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braintree    [31028.   Posted 15-Jan-2017 Sun 14:47] View Near Messages
It was my understanding that the famous shot from Lust for A Vampire was a PR shot and is not from the movie itself where the sequence runs a bit differently.
I`m not aware of any censored or "blurred" version of the movie ever being released. Is the shot you refer to the one that is the poster for this issue of Monster Mag?

braintree    [31023.   Posted 30-Dec-2016 Fri 13:47] View Near Messages
Ok thanks. I can scroll down to a post from Oct 3rd which mentions pre New Year delivery but not seen one since then.

braintree    [31021.   Posted 29-Dec-2016 Thu 15:15] View Near Messages
Looks like the Cutting Edge discs won`t be making it out in time for the new year. Any news?

braintree    [31012.   Posted 22-Oct-2016 Sat 13:55] View Near Messages
I must admit that I can`t agree with the current pandering to PC with this stupid idea to pardon dead people for committing crimes that were illegal at the time they committed them. How long before retrospective law changing means pardons for women burnt at the stake as witches. Appropriately for this website more relevant might be pardons for people who sold hardcore porn in the 70`s and 80`s when it was illegal. And on a personal note , I wonder if I can expect a pardon and compensation for jail time spent when the law decides that fisting is not included in the Obscene Publications Act. Give Turing a posthumous award by all means for his service but pardons for completely legit convictions for a selective group of offences is stupid. This move just shows that there are now so many gay people in positions of authority they can now use their own agenda to put forward moves like this while the rest of the authorities sit back and shutup for fear of being branded homophobic. A bit like Russell T Davies and his influence on the family show that is/ was Dr Who

braintree    [31011.   Posted 4-Oct-2016 Tue 13:30] View Near Messages
Thanks for the update- it would be a great xmas prezzie.
With reference to todays story on the new release of Private Lessons. As far as I can tell it was only uncut in the US on VHS. One dvd release was an edited version and the longest version pixellated out pubic hair on Kristel.The UK dvd removes or shortens all the scenes involving the male lead with a naked Kristel. The new Bluray is not as easy to obtain as most titles. The usual retailers don`t seem to be stocking it so I`ve had to order from Amazon which works out over 30 delivered

braintree    [31009.   Posted 3-Oct-2016 Mon 14:58] View Near Messages
I don`t use Facebook so not sure where to ask this. Is there any update on the Cutting Edge crowd funder? I pledged a while ago but can`t seem to find any details of a timetable that may indicate when the dvd would be available. A rough estimate would be great. Thanks

braintree    [31008.   Posted 24-Sep-2016 Sat 13:33] View Near Messages
Depends on where you are. The Naked Rambler spends most of his time in jail for outraging public decency because he likes to be naked everywhere even where kids can see him. These days with all the PC whining and agenda for complaints its unlikely anyone would get away with being naked for long periods anywhere except naturist places although I don`t believe there is a specific law in place to prevent nudity per se. It`s about the context, the place , the time , the intent.

braintree    [31002.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 15:26] View Near Messages
Is there no European release? I think MPI releases in the US are locked. I shouldn`t say this but you could buy the US disc and then make a copy on your computer which should remove coding. If you`re really desperate to see it I think you can use Anydvd HD on a 30 day trial so you`d be able to watch it on your computer or on your tv if your PC has an HDMI output and then sell the disc to me. I`ve just checked Amazon France and there appears to be an uncensored French release on there. Just over 17 delivered - states Uncensored but make sure you buy from Amazon themselves , the other sellers are slightly cheaper but don`t ship to the UK. Reviews on there state 100% uncut. If you already have a UK Amazon account it`s no bother to order from the French site. All your details are stored inlcluding payment cards , password etc and you won`t have to enter anything new

