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sergio    [31027.   Posted 15-Jan-2017 Sun 04:58] View Near Messages
I don`t seem to have much more

sergio    [31024.   Posted 12-Jan-2017 Thu 08:08] View Near Messages
I haven`t got much more detail but seems like Torbe - so called `Spanish king of porn` - was released from jail.

Seems like an actress had fake documents? Sort of Tracy Lords?

sergio    [31019.   Posted 8-Dec-2016 Thu 04:03] View Near Messages
Brave new world? Or a waste of money?

sergio    [31014.   Posted 26-Oct-2016 Wed 01:37] View Near Messages
Who`d have thunk it

sergio    [31007.   Posted 24-Sep-2016 Sat 02:29] View Near Messages
Mock the week seem to discuss whether going naked/nude is legal (they seem to be incorrect).

Farage was first naked then with boxer shorts on when he `skinny dipped`.

A naturist on Radio 4 in relation to the Farage story seemed to imply that `intention` to offend was the legal advice.

So, which is it? Legal or not?

sergio    [31006.   Posted 10-Sep-2016 Sat 06:15] View Near Messages
and in some countries might even qualify as child pornography

What countries are those? In the UK it is child pornography. There is no `iconic, historic` defense. The news has published child porn. Child porn doesn`t even have to include nudity.

sergio    [30978.   Posted 7-Jul-2016 Thu 08:20] View Near Messages
`sexualised femininity`

Can anyone explain this phrase?

`In a country where women are told to stay indoors and many cannot freely choose who they marry, she promotes her upfront version of sexualised femininity online.`

sergio    [30974.   Posted 4-Jul-2016 Mon 13:45] View Near Messages
I can buy an air rifle but not any adult only items on

`Sorry, you are not allowed to view, sell, bid on or purchase items in the Adult Only category.
Due to restrictions regarding the sale of pornography over the Internet, access to listings in the Adult Only category has been restricted. Continue shopping or return to your most recent search.`

sergio    [30969.   Posted 29-Jun-2016 Wed 06:51] View Near Messages
How do we stop racism?

sergio    [30966.   Posted 11-Jun-2016 Sat 13:03] View Near Messages

sergio    [30964.   Posted 28-May-2016 Sat 03:46] View Near Messages

I found this while looking at

sergio    [30928.   Posted 24-Apr-2016 Sun 04:21] View Near Messages
Free vpn in Opera if you got a mac(only mac?)

sergio    [30913.   Posted 11-Apr-2016 Mon 04:01] View Near Messages

sergio    [30898.   Posted 14-Mar-2016 Mon 03:15] View Near Messages
` it’s hard to understand why Cohen and his cowriters decided to stage the world’s most elaborate and explicit elephant-sex gag`

Ah, inter elephant sex not human/animal sex. Beasts are beastial, so when they have sex it is beastiality?

sergio    [30897.   Posted 14-Mar-2016 Mon 02:54] View Near Messages
According to Mr Cohen, the MPAA doesn`t understand the term "beastiality", "I had to read them the definition of beastiality".
Is he saying that if there is a scene he wants and knows will cause trouble (how?, how does he know it will cause trouble?), then he shoots a longer - 9 minute scene so he can argue for 6 months about what to cut out? It`s all a bit rather vague.

sergio    [30876.   Posted 18-Feb-2016 Thu 04:32] View Near Messages

sergio    [30873.   Posted 13-Feb-2016 Sat 07:25] View Near Messages
That`s interesting Dave.
If someone sees these images they are committing an offence, right?
The BBC seems to be judge and jury (they think they are `obscene`). Only a jury can judge?
So, who reported the images? They must have committed an offence at the BBC?

sergio    [30871.   Posted 12-Feb-2016 Fri 10:48] View Near Messages
Re: facebook secret paedophile groups: BBC seem to conflate/confuse obscene with illegal. They either are doing this deliberately or are ignorant.

sergio    [30862.   Posted 1-Jan-2016 Fri 06:30] View Near Messages
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a Ugandan-born British journalist and author, who describes herself as a "leftie liberal, anti-racist, feminist ..."

sergio    [30853.   Posted 13-Dec-2015 Sun 03:42] View Near Messages
Ok, so you go through a proxy

sergio    [30847.   Posted 30-Nov-2015 Mon 05:00] View Near Messages
So, the BBFC are non-profit. Therefore what they charge is correct, otherwise they would be making a ton of profit.
If the BBFC reduce their fees then ... ?

sergio    [30841.   Posted 28-Nov-2015 Sat 14:35] View Near Messages
I don`t understand this. Why would someone pay the BBFC to classify a 10hr movie about paint drying?

Let`s bore them to death? Let`s highlight the absolute insanity of the censorship process?
Let`s clog up the system, poke the bicycle wheel with our rod of stupidity?

I see it as the first step to bringing down the wall of the BBFC.
Or maybe not.

sergio    [30817.   Posted 29-Oct-2015 Thu 11:57] View Near Messages

sergio    [30816.   Posted 25-Oct-2015 Sun 05:30] View Near Messages

Is the painting/photo they use indecent? Only a judge can judge? Why is the face blocky? Is those bum cleavage lines been cut? Nudity ain`t synonymous with indecency? Where does one get more detail on the judges summing up? Has this mostly been reported by Ovenden, the artist?

sergio    [30814.   Posted 23-Oct-2015 Fri 00:54] View Near Messages
Audio files? Does atvod/insert present censor, have some sort of power over `audio` files. I am thinking that instead of video previews you`d have audio previews. Audio is tv like, yes?

sergio    [30793.   Posted 2-Oct-2015 Fri 00:51] View Near Messages
Does the daily mail have the ugliest readers?

sergio    [30792.   Posted 2-Oct-2015 Fri 00:49] View Near Messages
Bin readin `Black Box Thinking` by Matthew Syed. He talks about RCTs - Randomized Controlled Trials. So maybe that stupid pastor will have his idiotic idea strengthened that if the students all had guns then they could kill the shooter on the campus.
We would have a college where all the students and teachers have AK47s and another college where the students and teachers don`t have guns.
Let`s see how many people get killed.

The BBC was interesting on Radio this morning, a sheriff says that he wouldn`t name the shootist, so the BBC follow by not naming the shootist. But they had previously reported the name of the shootist - it is on their website -
How does a sheriff have some much power?

sergio    [30790.   Posted 20-Sep-2015 Sun 02:29] View Near Messages
I still don`t get this. How does `morality` impact a BBFC age classification/censorship decision?

What film is the most immoral film at cert PG?12A?15?18?R18?

sergio    [30785.   Posted 18-Sep-2015 Fri 02:38] View Near Messages
Anthropology is the study of humanity

Kathleen Richardson, a robot anthropologist ...
A robot is [part of] humanity.

Cats are people too ...
Everything, is everything ...

sergio    [30781.   Posted 10-Sep-2015 Thu 10:46] View Near Messages
`Proudman said she had named Carter-Silk because she believed the public interest in exposing the “eroticisation of women’s physical appearance” by an influential and senior lawyer was greater than his right to privacy.`

sergio    [30778.   Posted 6-Sep-2015 Sun 09:35] View Near Messages

Sexual abuse sells:

"`The National Police Chiefs` Council lead for child protection, Chief Constable Simon Bailey, fears the problem may be even worse.
"I believe these figures are the tip of the iceberg.
"It is good news that more victims have the confidence to come forward and report abuse, although - while I cannot prove this - I believe more child abuse is taking place. "

I wonder why he `cannot prove` it.
Jon Brown, head of Sexual Abuse Programmes at the NSPCC, said: ...
"We know that for some older children, accessing hardcore pornography is warping their view of what is acceptable behaviour. And the very young - those of primary school age or even younger - may be copying sexual activity they have witnessed."


