014 Wed 14:25] View Near Messages
Thanks Pooch...The news brought a smile. I`ll make a news item of it tomorrow.

I have read a couple of times that one of the side effects the PG-13 is that PGs have become synonymous with young kids films and have absolutely no street cred for the not quite so young kids. Hence the distributors have to bump up these to PG-13 with (usually) a single `fuck`

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30175.   Posted 19-Jun-2014 Thu 00:12] View Near Messages
Phantom. Re twisting law

Surely it is one of the nasty things of the age that the Government is so keen on getting its citizens jailed. Not only do they create endless new laws to jail people for trivial transgressions from a government approved micromanaged life, they then encourage the authorities to twist the law to suit even more trivial prosecutions, whilst refusing to budge an inch of the law is nudged in favour of defendants.


Assuming a database entry error I think it impossible to tell, cuts duration specified but not the reason. Maybe a default of not cut by taking the detailed video page as higher authority than the summary page. (Maybe a penis pixie got in the works?)

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30167.   Posted 13-Jun-2014 Fri 01:22] View Near Messages

Yes it is a sad day when human rights are tested by the same group of feminist/PC politicians that create are laws and whom take away our rights on the slight of hand and a nice sounding, but meaningless phrase directly copied from extremist campaigners. Not so much as an example of what is considered cultural harm

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30148.   Posted 8-Jun-2014 Sun 14:08] View Near Messages
Re Graham Bright

What`s the betting the guy is applying to Google as we speak for the right for this to be forgotten.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30137.   Posted 4-Jun-2014 Wed 03:26] View Near Messages

Re "Just howmanymorecrap studies into porn are you going to highlight?"

I guess as long as they keep amusing me by writing them. This latest one seemed the most puerile for a long time with the researchers not seeming to not know anything about what they were researching. They may as well of measured people big toes instead, and even then who`s to say that big is best anyway.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30133.   Posted 2-Jun-2014 Mon 23:52] View Near Messages
There`s been some great debate on free speech vs offence, would any of the contributors mind if I used some quotes for an essay on the main MelonFarmers site? I think the debate should be preserved

Thanks for the link Phantom, a interesting piece. It ties in with the need for free speech to ridicule and insult people who would typically try and prevent this by claiming offence.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30125.   Posted 30-May-2014 Fri 02:33] View Near Messages

Indeed the powers that be are quietly getting on with some typically far reaching censorship ideas.

No doubt with the enormously powerful `child protection` flavour of political correctness then there will be hardly a word said in opposition.

I am wondering if the Euro elections have raised the possibility of more effective petitioning. Instead of easily ignored signatures, how about petitioners pledging to vote UKIP.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30123.   Posted 28-May-2014 Wed 13:09] View Near Messages

Thanks for that. I will post a link to a piece I have found

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30109.   Posted 23-May-2014 Fri 16:14] View Near Messages

I once did keep a list of shameful politicians, but maybe was too pedantic and included too many little known names. I will have a ponder about a return but perhaps limited to more high profile censors.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30107.   Posted 20-May-2014 Tue 01:01] View Near Messages
Braintree, many thanks for the Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell update. I will update the info accordingly. And yes, surely a good place to post stuff about cuts.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30103.   Posted 18-May-2014 Sun 23:07] View Near Messages
Re the -ist words

Fascinating comments. Isn`t it bizarre that the PC derogatory insults of `racist` and `sexist` etc are just as sweeping and broad brush as the original political correctness they are used against.

I always remember a black friend telling me that she hates Germans because they are prejudiced against blacks.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30098.   Posted 17-May-2014 Sat 10:08] View Near Messages
Thanks Phantom, I will add a note

A 12 rated film should be ok post watershed. I bet the TV companies would have issues with even the cut PG versions playing during daytime.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30096.   Posted 17-May-2014 Sat 00:03] View Near Messages
Phantom, re Robin Hood

What time was the film shown?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30090.   Posted 10-May-2014 Sat 09:52] View Near Messages
Spiked is also contributing to the debate about the absolutism of PC censorship

But this pales in comparison to some of the excellent points put by Phantom and the contributors to the debate here.

Clarkson: the c@word that counts is `context`

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30077.   Posted 8-May-2014 Thu 16:11] View Near Messages
Here`s a relevant piece from the high priestesses of PC at the Guardian

The N-word: do we have to spell it out?

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30075.   Posted 8-May-2014 Thu 13:59] View Near Messages
Just calling for a bit of calm on the personal abuse.

Surely it shown that the word has gone way beyond its nominal meaning. It has become a token over which to do battle. On one hand it can be used as the ultimate insult; it can be taken as the ultimate insult; it`s found a use as the ultimate joke because it is the most outrageous thing to say in the English language; and of course it has become a token of free speech because its the ultimate example of what one is not free to say.

I can`t help thinking there is something a bit Monty Pythonesque about the ludicrous levels of aggression over a single word.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30053.   Posted 3-May-2014 Sat 14:43] View Near Messages
Re BBFC and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I would have thought that the BBFC`s push for `ratings` you trust would have rather encouraged them to have updated the 18 to 15 without the need of an expensive resubmission. They know its 15 and they wrote an Insight essay to explain why.

The topic came up for discussion here because the 18 rating is inconsistent and obviously rubbish. Hardly a plus point for an organisation trying to issue ratings `we trust`

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30047.   Posted 1-May-2014 Thu 08:40] View Near Messages
Re The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Many thanks Pooch that explains it. Although it does leave the BBFC Insight information looking a bit inconsistent.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30044.   Posted 30-Apr-2014 Wed 14:54] View Near Messages

From one knotty problem to another.

The BBFC are due to explain their latest rating in detail soon so maybe this will reveal some unheralded new rules.

Melon Farmers (Dave)    [30043.   Posted 30-Apr-2014 Wed 14:49] View Near Messages
Thanks DoodleBug

There is a not in IMDb that a German version was similarly heavily cut. perhaps the UK distributors went with that.

Not a highly rated film but interesting that this wasn`t noticed.


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