braintree    [31000.   Posted 20-Aug-2016 Sat 13:40] View Near Messages
If you want your Panasonic Bluray player to be multi region for dvd`s you can buy little service remotes for 10 off ebay. But that`s dvd only. There`s no way to make it fully multi region for Bluray but here and in the US it has come to the attention of fans there are a couple of tricks Panasonic users can do to play some, and only some region locked US discs. Once a disc fails to load it will stop spinning or in most cases you`ll get some kind of wrong region caption. Once that happens press STOP , then wait a few seconds then press MENU ( you might have to do that twice but not in quick succession) and the player will then go straight to the main menu.US collectors can play region locked titles from Network , Studio Canal, Arrow and one or two others. Off the top of my head I can`t recall which labels work on the UK versions. I`m pretty sure the William Castle double bills from Mill Creek work which means the 2 Hammer double bills coming soon should work too. It`s not really a substitute for true multi region but it would be useful to check out the UK section of where there is a thread dedicated to naming the discs that work this way. I can`t recall if Kino discs will work but I do recall that titles from Shout /Scream Factory won`t.

braintree    [30998.   Posted 19-Aug-2016 Fri 16:38] View Near Messages
There are 2 companies that offer multi region Bluray players and Recorders. Multi Region Magic and TPS ( search for TPS Multiregion) both offer players hardware modified for all zones and regions. I`ve not checked either out for a while but when I did TPS seemed to be offering more recent models than MRM. Until recently TPS were also selling upgrade discs for Panasonic gear that would add MR to existing players. I paid 100 for such a disc a couple of years ago for my Bluray Recorder and at the time discs for players were 60. Apparently they don`t supply these firmware upgrades anymore which is a shame as they also added the very useful feature of disabling UOP/PUO which allows you to skip or FF through any sections of the disc so you can skip warnings and trailers and other bits much faster. The current hardware mods do not include that feature. Another benefit was being able to switch off the "forced" subtitles you sometimes get if you select an English soundtrack on a French or German disc. Players usually start around 150 for Panasonic or Sony players. If you currently have a Panasonic player you`ll be surprised at the number of Region A discs you can play using the MENU trick. I`ll explain it if you have one. A company called WOW HD also seem to be the cheapest place currently to buy US imports.
Alternatively if you`re happy playing discs on the computer then Anydvd HD will enable your Bluray drive to play any region discs.
Some years back there were a couple of supermarket cheapies for around 60 which could be made MR using the players own remote but there were reports that these had playback issues unconnected to region locking with certain discs so best not bothering with those.

braintree    [30993.   Posted 7-Aug-2016 Sun 13:51] View Near Messages
What would be nice and refreshing would be to see some celeb who gets picked up on saying something perhaps offensive to have the guts to standby their comments and tell people that opinions are not legislation. Even Jeremy Clarkson has backed down on occasion. We need some high profile celeb to put the morons who use Twitter to whine in their place

braintree    [30991.   Posted 6-Aug-2016 Sat 13:07] View Near Messages
Speaking of nutty tv shows, the latest Celeb Big Brother is the usual farce. Gone are the great days of C4 when housemates being outrageous and offensive was the whole premise. Now C5 seem to be terrified of any viewers being offended ( is that actually against Ofcom rules?). They plaster full screen warnings on after every ad break warning of potential offence and scenes that might shock viewers yet the other day with the spitting in the tea fiasco over 70 morons still felt the need to contact Ofcom who will just say the content was well signposted so C5 did their duty so won`t investigate. Ofcom should have a new rule added where they are allowed to to use common sense and tell the complainers to get a life and STFU. The days of celebs being themselves is also long gone and now they have to pander to viewers and other housemates for fear of expulsion. Biggins already kicked out. The show is not live so why are C5 too stupid to edit content out.God forbid it becomes interesting. Opinions not allowed unless they meet C5 standards

braintree    [30985.   Posted 21-Jul-2016 Thu 13:38] View Near Messages
I despair that the BBFC still edit movies for adults and actually believe their opinion counts.The majority who watch a cut version won`t care either way and thankfully for the last 25 years those of us who do care have been able to ignore the BBFC and import uncut versions of any movies the BBFC decide to cut. They should stick to offering content advice and nothing else. Censoring movies in the 21st century in a so called free country is ridiculous and thankfully dedicated film fans can give the BBFC all the due consideration they deserve and buy uncut movies from anywhere in the world.
They are useful for one thing though - and that`s bringing our attention to movies we might otherwise miss. If it wasn`t for the BBFC there are several cut or banned movies I wouldn`t have on disc

braintree    [30979.   Posted 7-Jul-2016 Thu 14:30] View Near Messages
The news pages report a seller of unclassified porn on ebay getting a fine. I wonder how he listed them as I can never find porn on ebay uk. At the very least he should have taken the precaution of having both ebay and paypal accounts under fake ID`s which would make him a bit less easy to trace.