ATVOD was interviewed on radio 4
Clips on daily mail are not `tv like`.
Most complaints are about childrens access to porn.

sergio    [30767.   Posted 26-Aug-2015 Wed 08:09] View Near Messages
What do you think? People being shot live on TV? Is it obscene? Posted on a family newspaper website? Ok? ok...

sergio    [30763.   Posted 23-Aug-2015 Sun 04:03] View Near Messages

Are there TV-like programmes?
It remains ATVOD’s view that the Service does contain programmes the form and content of which are comparable to that of programmes normally included in television
programme services.

Normally, right, I see loads of explicit spanking on terrestrial TV.

Right? What was the last hard caning I saw on BBC4?

sergio    [30754.   Posted 18-Aug-2015 Tue 10:35] View Near Messages
Children watch violent/sexualized and inappropriate content music videos.
Crime goes up. Right?

BBFC are now part of the Police state and helping drive down crime. Right?

What if crime doesn`t go down?
Maybe it`s not about crime. What`s it all about Alfie?

sergio    [30749.   Posted 9-Aug-2015 Sun 04:21] View Near Messages
Is Backlash a feminist organization?

`Backlash is concerned, in particular, with the effect of regulation on small British businesses, especially female-owned and managed porn production companies.`

Why are they concerned with `especially female-owned` companies?

sergio    [30748.   Posted 6-Aug-2015 Thu 07:29] View Near Messages
Look`s like Pandora`s box is closed or waiting for an appeal.

sergio    [30738.   Posted 30-Jul-2015 Thu 00:48] View Near Messages
Ms Pandora letter: she seems to be saying that because she sadistically and sexually beats men and women and that she is a feminist and a woman then she is not sleazy. Ok.

The last part of the letter seems to be the legal advice she is getting from those backlashers.

`Anyway, my substantive representation is as follows. Your Rule 11 and 14 claims rely on an implementation of the AVMS that goes way beyond the provisions of the underlying Directive 2010/13/EU. Whilst I accept that in certain quarters it is currently in vogue to blame all the ills of society on those dastardly continentals, when approving the Treaty to join the EU in 1972 Parliament anticipated this pernicious influence in the European Communities Act 1972, and under Section 2(2) granted a Secretary of State the power only to pass secondary legislation for the purpose of implementing any EU obligation, but to go no further - an interpretation buttressed by case law, in particular Marleasing SA v La Comercial Internacional de Alimentacion SA 1992 1 CMLR 305.

Hence I submit the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, which introduced sections 368E(2) and (3) into the Communications Act 2003, were made ultra vires the Secretary of State`s power to pass secondary legislation.`
Hey! Secretary of state, you ain`t got no authority (to pass this law).

sergio    [30714.   Posted 29-Jun-2015 Mon 00:55] View Near Messages
We must be more intolerant of the intolerant.
-------------Phew! is this some sort of logical circle?-----------

If we are more intolerant then who will tolerate us?
All people are intolerant, but some people are more intolerant than others?

sergio    [30712.   Posted 26-Jun-2015 Fri 01:46] View Near Messages

World`s funniest joke

sergio    [30703.   Posted 25-May-2015 Mon 02:06] View Near Messages

Ruth Evans, has she got a lot of fingers in a lot of pies?

sergio    [30702.   Posted 23-May-2015 Sat 02:20] View Near Messages
It is really a bit strange, they all seemed be okay with it being recorded but some chairwoman seems to have given `legal advice` that it can`t be posted. After the meeting? Did she advise after the meeting? After the audio was posted?

What actually is the point of it being recorded then?
I don`t know who the chairwoman of that ATVOD/APN meeting was.

sergio    [30700.   Posted 21-May-2015 Thu 06:33] View Near Messages
But surely there must be some get around the `The Chatham House Rule`?
There must be some gaping loop hole. There must be! I know!?? Robots!!!!!
We give the audio to a robot and get them to say/speak it. And it self combusts ...

sergio    [30698.   Posted 20-May-2015 Wed 12:30] View Near Messages
That ATVOD meeting podcast seems to have had to be taken down due to `legal advice`.

sergio    [30692.   Posted 14-May-2015 Thu 03:36] View Near Messages
£100 a day! You`re so cheap.
Just found a horror book


sergio    [30690.   Posted 12-May-2015 Tue 05:55] View Near Messages
A book can be a video, in this mode it is referred to as an animated book.
Books with a picture on each page is flicked over rapidly giving the video impression.

(provocation mode)

sergio    [30688.   Posted 11-May-2015 Mon 06:36] View Near Messages
Is a gif a video?

sergio    [30687.   Posted 11-May-2015 Mon 05:57] View Near Messages
Mistress R`eal vs ATOVD
`The service provider has requested a review of the Rule 11 and Rule 14 Determinations.`

Pandora`s blog

Still don`t understand ATVOD crap about Itziar Urrutia, in their determination they seem to say that vids on clips4sale can be bought by anyone with a debit card. But that `the service did not meet the statutory definition of an on-demand programme service`. Still a mystery what thought process that was.

Is it `most porn has no narrative` therefore it is not `tv like`?

sergio    [30682.   Posted 27-Apr-2015 Mon 05:16] View Near Messages
The Hole (2001) Keira Knightley was 15? Flashes boobs?

Available at rated 15.

sergio    [30680.   Posted 23-Apr-2015 Thu 01:04] View Near Messages
Is the phrase `sexually explicit` meaningless?

`and another in which a naked woman lay on her back with her legs apart and her hands covering her genitals, the images were sexually explicit.`

If she covers her genitals then how can it be related to the meaningless phrase `sexually explicit`?

Do you mean somehow it can be construed as relating to `sex`?

Is someone naked `sexually explicit`?

sergio    [30675.   Posted 19-Apr-2015 Sun 07:46] View Near Messages
Although a bit miserablist and fascist, Rachel Johnson in her column gets hot about `gambling` and then suggests a national insurance number to be used to restrict players to being adult.
What do you think? Foolproof?

sergio    [30674.   Posted 19-Apr-2015 Sun 03:37] View Near Messages
Is Pandora Blake - dreamsofspanking - going to be charged £137 or £183 per year by ATVOD?

sergio    [30667.   Posted 10-Apr-2015 Fri 02:48] View Near Messages
I have to remind myself

In the Realm of the Senses has been passed by the BBFC with the tugging scenes of the little penis of the young and delicate child.

sergio    [30666.   Posted 10-Apr-2015 Fri 02:25] View Near Messages
braintree[30665] I am not familiar with the Sylvia Kristel scene.
I`ve seen some youtube clips (yes, youtube!) that show scenes from `What the Peeper Saw`.
They show the child naked in the bath (genitals covered I think with a toy) and a scene where the child is about to fondle the clothed breasts of that gorgeous blonde Britt Ekland. IS about to, but we don`t see any contact. Is that the part that is cut?
Is a child fondling a woman`s clothed breasts a potential hazard?

I only know of the Japanese movie Ai no korida/In the Realm of the Senses where I think I read that the mentally ill woman yanks the penis of the small boy and the scene is cut (reframed) by the BBFC.

sergio    [30663.   Posted 9-Apr-2015 Thu 00:51] View Near Messages
I am confused
` I think this may be the films first ever official release.`
The vhs is unofficial? Or is it first ever official dvd release?

`Substance went onto release a dvd with 2 versions on`
There is one from Studio: Televista on dvd
Is that the 2 version dvd ?

Can you get to prison and not pass go if in possession of this dvd?

sergio    [30660.   Posted 7-Apr-2015 Tue 07:52] View Near Messages
That human rights act, seems to me like a fair chunk of gobbledygook.

`Article 18: Limitations on use of Restrictions on Rights

The restrictions permitted under this Convention to the said rights and freedoms shall not be applied for any purpose other than those for which they have been prescribed.`

You`ve got a right to do something only if there is no law against it.

sergio    [30598.   Posted 3-Feb-2015 Tue 08:00] View Near Messages
And as the flying puffters are seen gently smashing their brittle bodies after being thrown off a tall building we get this shit.

