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simcha    [30989.   Posted 4-Aug-2016 Thu 04:14] View Near Messages
Hi all,

Have not been on here for a while. Thought I would pop on and see if you have all been chatting about the new Channel 4 program Dating naked. Seems you have all missed it. Full frontal close up nudity of hairless bodys male and female. On at about 10pm.
I find it quite interesting that there has been no talk about this in any of the media, could we have at last got to the point where nudity is not a problem to public or the censors?

simcha    [27294.   Posted 10-Nov-2010 Wed 06:21] View Near Messages
Ref: Grotesque (unrated format)

I have now had a chance to view the film and have to say, after being banned by the BBFC, I expected an extreme film.

Very tame! Yes the film has pointless torture, but it has very little nudity and any sexual humiliation is implied and is never in the view of the camera. Very hard to see why this was banned.

If you ask me, a rubbish film that has sold a few copies on the back of a BBFC ban!

simcha    [27262.   Posted 18-Oct-2010 Mon 08:24] View Near Messages
Well said Dave.

simcha    [27039.   Posted 22-Jul-2010 Thu 01:38] View Near Messages
Did anyone see the sex education show the other night? The show was on at 10pm I think and was aimed at 15 to 16 year olds. The show was set in a local school and involved nude models being viewed for the purposes of sex education. The part that I found interesting was the close up examination of a models vagina live in front of a hall of young school pupils. This sort of thing really winds me up! Itís fine to show this live to a class of kids but not ok for me to view it on adult TV. I have no problem with this being fine for these kids to view, just a problem with it not being ok for me to view. The other topic they looked into was the amount of porn these kids were looking at on the internet. Got to tell you! These kids were looking at more porn then the rest of us put together. They had opinions on pubic hair, labia size, reconstructive surgery, boob jobs, and at no point did the program even hint that this was not normal. Seems everyone knows that nudity and porn is fine except the regulators.

simcha    [26974.   Posted 3-Jul-2010 Sat 00:56] View Near Messages

simcha    [26938.   Posted 19-Jun-2010 Sat 03:43] View Near Messages
All future TV England matches have been moved to the Gay Adult channel. Apparently, the sight of 11 arseholes frequently getting hammered for 90mins was far too explicit for normal TV say ofcom.

simcha    [26924.   Posted 16-Jun-2010 Wed 15:44] View Near Messages
You are all right!
A lot of the time not being able to see whats going on is a turn on! So SC works. The mind makes up what the eye cant see. Film makers have been doing that for years.

My problem is not with SC or how hard HC is, only that ofcom have the way they look at censorship all wrong. I have no problem with them setting a rule and standing by it. I just cant stand by and let them tell me i cant look at a film on tv because it turns me on. But it`s ok to look if it`s art or educational. Thats just tosh, who do they think they are?

simcha    [26920.   Posted 16-Jun-2010 Wed 07:28] View Near Messages
Re Shaun.

It does seem a bit odd. But given that we have about 20 or 30 channels, if not more, you would think there is money in it. I also find it a bit odd that guys want to spend £1 a min to talk to a girl on screen.

simcha    [26918.   Posted 16-Jun-2010 Wed 02:37] View Near Messages
I think both Malcom and Dave have hit the nail on the head.

The UK softcore channels are doing to well to want to change. If you can only get £60 a year for HC content why try to get ofcom to let you show it. They seem to be doing fine with the SC stuff.

simcha    [26915.   Posted 15-Jun-2010 Tue 06:31] View Near Messages
Hi Shaun.

I to have a motorised system so I understand your point about ďwhy botherĒ.

The problem I have, and the thing that makes my blood boil is this: Ofcom have no problem with real sex as long as itís for art sake or for educational reasons. I have seen medical programs with fingers being inserted into every orifice. The reason that this is permitted it because itís not for titillation value. Do they think that the young children they are trying to protect understand that these images are educational? That the camera on an erect penis being inserted to see how it works is educational? There is no way that a child understands these things. I would go as far as to say that many your boys and girls would find titillation value in almost anything on TV when they are in adolescent years. Any nudity at that time of life could be a turn on for them. And I am not sure that there is anything wrong with that.

So letís see what Ofcom have managed to do:

Provide Very hard nudity and sexual content to almost all in the name of art. Show any and almost every act of sex on TV to all in the name of education. And prevent anyone who would like to view sex for sex sake from viewing it. The standards they have set are just wrong.

I have no problem with the protection of the young in a balanced way, but would also like some freedom to live life as I see fit. Stop telling me I canít look at this, but I can look at that!

We have a new Government. One that I hope has some of the right ideas. This is one of the reasons I have come back to this forum. I think that now is the right time to look at some of the overbearing legislation that has kept the masses down for years, and put some pressure on the powers that be for some reform. The lads in number 10 seem to be of the same mind and a review of these things would seem to be the way to go. They could even save some money along the way!

simcha    [26913.   Posted 15-Jun-2010 Tue 01:30] View Near Messages
Does anyone have any ideas for a system that would be better and more secure than the current pin system? Seems only fair that if we post all the time about how poor things are, we should come up with a viable option! At least then we could ask Ofcom to look at a proposal for HC broadcast with new system in place for child protection.

How about part of your credit card number being used as the R18 pin. The standard pin could be used for all the other broadcasts. Do we know if the sky system can have lots of pin numbers with each being a new age group of broadcast?

Or how about some sort of internet switch on for HC. This could be done each night by credit card. I am not saying i like the idea of these but we should still look at how to get round Ofcom`s problem.

simcha    [26908.   Posted 14-Jun-2010 Mon 06:50] View Near Messages
Ref: malcom

I also have not posted for some time, about 2 years i think!

I had a look the other day at some of softcore tv. What seems to happen is they get harder as the night goes on. By the end of the night it was girl on girl hardcore. But then as soon as they started using toys the view changed and we were back to the same old just out of view stuff. I find this a bit odd. The only thing i can think of is that as it gets later less poeple are looking so you can get away with more.

All this said, its a lot harder than the old stuff from a few years ago. Can anyone tell me why we have not come up with a system that is better and more secure than the pin system. As Ofcom have said that they would look at the R18 ban again if we could find a better way of doing things, you would have thought that somone would have sorted it by now. Or do we think that no one wants to sort it because they can keep pushing softcore tosh at the few that would still pay for it. lets face it they would not be able to sell this soft stuff to anyone if TV went hard!

Any idea?


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