braintree    [30977.   Posted 6-Jul-2016 Wed 13:24] View Near Messages
That`s strange then because it`s usually easy to find the US release on ebay ( from uk sellers) but the UK release is removed all the time.
Ebay are a law unto themselves and I`ve asked them about the reasons but it`s easier to get into the Queens bedroom than it is to talk to someone at ebay who actually has any position of authority. You`ll never find anyone familiar with the titles ebay removes and the usual brush off is that BBFC classification doesn`t mean Ebay won`t remove items that break it`s own set of rules.
I am amazed that after over 20 years of having a monopoly that someone with the money and scope of Branson or Murdoch have not tried to offer a viable alternative to ebay. It seems like an easy market to crack - all it needs is someone with the financial muscle to operate on a worldwide scale. All previous attempts to break ebays stranglehold have been lacklustre

braintree    [30975.   Posted 5-Jul-2016 Tue 13:19] View Near Messages
I believe the restriction on is to prevent illegal imports into the UK. I don`t think ebay UK even has an Adult section. At any rate their list of banned titles is way out of date. Try to sell the UK disc of Nekromantic and see how long it lasts. Strangely UK sellers can sell the US disc but not the UK one. There are other titles too.

braintree    [30971.   Posted 29-Jun-2016 Wed 13:32] View Near Messages
Re : the story on Cocoon being uncut for the first time on Blu as a 12. I purchased the Cocoon steelbook 2 years ago and this was also rated 12 but I`ve yet to watch it so can`t confirm if its uncut. I would assume the new release will be the same version even if it is a new transfer

braintree    [30956.   Posted 14-May-2016 Sat 13:53] View Near Messages
Certainly on Freeview Ofcom expect 18 material to be after 10pm and then they even whinge if some very strong stuff appears too soon after 10.
I don`t know their schedule but if they played the original I Spit On Your Grave even the BBFC version at 9pm that is asking for trouble. Stagefright is uncut at 18 so again , 9pm too early. But The Horror Channel schedule is weird. I`ve seen tv shows airing during the day that really shouldn`t be unless they are cut. I got the impression THC thought themselves exempt from censor wrangles simply because they are a niche channel. But they do actually show some good stuff although most dedicated fans will have most of it on dvd already. Hats off to them for airing what they do and uncut when they can so best they don`t upset Ofcom

braintree    [30952.   Posted 10-May-2016 Tue 13:32] View Near Messages
Blurays are more expensive to produce than dvd`s which is why many studios use the exact same disc worldwide with just differences in packaging and labelling. Even on region free discs the region coding of the player can also instruct the disc to play the copyright warnings for the relevant country only making a single disc for the world easy. So that begs the question as to whether The Hunger Games is uncut in other countries.
Of course this is all moot if the movie is one licenced or owned by different studios in each country.

braintree    [30950.   Posted 9-May-2016 Mon 16:07] View Near Messages
Stupidity probably. The uncut version of Die Hard 4 was released on dvd yet the Bluray boxset still only includes the PG-13 version so the UK remains one of the few still without it on Bluray. The Woman In Black was certified 12 cut and 15 uncut but the 15 version remains unavailable in the UK.
The cynic in me would suggest these longer versions will eventually make an appearance in an attempt to get buyers to shell out all over again.