So we have strong sex which isn`t explicit, or as Taylor-Johnson says `graphically explicit`. In the Mail on sunday of Feb 1 2014 page 19 she says `I didn`t want it to be graphically explicit, and I know that`s going to be disappointing to some people`.

We have an erotic film that isn`t erotic. An explicit film that isn`t explicit.

Whoosh - there goes another gay guy crashing down...

sergio    [30581.   Posted 25-Jan-2015 Sun 07:35] View Near Messages
A bit of playful deconstruction, form and content play.

sergio    [30579.   Posted 25-Jan-2015 Sun 03:52] View Near Messages
Censored because of proper gander (quack, quack)? The BBC seems to be a strange biz. Ripping other media off lawfully. Last night the Beeb, on the News Channel in the `The Papers` section at 10:30pm seemed to redact/censor an image of a Japanese prisoner held by ***** . I thought the worst when I saw the headline (no pun intended) next to the blank space. It said `Beheading...`. Ouch, I thought, are they showing the dead and lifeless body of a decapitated man? No, according to Sky News who didn`t redact/censor the image it was an image of a Japanese prisoner showing a caption or something (the beheading refered to the other prisoner, who yet to be confirmed dead). Martine Croxall had some sort of explanation that I didn`t understand. The Beeb were being sensitive or something or not trying to publish ***** propaganda. The less sensitive Sky news seemed to have no problem. If they want to stop ***** propaganda then maybe they should stop showing anything from *****.

Pray tell who categorised `fellatio` as an `extreme sex act`? Maybe in a muslim country a man looking at another man`s eyes is an `extreme sex act`.

sergio    [30578.   Posted 22-Jan-2015 Thu 16:28] View Near Messages
Might be off topic but seems like this documentary

used some Harrison Marks footage of Lorraine Burnette -
Doco image cap

at about 25mins in
Harrison Marks films start about 1958 - 2nd world war about 1939 to 1945.

sergio    [30571.   Posted 20-Jan-2015 Tue 08:47] View Near Messages
Je Suis Page3

sergio    [30569.   Posted 20-Jan-2015 Tue 03:20] View Near Messages
Je suis Page3

I don`t think we have enough tits in the world.

sergio    [30563.   Posted 18-Jan-2015 Sun 03:46] View Near Messages
If someone cussed my mother would I punch them or machine gun them? It depends.

sergio    [30562.   Posted 17-Jan-2015 Sat 14:42] View Near Messages
Does Miley Cyrus produce kinder pornographie on instagram?

sergio    [30558.   Posted 13-Jan-2015 Tue 06:55] View Near Messages
13 jan 2014 - BBC1 1pm with Sophie Rayworth news had film of the cover of Charlie Hebdo with `Muhammad wearing a “Je suis Charlie” badge` - actually looks like he is holding up a sign - mighty big badge.

sergio    [30546.   Posted 4-Jan-2015 Sun 09:14] View Near Messages
Sorry, what was the age of consent again?
So in the UK it seems to be 16, in New York it seems to be 17.

sergio    [30544.   Posted 30-Dec-2014 Tue 02:43] View Near Messages
`"It is my view that it is not censorship to say, “we don’t want children to see that so here is a set of rules, rules that the adult industry can shape and inform if they wake up to what is happening, to help prevent access to minors.” Censorship to me is to say, “I don’t like topless women with my corn flakes and don’t ever want to educate my children about their and other peoples’ bodies so I want it banned for everyone.”`


I think parents should censor their children. Maybe censoring those less `mature` and vulnerable humans isn`t censorship because they have no power. Anything a parent does to a child is just `child minding`?

But doesn`t everyone self-censor to a certain degree?

sergio    [30537.   Posted 18-Dec-2014 Thu 03:31] View Near Messages
The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014


4th November 2014

Laid before Parliament

6th November 2014

Coming into force

1st December 2014

These Regulations are made by the Secretary of State in exercise of the powers conferred by section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972(1).

The Secretary of State is a Minister designated for the purposes of that section in relation to information society services (2).
The Rt Hon William Hague MP

sergio    [30525.   Posted 12-Dec-2014 Fri 16:41] View Near Messages
Oh dear, it`s about spanking (or so the sensational media `sound bite` it as). Really, a fetish mask and that`s the level of `conversation`?

sergio    [30524.   Posted 11-Dec-2014 Thu 07:20] View Near Messages
Radio 4 Today (11/12/2014) had some bit from a ceop operative - she, to my mind, came over as just so arrogant. It`s just another loophole they have to fill. What next? The illegal sniffing of children and their accoutrements. It`s a loophole that shit from nappies used for sexual purposes is still legal.

sergio    [30522.   Posted 11-Dec-2014 Thu 02:27] View Near Messages
So, next year it`s going to be illegal to say to children `penis into vagina`...

sergio    [30519.   Posted 6-Dec-2014 Sat 05:58] View Near Messages
WTF? I was searching on google for "Karl Blossfeldt. The Complete Published Work" and at the end of the results I found this -

`Suspected child abuse content has been removed from this page. Report child abuse content. `


sergio    [30497.   Posted 24-Nov-2014 Mon 05:07] View Near Messages
I am going to start a kickstarter campaign to invent desexualisation glasses.
These glasses put a discrete black covering over anything sexual. These are a godsend for busy parents who wish to have there little ones protected from anything sexual.

sergio    [30457.   Posted 30-Oct-2014 Thu 02:35] View Near Messages
Seemingly someone`s flopped it (page 58 of the pdf)
Description `Teenage girl with intense stare.`

From a pic from an American -


Page 69 of the pdf
`Engaging different types of communities
29. The difficulties of working in some communities
cannot be underestimated. The increased
sexualisation of children and young people
involves an avalanche of explicit music videos, the
normalisation of quasi-pornographic images, sexting,
selfies, and Instagram. It has given rise to new social
norms in changed expectations of sexual entitlement,
and with it confused understanding of consent.`

sergio    [30398.   Posted 18-Oct-2014 Sat 03:33] View Near Messages
Man speak with forked tongue! Anyone listen to sonicstate talk on youtube? Well a contributer ` Gaz Williams ( wore an indian feather headdress and got a some aggro from some chat client members.

On this one

sergio    [30384.   Posted 15-Oct-2014 Wed 01:09] View Near Messages
It`s lawyers overtime ....

`(3) A photograph or film is “sexual” if—

(a) it shows all or part of an individual’s exposed genitals or pubic

(b) it shows something that a reasonable person would consider to be
sexual because of its nature, or`

And I am a reasonable person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sergio    [30365.   Posted 12-Oct-2014 Sun 04:08] View Near Messages
Frasier on Channel 4 at about 9Am sunday 12oct14 cut at about

`I try to figure out why a maniac `ll kill a hooker and stuff her entire body into a bowling bag`

This line was just so bluntly cut, the laughs seem to not relate to anything.

sergio    [30362.   Posted 9-Oct-2014 Thu 05:35] View Near Messages
How can `revenge pornography` be false? Faces posted onto other bodies? Is that illegal?

sergio    [30361.   Posted 9-Oct-2014 Thu 05:32] View Near Messages
I was interested in what Mr Vaz said on the daily politics. He said that people coming into UK should all be checked/scanned for ebola. A specialist (an expert) also on the prog says that it`s difficult to know if people have ebola unless they have blood tests.

So then Mr Vaz says (in my bad recollection) with words to the effect of "it is a political decision, that we should reassure the people".

So, he has a more or less useless idea but as a `politician` that is a good idea.

sergio    [30356.   Posted 6-Oct-2014 Mon 01:00] View Near Messages
`At your protest last Saturday, your supporters were screaming “rapist” at men walking into Spearmint Rhino`

Ok, so this seems like slander. Was this incident filmed? How does one get `justice` in this situation?

` For example, in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement.`
How would you prove it caused `harm`?

sergio    [30344.   Posted 18-Sep-2014 Thu 00:59] View Near Messages
Hurrah! So Symantec don`t block lgbtgddhs content only a bigger subset. Hurrah!

sergio    [30339.   Posted 17-Sep-2014 Wed 01:39] View Near Messages
I never heard of this - moral harm from the BBFC. The BBC afterwatershed prog didn`t say what the serbian film was about -

sergio    [30335.   Posted 16-Sep-2014 Tue 07:08] View Near Messages
So, if yes will the Scots get their own BBFC? The SBFC? Ireland seem to have their own?
Are they going to have to reclassify all the films again?

sergio    [30285.   Posted 16-Aug-2014 Sat 09:32] View Near Messages
Anyone got the url for the ofcom adjudication in relation to Ms Itziar Bilbao Urrutia - the obscenity lawyer link seems incorrect.

sergio    [30281.   Posted 12-Aug-2014 Tue 07:48] View Near Messages

We have analysed 190,000 profiles of sex workers on an international review site. (Since it is active in America, it was not willing to be identified for this article. A disclaimer on the site says the contents are fictional; we make the assumption that they are informative all the same.) Each profile includes customers’ reviews of the worker’s physical characteristics, the services they offer and the price they charge.`

`we make the assumption that they are informative all the same`

Great stuff.

sergio    [30262.   Posted 1-Aug-2014 Fri 10:15] View Near Messages
Sniffing someone`s feet is sexual assault.

sergio    [30256.   Posted 30-Jul-2014 Wed 08:54] View Near Messages
So, Pooch, what would you put on the cover of Cannibal Holocaust? Some animals being chopped up? A woman vomiting? I find the strange unequal equation of titillating covers and the gross real violence of animal slaughter rather odd.

sergio    [30254.   Posted 29-Jul-2014 Tue 13:15] View Near Messages
`Black masculinity in proximity to white women is often framed as a corrupting, defiling influence- due, in part, to age old racist and dehumanising depictions of black men. This is illustrated most graphically in mainstream porn.`

I must be immune to this stuff but I can`t remember any recent porn that has `racist and dehumanising depictions of black men` (note this article was written by a `feminist` so maybe they think all people in porn are `dehumanised`).

I found the BBC 3 doc on Tulisa riveting.

sergio    [30217.   Posted 16-Jul-2014 Wed 15:13] View Near Messages
Is a (heavily) pixellated image of `child abuse` an illegal image to view/download? (newsnight seemed to show this image)

Is Jim Gamble a politician? A certain arrogant certainty seems to emanate from his authoritarian pores.

sergio    [30214.   Posted 16-Jul-2014 Wed 03:38] View Near Messages
Is this a coincidence? Who actually `plants` these stories? Was it the NCA? Did they arrest all those 650 suspects yesterday? Was it planted by the `BBC`? New draconian laws, let`s get some paedo story (goes the thinking). The new laws are only for paedos? The dark net, the anonymous part of the net which is not anonymous. Tor we come again!

Interesting hint of `causality`
`And he added: "Some of the people who start by accessing indecent images online go on to abuse children directly. So the operation is not only about catching people who have already offended - it is about influencing potential offenders before they cross that line.`

sergio    [30208.   Posted 11-Jul-2014 Fri 01:28] View Near Messages
Not sure what page google is blocking for Max Mosley and melonfarmers. Which is it?

sergio    [30205.   Posted 10-Jul-2014 Thu 03:53] View Near Messages
MP Maria Miller in PMQs on wednesday 9/jul/14 asked a question about revenge porn. She seemed to say that there were 30 sites in the UK (not sure what she meant by that - `a site in the uk`). I am not sure what sites she is referring to.Are they taking the sites down or just prosecuting the perps?

sergio    [30194.   Posted 3-Jul-2014 Thu 07:46] View Near Messages
Naked Tees `do so much damage`

`Trying to explain her visceral response to a "novelty gift", she points out that she saw it just after having read a list of the names of women recently killed by their partners. "The product resonated with me because of the fact that the bodies are headless and two women this year were decapitated," she says. "They have no arms, as if women are purely sexual objects and have no need of a head or arms. People see them as a gimmick, a novelty. But they do so much damage."`

sergio    [30190.   Posted 29-Jun-2014 Sun 09:47] View Near Messages
slightly misleading - blow job is dif from blowjob - goo gets some blowjob

sergio    [30174.   Posted 18-Jun-2014 Wed 02:56] View Near Messages
I`m confused - Penis Pixies -
Is it cut or not?

BBFC Cuts for May 2014
Number of items=43
No. Cuts=8/9
Cuts ratio=19% or 20%

Cuts required to sequences of abusive activity, in this case, a woman being aggressively force-fed and encouraged to choke. Cuts made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

sergio    [30173.   Posted 18-Jun-2014 Wed 02:54] View Near Messages
I`m confused. `I don`t like` and `don`t show before the watershed`, `I think it should be banned` seems like a big jump. The `Sian Williams` bit seems a bit confusing.
`The phrase “Oh, my God” should not be said before the watershed because viewers may find it offensive, a leading BBC presenter has said.`

When did she say that then? In the Radio Times she is reported as saying
`“I don’t like people to use inappropriate language before the watershed – particularly the phrase ‘oh, my God’ because it can offend.” ` Are they extrapolating some saying `I don`t like` to `it should be banned`?

sergio    [30170.   Posted 16-Jun-2014 Mon 01:28] View Near Messages
Can a company who makes the video film in Britain say that the dvd is made in Germany? (maybe they used to have a film company there but the video was made/filmed in the UK)

Does a dvd that is sold need a classification label ?
What does need no cert? Does a demonstration film sold on dvd with no sexual content (maybe the presenters are highly sexualized - lol) need a cert? This is in relation to a `craft` dvd. Demonstrating various craft techniques.

sergio    [30141.   Posted 5-Jun-2014 Thu 13:12] View Near Messages
re: NEKromantik - WTF?

sergio    [30140.   Posted 5-Jun-2014 Thu 02:27] View Near Messages
I can`t believe it`s not child porn (sarcasm). Let`s revisit a story from 1983
Careful now, includes references to `the daily mail`.

sergio    [30136.   Posted 4-Jun-2014 Wed 01:36] View Near Messages
Just howmanymorecrap studies into porn are you going to highlight? WTF `a broad range of pornography consumption` ? ` that more research should be done ` Amazing, that coming from a `scientist`. `Learning` causes brain changes (or is that `damage`)? For rigorous scientists they don`t seem to define what `excessive` is. 64 is the magic number. Where`s the control group? The people who`ve never ever seen anything erotic ever?

sergio    [30063.   Posted 7-May-2014 Wed 03:28] View Near Messages
BBFC R18 cuts

January 2014
Number of items= 38
No. Cuts=6
Cuts ratio=15%

February 2014
Number of items= 49
No. Cuts=7
Cuts ratio=14%

March 2014
Number of items= 45
No. Cuts=10
Cuts ratio=22%

April 2014
Number of items= 51
No. Cuts=8
Cuts ratio=15%

March 2014 cut of interest:
Milo Taylor, Adam Watson Aiden Jason, Ashton Bradley, Kyle Wilkinson, Luke Desmond, Lincoln Gates, Maxi Gerard, Leroy Dale, Steven Prior
Directed by Ben Willis
Distributor chose to reduce the focus on a restrained man exhibiting considerable pain and focus on the man`s damaged skin. Cuts made in line with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

It seems (how`s about that for indirection?), I think the BBFC comment is not very clear.
Maybe it should read:
`Distributor chose to reduce the focus on a restrained man exhibiting considerable pain and instead focused on the man`s damaged skin. Cuts made in line with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984.`

`The distributor` can change a film? They must have had BBFC guidance.
Let`s picture the film, a man is in pain, his face is contorted, so the camera cuts to just the skin and not the face?
On the back cover of the dvd of DEMOLISHING ASSHOLES ( there seems to be a man pouring wax onto the chest of another. His head is tilted back and his eyes are closed.
I wonder if it was that scene?