braintree    [30948.   Posted 8-May-2016 Sun 13:17] View Near Messages
Not really a censorship issue but this seemed as good a place as any to mention that Arrow have made a serious error with their latest releases which include the Early Works of David Cronenberg, listed very clearly on the Videodrome LE as a Limited Edition Exclusive. Critics of the move have been presented with something from Arrow that will cost them dearly. Arrow now say that something listed as a LE Exclusive only keeps that status for one year.The only good thing is that there is now no need at all to pay top prices for the ever increasing number of Arrow Limited Edition titles when we know that a year later we can buy it all cheap.I`m surprised Arrow are stupid enough to think such a crap reason is enough to justify such a catastrophically bad PR move. How many Arrow LE titles have been cancelled in the last 24 hours I wonder. All mine for starters.
Usually Arrow have been upfront about which elements of any LE release will receive a regular release months later but it appears they`ve invented this convenient 1 year window nonsense as an excuse to release the Early Works. I doubt I`m the only one who`s last bit of goodwill toward Arrow has gone down the pan

braintree    [30946.   Posted 6-May-2016 Fri 13:52] View Near Messages
Actually is IS because I`m tired of talking about it. It`s not a card trick at all. It`s a logical thing to do when there`s nothing else to add.

I`m sorry if it`s confusing

braintree    [30944.   Posted 3-May-2016 Tue 13:04] View Near Messages
This will be my last comment on this as I can`t be arsed to go round in circles.
I didn`t say that people were turned into paedophiles. I suggested that people with the inclination who may not have gone in search of the material may have actively started searching because of the media overload on the subject. There is a difference between someone who simply downloads images and someone who goes out and abuses children in reality. The latter are a lost cause because they cannot control their sexual preferences.
The person who downloads images / videos has the interest but like many other "normal" people has the will and intelligence not to act out their fantasies even though they are already committing an offence with the downloads.
I suggest there are an unknown number of people who search out the material who may not have done had the subject not been constantly in the news for who knows how long.
While all the news stories will paint the subject in a negative way it becomes an advert letting people know the content is out there.
We shall agree to differ

braintree    [30941.   Posted 2-May-2016 Mon 12:46] View Near Messages
Re The Mary Millington Story.
Seemed odd to show it on London Live before the dvd release when the dvd was 19.99 but just a bit before the release the price dropped to 9.99. Far more reasonable and a price I`m happy to pay to avoid ads and get better quality than Freeview.

braintree    [30940.   Posted 2-May-2016 Mon 12:40] View Near Messages
Totally credible.

"The fact that there are some vulnerable people with inclinations who can be switched on by hearing or seeing something is again an assumption."

I think even the most anti censorship amongst us will agree that it is far from being an assumption. While the exact triggers remain unknown I think it has been a fact for many decades although the BBFC and the authorities will exaggerate any stats to back themselves up.

If what we watch didn`t affect us in some way then porn movies wouldn`t be a billion dollar business and nobody would advertise.

braintree    [30938.   Posted 1-May-2016 Sun 13:34] View Near Messages
The person would need to be that way inclined to start with obviously. The media has become a huge advert for kiddie porn and those leaning that way will make the effort required to find it.
We even get a breakdown of the different categories of content.

And I agree with the BBFC`s view about people with vulnerable minds. Where me and the BBFC disagree is I don`t think the 99.9% of the population who are "normal" need censorship because of a tiny minority.

I`m not saying we should curtail coverage of kiddie porn I was simply commenting that there are bound to be people out there , however small the number who`s interest is piqued by the media overload. Seems obvious that there are.

braintree    [30936.   Posted 30-Apr-2016 Sat 12:40] View Near Messages
Tens of thousands maybe an exaggeration but I am certain there are followers of the subject who would otherwise never have taken an interest if not for the subjects constant presence in the media.
The censors are right to a certain extent. It is obvious that what we watch and see influences us but the majority of people are intelligent enough to know that grabbing a gun to solve your problems is not ideal.Nor is any kind of violence , but those examples always have consequences. I think for a lot of followers of kiddie porn they take the risk that there will be no consequences - that is they won`t get caught. If they take a gun and go and kill someone there are immediate consequences. If they view porn there are none. If they download it to keep they take the risk there will be none. And if there are any they may be years down the road. The censors are basically correct but where they go wrong is asking for things to be suppressed from everybody for the sake of the 0.0001% who might genuinely be affected enough to take action. It would be like banning cars from the road because of the daily accidents where people die. People do die in cars every day but the percentage is tiny.