It seems like the distributor had some sort of choice (between what and what I am not sure), and they chose one of them. The `guiding hand` of the BBFC seems down played and invisible.
But that`s only my theory.

The site is described as `BOYNAPPED contains images of abused, stripped, naked British twinks engaging in kinky sexual acts`
Twinks are `young` gay men or gay men who look `young` -

sergio    [30000.   Posted 30-Mar-2014 Sun 07:54] View Near Messages
So, the government wants to `follow the money`? Bitcoin, virtual currency should disinfect this particular harm?

sergio    [29991.   Posted 23-Mar-2014 Sun 04:29] View Near Messages
`TESCO bosses have removed a horror film featuring extreme sexual violence from sale in all stores nationwide after being alerted to the content by the Citizen`

Who are these `Tesco bosses`?

So, let`s get this straight. A small local newspaper
(according to this
it sold 18,501 a day in the first half of 2012)
`Complains`/`alerts` `Tesco bosses`? How? Do they have a direct line to Tesco bosses?

Pooch: tesco employees also buy from tesco. So, yes, tesco employees can complain.

sergio    [29981.   Posted 20-Mar-2014 Thu 03:41] View Near Messages
Porno pressure cooker theory from Alan Moore

sergio    [29967.   Posted 9-Mar-2014 Sun 13:24] View Near Messages
Great R18 titles in Jan 2014
For February it`s a toss up between

sergio    [29931.   Posted 28-Feb-2014 Fri 03:49] View Near Messages
Compare and contrast:
`The Daily Mail is a vile, fascist,hypocritical rag`
Owen Jones is a vile, fascist,hypocritical fag.

sergio    [29930.   Posted 28-Feb-2014 Fri 03:45] View Near Messages
The conegate story

sergio    [29899.   Posted 25-Feb-2014 Tue 16:09] View Near Messages
And just for fun, what is the best 18 rated film you can whack off to?

sergio    [29886.   Posted 19-Feb-2014 Wed 02:47] View Near Messages
`both operated from the U.K`

What does that mean? Does google `operate` in the UK?
Some further info: the site seems to be registered (the domain name) in London.
But, is that the person who is `operating` the site?

sergio    [29881.   Posted 17-Feb-2014 Mon 06:41] View Near Messages
`On the other hand, they have no powers to act outside the UK to prevent that on demand content being available.`

Some context. I still not sure I understand but a webmaster has posted some links that have hardcore images. The links actually redirect to the original site, the images are not available because I am in the UK. Anyone in the uk cannot see the images (because the url redirects). I talked to the webmaster and he gave me the answers as ATVOD. He also gave me a link to the jessicapressley case -

I still don`t know if the content that had was on foreign servers. So, it seems to me like the threat of fines has closed it. The people `operated` in the UK.

sergio    [29878.   Posted 16-Feb-2014 Sun 02:33] View Near Messages
If the content is on foreign servers is it bound by the `rules` of ATVOD?

What is the boundary of the authority of ATVOD?

sergio    [29872.   Posted 14-Feb-2014 Fri 08:57] View Near Messages
Can anyone validate or deny the truth of this assertion
`all freely available hardcore porn is illegal in the UK.`

sergio    [29868.   Posted 12-Feb-2014 Wed 11:00] View Near Messages
If I film someone talking on their mobile phone while driving a car what would the BBFC certify it as?

sergio    [29845.   Posted 4-Feb-2014 Tue 09:44] View Near Messages
`Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.`

What legal reasons (re Hitchen`s diatribe/opinion column)?

sergio    [29834.   Posted 26-Jan-2014 Sun 11:02] View Near Messages
Who owns the copyright to `Miss Bohrloch`?

sergio    [29827.   Posted 20-Jan-2014 Mon 05:46] View Near Messages
This must be a stupid question but, what exactly do they do in sex education classes?

sergio    [29821.   Posted 15-Jan-2014 Wed 16:24] View Near Messages
Things that you don`t stock are censored? Students can buy it elsewhere. Restricted maybe. They aren`t `suppressing` the bun.

sergio    [29816.   Posted 15-Jan-2014 Wed 02:32] View Near Messages
I`ve skimmed the R18 (new) guidelines and they don`t seem to have changed - it that correct?

sergio    [29811.   Posted 13-Jan-2014 Mon 06:13] View Near Messages
BBFC R18 cuts for December 2013
Number of items=40
No. Cuts=7
Cuts ratio=17.5%

Cuts of interest:
Julia Ann, Jay Taylor, Phoenix Marie, Maddy O`Reilly
Directed by Dana Vespoli
Cut required to remove sight of vaginal penetration with all five toes beyond the last visible joint. Cut made in line with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

R18 stats for 2013
total items=520
average cuts=15%
Disclaimer: these are not guaranteed to be accurate. Stock prices can go up as well as down.

sergio    [29807.   Posted 6-Jan-2014 Mon 12:34] View Near Messages
Sue your local ISP?

sergio    [29800.   Posted 28-Dec-2013 Sat 06:36] View Near Messages

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass:
`Is it any wonder that over recent years there has been a noticeable recorded increase in domestic violence if we leave the peddlers of porn unchallenged?`

Where did get that from? He noticed it? How?

sergio    [29792.   Posted 18-Dec-2013 Wed 13:42] View Near Messages
` rules apply not just to adverts but to the wider remit of `marketing communications``

What - even for items on a server in the US? Or just about anywhere?

sergio    [29790.   Posted 18-Dec-2013 Wed 09:11] View Near Messages
Can someone clarify the story about the zazzle mug?

ASA bans US website from selling a mug with a bad taste joke on grounds of offence

Was there an actual `advertisement`? Not just a product listing on the actual site? For a personalised mug?

A US site with domain name?

sergio    [29789.   Posted 18-Dec-2013 Wed 02:54] View Near Messages
Has the word `fuck` been changed from category 1 level offence to category 2 level offending? Those, oh so creative guys called `comedians` seem to have `fuck` as a shorthand for `hey laugh you bastards, I`m an aggro comedian`.

sergio    [29787.   Posted 16-Dec-2013 Mon 02:28] View Near Messages
BBFC R18 cuts for November 2013
Number of items=42
No. Cuts=8
Cuts ratio=19%

Cuts of interest:
Shame about this one, it`s got some nice Brit babes.
Cuts required to remove dialogue encouraging gagging during sexual activity and to remove penetration of the vagina with the whole hand. Cuts made in line with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984, and in line with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

sergio    [29773.   Posted 10-Dec-2013 Tue 02:09] View Near Messages
Are you offended by meat markets?

sergio    [29756.   Posted 26-Nov-2013 Tue 01:44] View Near Messages
Ok, boys and girls, correlation is not causation.
100% of boys of child age see porn. Therefore? Therefore 100% of boys rape?

sergio    [29752.   Posted 25-Nov-2013 Mon 02:31] View Near Messages
`Strossen is that rarest of things (well, rare over here in Britain, at least) – a civil libertarian who genuinely, and with no small amount of passion, believes in liberty; a feminist who is devoted to the ideal of freedom of speech.`

Rarest. I wonder what the numbers are. Feminists and libertarian free speechers. How many are contained in the same item?

sergio    [29740.   Posted 23-Nov-2013 Sat 12:28] View Near Messages
France, 12 age rated on `Blue is the warmest color`?

sergio    [29737.   Posted 22-Nov-2013 Fri 02:14] View Near Messages
Re: The Wicker Man final cut. Is that it? Is that all there is?

Re: Blue is the warmest color. In the magazine Sight and Sound they out do themselves in pretentious bollocks. The say the film is a male gaze wrapped up in a female gaze. The director is pretending to assume a female gaze to hide his male gaze. Great stuff.

sergio    [29718.   Posted 18-Nov-2013 Mon 07:37] View Near Messages

sergio    [29716.   Posted 18-Nov-2013 Mon 02:01] View Near Messages
100,000 is the magic number.

`For the 13,000 terms most clearly linked to child abuse, Google will flash up warnings of illegality and provide links to charities offering help.`

13,000 magic terms.

`Google`s new technology, developed by 200 of their IT experts, will put a unique identification mark on illegal child abuse videos, meaning all copies are removed from the web once a single copy is identified.`

Google can now magically remove images from the web servers.

sergio    [29715.   Posted 18-Nov-2013 Mon 01:49] View Near Messages
Blocking is not censorship.
China does not censor, it blocks.

sergio    [29713.   Posted 16-Nov-2013 Sat 03:12] View Near Messages
[29711] Incredibly, I`ve never heard of this before.
As a solicitor/lawyer, do you think these guidelines are `clear` and defined?

`This test requires a case-by-case analysis and is devoid of bright line rules. `

The case seems to be in Canada, I suppose they use the same laws?

Hypothetical question: Can you have child pornography without genitals (clothed genitals can still be child porn) ?

`Whether the image suggests sexual coyness or willingness to engage in sexual activity; and` - phew! Does that include almost anything?

sergio    [29710.   Posted 15-Nov-2013 Fri 16:04] View Near Messages
I suppose someone can define what `lascivious display` means?
Also, some of the vids have clothed boys `fighting`. Are they kinder pornographie ?

sergio    [29707.   Posted 15-Nov-2013 Fri 02:36] View Near Messages
Beware the nudist films! Beware!Beware!Beware!
Reports seem to suggest sex. But ...

`Although there is no sex in the movies ...`
`..lascivious display of genital areas..`

So, `lascivious display of genital areas` of underage is `child pornography` in the US?

sergio    [29702.   Posted 12-Nov-2013 Tue 06:00] View Near Messages
BBFC R18 cuts for October 2013

Number of items=50
No. Cuts=11
Cuts ratio=22%

Cuts of interest:
It seems like urine is 1959 (Obscene Publications Act 1959) and the other stuff is 1984 (Video Recordings Act 1984).

Here are some phrases from the cuts:
remove a set up suggesting that sex between a couple is not consensual
remove acts encouraging the restriction of oxygen during sex
potentially harmful sexual activity
woman urinating over another person and licking urine from her fingers
abusive and potentially harmful sexual activity
a title that encourages an interest in underage sexual activity
abusive and harmful behaviour - violent slapping and the restriction of oxygen
dialogue encouraging abusive and potentially harmful sexual activity
with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 (oh so impersonal!Why not `our` interpretation)
BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984

Cut required to remove a scene of potentially harmful sexual activity (breath restriction during fellatio). The cut was made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

sergio    [29699.   Posted 9-Nov-2013 Sat 03:06] View Near Messages

`But what’s most upsetting about Blue is the very distinct male gaze behind the camera. It’s clear that Kechiche took no pains to remove his male perspective to tell the story of a female, non-heterosexual relationship — a move that ultimately reduces the film to objectification, idealism, and voyeurism. `

Pseudo intellectual bullshit.
(First it was a ten minute sex scene, now it`s a 7 minute sex scene)

Has anyone wanked over this? If not, why not?

sergio    [29698.   Posted 7-Nov-2013 Thu 02:21] View Near Messages
Let`s drop the sex angle and see what happens with a virtual Guy Fawkes.
Say we have a 100 men `pay` a virtual `Guy Fawkes` to blow up parliament. `Guy Fawkes` is a virtual character we have invented using computer aided design technology. Are the men now guilty of soliciting murder?

sergio    [29696.   Posted 5-Nov-2013 Tue 07:02] View Near Messages
`Virtual` `uncrimes`

Interesting `relish` that the BBC take in looking in at the `darkside`. Evidence which the police can`t use because it isn`t evidence allowable in court. So, you told a virtual child to take her clothes off. This is virtually unreal.

This child, this child... it`s not a fucking child...

sergio    [29695.   Posted 4-Nov-2013 Mon 01:36] View Near Messages
So, this is another case where you have to prove you are innocent. If you just have 1 image, say, and you do not know what website it came from, google images gives you nothing, then in this situation is one in difficulty?

One must learn to delete one`s browsing history? But the government know everything, don`t they?

sergio    [29693.   Posted 3-Nov-2013 Sun 03:44] View Near Messages
I thought `appeared to be` under 18 was part of the law. But USC 2257 makes what appears to be under 18 okay? One is thinking schoolgirl fetish etc.

sergio    [29688.   Posted 23-Oct-2013 Wed 08:35] View Near Messages
What actually does `safe search` when on, do in google search?

I tried `mexican beheading` in both off and on. I still got beheading images.

sergio    [29686.   Posted 22-Oct-2013 Tue 13:07] View Near Messages
We are the leader in fascist movements

sergio    [29683.   Posted 16-Oct-2013 Wed 03:23] View Near Messages
Church spills her brains - not a pretty sight

Pssst, don`t mention Elvis or rock and roll ...

File under `The New Puritans`

sergio    [29680.   Posted 15-Oct-2013 Tue 05:47] View Near Messages
` There’s no new footage here and the material already available in the so-called ‘Director’s Cut’ remains absent from this edit, which finally restores the originally intended story order (the film’s events now properly take place across a 72-hour period) and Hardy himself says that this ‘final cut’ “fulfils my vision of what it was intended to convey to the audience.”`

Wow. There is no new footage!!!! It`s just a reshuffle. The original mix. It`s marketing gone mad. Thin value shaving?

sergio    [29679.   Posted 14-Oct-2013 Mon 08:37] View Near Messages
R18 BBFC cuts for September 2013

Number of items= 53
No. Cuts=6
Cuts ratio=11%

Cuts of interest:
Harry Louis, Ashley Ryder, Nathan Price, Luke Rivers, Toby James, Kallum Ash, Edward Fox, Justin Harris
Directed by Jonno
Cut required to an obscene image (in this case, anal penetration with full hand) in order for the company to achieve a R18 classification. Cut made in accordance with the BBFC`s Guidelines and policy, and the current CPS interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

sergio    [29678.   Posted 14-Oct-2013 Mon 01:07] View Near Messages
`"I am not an idiot," she says. "I realise people make their livelihoods from these magazines. I have tried to think long and hard about this and I am afraid for me the rights of all women – who I very, very strongly believe are affected by the sale of these magazines, by the kind of views they perpetrate and the kind of ideas they sow in younger minds, and by the fact that it normalises sexism on such an enormous sale – trump the rights of women whose livelihoods depend on them. It is a numbers game for me. It`s harsh, but that is the way I feel about it.`

She a bit like Harry Lime?

`Harry Lime: You know, I never feel comfortable on these sort of things. Victims? Don`t be melodramatic. Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man. Free of income tax - the only way you can save money nowadays. `

sergio    [29675.   Posted 12-Oct-2013 Sat 15:30] View Near Messages
I don`t know who this cunt head is

Okay, hyporcrite suspect #1

`’m not interested in censorship or burning books (impossible as most of these are ebooks anyway), and like to think I’m fairly open-minded.

“But some of these titles..."

WTF? Put him in the `But I`m not` hall of shame.

sergio    [29673.   Posted 12-Oct-2013 Sat 08:38] View Near Messages
Let`s yawn together


sergio    [29671.   Posted 10-Oct-2013 Thu 06:26] View Near Messages
Blue is the biggest hype

`Yes, the total screentime of sex-related scenes is less than 15 minutes in an 180-minute film. Like, what the hell? The big sex scene between Adele and Emma is roughly 4-5 minutes long or something. There is another 2-minute one and bits and pieces (including the heterosexual intercourse in the beginning of the film, Adele posing naked while Emma is painting etc). Some people act as if the film is porn. `

Sex-related? Like, what does that mean?

sergio    [29664.   Posted 6-Oct-2013 Sun 11:15] View Near Messages
`Prostitution is unethical because of the power imbalances`.

Is prostitution the only thing with `power imbalances`? Should all things with `power imbalances` be stopped/banned? If not, why not?
Laws don`t stop anything.

sergio    [29659.   Posted 4-Oct-2013 Fri 03:31] View Near Messages
QOD - question of the day
Are ball-gags R18 like material?

sergio    [29658.   Posted 3-Oct-2013 Thu 13:09] View Near Messages
PG rated porn.
Confused? You will be.

According to Bidisha - the hardcore images are okay for children.
(Radio 4 arts programme)
`Bidisha is a broadcaster and journalist specialising in international affairs, social justice issues, arts and culture and international human rights.`
Phew, lots of specialisms.

sergio    [29654.   Posted 30-Sep-2013 Mon 01:51] View Near Messages

Chris Tookey ‏@christookey 30 Aug

The Daily Mail has decided not to renew my contract, so from December 1st I`m suddenly, enormously available.

sergio    [29637.   Posted 22-Sep-2013 Sun 07:30] View Near Messages
Oh, mother, they cut out the part where the song goes,`mama just killed a man, put a gun against his head ...`

sergio    [29630.   Posted 17-Sep-2013 Tue 12:15] View Near Messages
There was no gun.
The latest film is partial.

sergio    [29628.   Posted 15-Sep-2013 Sun 08:57] View Near Messages
The BBFCinsight (?) entry says
Contains strong sex and very strong language

If 2 plastic dummies had sexual positions, would you describe it as `strong sex`?

`Léa: No, we had fake pussies that were molds of our real pussies.`

Molds of our real pussies????!!!!! - but why? Does this make any sense?

sergio    [29625.   Posted 13-Sep-2013 Fri 01:05] View Near Messages
Contains strong sex
Contains strong fake sex
Contains strong laughably unrealistic lesbian fake sex

What`s the difference?

sergio    [29624.   Posted 13-Sep-2013 Fri 01:01] View Near Messages
My assumption is that the BBFC censor can assume what a 12 year old or less will find frightening? That a 12yr old (or younger) is frightened by the same things and to the same extent, things that an adult (hereby defined as someone 18 or over) will find frightening?

sergio    [29623.   Posted 13-Sep-2013 Fri 00:55] View Near Messages
R18 BBFC Cuts for August 2013
Number of items=43
No. Cuts=6
Cuts ratio=14%

Cuts of interest:
was originally -
Tight Sweet Teen Pussy #04

Cuts were required to the work`s title, to remove wording with the potential to encourage an interest in underage sexual activity. Cuts required in accordance with BBFC Guidelines, policy and the Video Recordings Act 1984. Cuts were also required to remove sight of liquid being expelled from the genitals onto another person. Cuts required in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and in line with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

sergio    [29618.   Posted 11-Sep-2013 Wed 01:15] View Near Messages
Hossein Turner on commentary? When he `changes` his voice - it`s really funny/annoying.
Thanks, Hossein, I learned a new word - fomentation.

sergio    [29613.   Posted 6-Sep-2013 Fri 00:57] View Near Messages
Can anyone tell me what the thinking is behind the poster posting links to zinc sulfate?

Why does he want to advertise it?
I will now buy some zinc sulfate and make some rayon?

sergio    [29591.   Posted 28-Aug-2013 Wed 06:32] View Near Messages
The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. (L.P. Hartley)

sergio    [29589.   Posted 25-Aug-2013 Sun 00:33] View Near Messages
Does anyone know why `Ken Park` has been unclassified in the UK? I was reading that the actors are all over 18.

sergio    [29585.   Posted 24-Aug-2013 Sat 08:39] View Near Messages
9 SONGS (2004)
BBFCInsight Contains frequent strong real sex

BBFCInsight Passed `18` for coarse language and strong sexual detail

sergio    [29583.   Posted 24-Aug-2013 Sat 08:04] View Near Messages
Sometimes the BBFC use `strong` sex.

sergio    [29581.   Posted 24-Aug-2013 Sat 06:13] View Near Messages
`...those in search of graphic sex could see Last Tango In Paris...`

Is there a difference between `graphic sex` and `explicit sex`?
LTIP was graphic but not explicit?
But you can`t be explicit and not graphic?

sergio    [29570.   Posted 19-Aug-2013 Mon 13:35] View Near Messages

I found some of this difficult to believe.
`." But when asked, categorically, if sexual congress did actually occur Pallenberg is unequivocal. "No, it never did....`

`Some of the scenes, encouraged by the salacious director, were so explicit that the processing lab called to say that they breached obscenity laws and that they were obliged to destroy them.`

sergio    [29556.   Posted 18-Aug-2013 Sun 02:47] View Near Messages
It`s available on youtube (uploaded Jun 5, 2013). How come the US doesn`t prosecute Melvin Van Peebles for child abuse? What was the age of consent in the USA in 1971? A 14yr old in simulated sex.

sergio    [29544.   Posted 16-Aug-2013 Fri 01:26] View Near Messages
What`s the real lesson one can learn from Linda Lovelace?
That`s right ladies and gentlemen, don`t drive in cars.

sergio    [29542.   Posted 15-Aug-2013 Thu 07:56] View Near Messages
She said she was looking for georgian embroidered samplers. That doesn`t mean the search term was `georgian embroidered samplers`. Or that she used google. Maybe she was on a tube site and was looking for `georgian embroidered samplers`.

sergio    [29541.   Posted 15-Aug-2013 Thu 05:32] View Near Messages
I can`t believe some of the shit this regulator is cumming up with. He likes Veronica Moser right?

sergio    [29531.   Posted 13-Aug-2013 Tue 11:15] View Near Messages
R18 BBFC Cuts for July 2013

Number of items=36
No. Cuts=4
Cuts ratio=11%

Cuts of interest:
Seems a bit vague/coy? Liquid from genitals?
CALL GIRLS (probably called EUROPEAN CALL GIRLS elsewhere)
Cuts required to remove dialogue encouraging gagging during sexual activity and to remove liquid being expelled directly from the genitals onto another person. Cuts made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984 and, in the case of the latter cut, in line with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

sergio    [29526.   Posted 12-Aug-2013 Mon 06:41] View Near Messages
Predatory child rape details

sergio    [29515.   Posted 9-Aug-2013 Fri 02:22] View Near Messages
Self-censorship in action:

sergio    [29509.   Posted 7-Aug-2013 Wed 01:36] View Near Messages
We need to make a stand and send a clear message, ... I ain`t using no stinking £10 notes with Jane Austen face on it ... phatu!

Change it for some £5s, thank you.

sergio    [29502.   Posted 6-Aug-2013 Tue 07:10] View Near Messages
So recently there was Kick-Ass on tv. I was shocked. What the hell was this piece of crap doing here? The BBFC says it has `strong bloody comic violence` at rated 15. What the fuck is `strong bloody comic violence`
Is that some sort of tautology or oxymoron?

sergio    [29500.   Posted 6-Aug-2013 Tue 01:27] View Near Messages
` As of a few years ago, she was making between £50,000 to £80,000 a year`

You kidding me?

`Paul Walsh, the chief executive of the California-based organisation, said Britain hosted six times as many porn web pages as Germany in fourth place and ten times as many as France in fifth place.`

You kidding me?

`‘Nominet should have a policy that websites registered under the national domain name do not contain depraved or disgusting words. People should not be able to register websites that bring disgrace to this country under the national domain name.’`

You kidding me, right?

sergio    [29465.   Posted 1-Aug-2013 Thu 06:08] View Near Messages
At 21:40
Stella Creasy -
`nobody`s talking about stopping you making comments about MPs tits`
Stella Creasy tries to shame Toby Young.
She says `I really hope you stop doing that (mentioning/noticing/tweeting about cleavage of MPs) on your own`
I don`t understand why he should stop that. Because noticing their tits/face/makeup/clothes/posture/voice is sexist?

Let`s say she wore a low top and we try to shame her about it. That would be okay, right?

sergio    [29454.   Posted 31-Jul-2013 Wed 01:46] View Near Messages
How to harden your balls:

`Rather than respond to this point, Creasy drew attention to the fact that, last year, I`d tweeted something rather sophomoric about another female Labour MP`s breasts. (You can see my offending tweet here ( Now, that wasn`t my finest hour and Creasy is within her rights to try and shame me about it in public. (It was rather shaming and a useful reminder that you shouldn`t say anything on Twitter that you`re not prepared to say in front of your mum.` (That last part was a subtle reference to a Mary Beard tweet)

MP Stella Creasy seemed to suggest that `noticing` cleavage is `harassment`.
At 21:40
`And Toby, I just don`t think you understand here, nobody`s talking about stopping you making comments about MPs tits, I really hope you stop doing that on your own`
Stella Creasy tries to shame Toby Young.

Strange bit at 22:20 (modern men don`t tweet about women`s tits in Parliament)

Everyone ought to know that looking at /noticing cleavage is harassment (?)
As we all know, looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun
(Seinfeld - Cleavage Peek )

Toby Young on lads mags and the coop
Interesting that there is what looks like an incitement to murder Toby Young on the toadmeister timeline (which toby retweeted) by Dr Doom phd.

sergio    [29404.   Posted 24-Jul-2013 Wed 15:15] View Near Messages
Oh dear ...

sergio    [29394.   Posted 24-Jul-2013 Wed 05:21] View Near Messages
The usual censorious mantra
Ban x then
`If it saves one child then it`s good`
The vaccine isn`t cost effective.
Hmmm, so it`s not cost effective to save 1 child, ... okay.

sergio    [29384.   Posted 23-Jul-2013 Tue 05:48] View Near Messages
Maybe I`m being to subtle here. But the consistent and very similar phrases
`utterly vile, full of torture, faeces, urine, vomit and blood`
`It`s blood, vomit and faeces`

seems to say something about Suzanne Moore. It seems to say she doesn`t know what she is talking about.

sergio    [29381.   Posted 23-Jul-2013 Tue 04:06] View Near Messages
The blood and vomit that is Suzanne Moore

Much porn is samey and some is utterly vile, full of torture, faeces, urine, vomit and blood and the utter degradation of women who become nothing but a series of orifices. The legality of all this rests on whether the acts or the rape are "staged" or not.
The easy access to hardcore porn is indeed problematic. Typing "internet porn summit" into a search engine, I got to "sumi pussy licking sluts". My typing is awful. But porn is ubiquitous and hardcore torture porn is everywhere – and no it`s not Fifty Shades of Grey. It`s blood, vomit and faeces.

sergio    [29364.   Posted 22-Jul-2013 Mon 15:12] View Near Messages
Mr Green says rape porn only in BBFC certified media.

sergio    [29353.   Posted 21-Jul-2013 Sun 00:07] View Near Messages
`No, you shouldn`t provide results for some terms that are so depraved and disgusting`

So, if you input r@a;p-e then you should get no results.

A list of depraved and disgusting terms:
Will it be listed?

sergio    [29346.   Posted 17-Jul-2013 Wed 09:39] View Near Messages
And that T-shirt (cgi rapist) - where the hell is that from?

sergio    [29344.   Posted 17-Jul-2013 Wed 01:50] View Near Messages
`...pointlessly sexually aggressive T-shirts...`

I think I understand it now.

`...pointlessly romantically unrealistic T-shirts...`
`...pointlessly idealistically sentimental T-shirts...`
`...pointlessly glamorously sensational T-shirts...`
`...pointlessly expensive overpriced T-shirts...`
`...meaningful sexually aggressive T-shirts...`

sergio    [29342.   Posted 16-Jul-2013 Tue 03:47] View Near Messages
R18 BBFC Cuts for June 2013

Number of items=35
No. Cuts=7
Cuts ratio=20%

So, a big 1/5 of all R18s have been cut.

Cuts of interest:
Directed by Dana Vespoli

Cuts required to remove sight of penetration with a breakable and potentially harmful object and to remove dialogue and actions encouraging breath restriction during sex. Cuts made in line with BBFC Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

Difficult to see which object is `breakable and potentially harmful object`. The objects include a human finger, ` horsehair butt plugs and metal speculums to probing fingers and strap-on dildos`

Maybe it was the horsehair butt plug?
Further info on horsehair butt plugs .
I think you have to be a real dedicated expert to see what is breakable up the anus.
What about fingernails? Fingernails break don`t they?

sergio    [29334.   Posted 9-Jul-2013 Tue 06:28] View Near Messages
Does anyone know who to complain to about an FOI not being answered in time? It`s a CPS FOI.

sergio    [29319.   Posted 29-Jun-2013 Sat 03:53] View Near Messages
`We are not killjoys or prudes who think that there should be no sexual information and media for young people. `

Not sure what `not being a prude` means.

So, really it`s not about protecting children but protecting adults?

2:14 -
`I don`t think censorship is the most useful thing the government can do in response to this research. Instead I think it would be more useful if the government were to invest in real high quality sex education for young men and women. So that people didn`t have to rely on these kinds of media to fill the gap`

Yes, we all know what `high quality sex education` is, don`t we?

sergio    [29316.   Posted 27-Jun-2013 Thu 11:56] View Near Messages
The use of the word phrase `...honest`
is analogous to the Bercow ;-)

Isn`t it?

sergio    [29312.   Posted 21-Jun-2013 Fri 01:06] View Near Messages
The motherlode ...

We need more research - YAWN...

sergio    [29307.   Posted 19-Jun-2013 Wed 00:40] View Near Messages
` It is estimated that there are one million unique images of x in the world`
My point is how does one estimate this? And who is doing the estimating?

sergio    [29304.   Posted 18-Jun-2013 Tue 15:03] View Near Messages
Dear Dave, maybe you could have a section called `Where do they get those bloody stats?`.

sergio    [29302.   Posted 18-Jun-2013 Tue 14:02] View Near Messages
` It is estimated that there are one million unique images of child abuse online yet only 40,000 reports are made to the IWF each year. `

by whom?

sergio    [29300.   Posted 18-Jun-2013 Tue 05:57] View Near Messages
90% of statistics are bullshit

sergio    [29293.   Posted 16-Jun-2013 Sun 04:14] View Near Messages
BBFC R18 cuts for May 2013
Number of items=39
No. Cuts=2
Cuts ratio=5%

Cuts required to remove dialogue likely to encourage an interest in potentially harmful and abusive sexual activity (in this case, choking during fellatio) and to sight of activity likely to encourage an interest in breath restriction (in this case, gripping of throat). Cuts made in line with the BBFC`s Guidelines and policy, and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

Cut required to remove sight of woman urinating onto a man during masturbation and penetration, in accordance with current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

sergio    [29291.   Posted 16-Jun-2013 Sun 03:49] View Near Messages
` The genie of unlimited filth has been let out of its dodgy bottle and no amount of legislation will stop us polishing our lamps.`


sergio    [29282.   Posted 14-Jun-2013 Fri 03:15] View Near Messages
`There`s no acting`.
An actor who doesn`t act.
At 9mins 46s


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