braintree    [30934.   Posted 29-Apr-2016 Fri 13:34] View Near Messages
The stories about child abuse images continue. And I do wonder if the authorities had refrained from making the UK a country where men stay away from parks for fear of being labelled as paedophiles whether the problem would be reduced. Foreigners sometimes comment on the UK obsession with paedophiles and you have to think if they`d just shut the hell up about it 20 years ago whether it would have remained a niche interest for some rather than giving it publicity nobody could ever pay for on such a regular basis that there are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people who now have an interest in the subject who would never have given it a second thought were it not in the public eye on a permanent basis. The IWF report proves it`s a losing battle so why keep advertising the subject? Being able to take down the content in only the UK is surely a waste of time when presumably other countries can provide it.

braintree    [30926.   Posted 22-Apr-2016 Fri 13:05] View Near Messages
The news pages mentions the Steelbook on Amazon being classified by the BBFC.
I suppose I`m being a bit pedantic but for accuracy, the steelbook on Amazon UK is actually the Italian import as the steelbook is a Zavvi exclusive in the UK although I daresay every single disc is exactly the same bar the label and on most things only the cardboard sticky bit that lists the contents of the steelbook is foreign so once its removed the steel book case should be identical to the UK one. Important when they`re asking 40 for it.Of course if you order direct from Amazon Italy you can get it for half that or a bit more at 24.99 from Zavvi

braintree    [30925.   Posted 22-Apr-2016 Fri 13:00] View Near Messages
It is when it`s the waffle I`ve seen you post more than once.
Although it is amusing that you being called a troll is "bully boy tactics" yet you labelling anyone who disagees with you a fanboy isn`t. I think it`s clear few people would agree your comments have merit.
I never had any hassle getting ZFE exchanged.
And as Cronenberg himself signed off the restoration of Shivers you might expect Arrow to pass the blame on to him. With TIFF having performed the restoration it was always going to take some time to get it corrected. Arrow said this at the offset when they decided that the disc needed correcting.
You can pop over to Amazon and have some more Arrow bashing as it seems both cuts of the Bride of Re-Animator have been supplied in mono by mistake.

And how nice to admit that you don`t feel inclined to write any positive reviews for Arrow titles that you`re happy with. If that`s not clear evidence of your bias I don`t know what is.
No you don`t have to tell the world how happy you are with your Arrow titles yet for some reason you seem to find the need to tell as many people as possible when you`re not happy.
Lets agree to differ and move on

braintree    [30923.   Posted 21-Apr-2016 Thu 12:48] View Near Messages
Pooch- I read the first few lines then decided if you really are too stupid to realise why calling me a fanboy makes you look an idiot then you`re also too stupid for me to bother with at all.
So you did do one piece that was positive toward Arrow. I think they`re having a day off in celebration on Friday

braintree    [30918.   Posted 19-Apr-2016 Tue 13:23] View Near Messages
Pooch - I seem to recall you were ridiculed on this site for your anti Arrow status which isn`t surprising. I agree the publicity on the Arrow book was lacking and the detail that only 35% of the content was new was not highlighted well enough. As you can see from Amazon and Facebook there are lots of disappointed buyers but the reason you get picked out is because your views would have been the same regardless of how good the book was. Yes you are that predictable. You do yourself no favours by calling anyone who picks you up on it an Arrow fanboy. It just makes you look more of an idiot than you have done already. Those who label you a troll do so because of your anti Arrow reviews , the number of them and the petty list of things you use as an excuse to criticise. But you call people fanboys on Amazon who might have never reviewed an Arrow product before or like me never reviewed an Arrow product ever. I agree that Tele 62 might be labelled a fanboy as I`ve seen his posts on a variety of forums but there don`t seem to be many others , not on Amazon anyway. I`ve not seen anyone saying Arrow cannot be criticised. What I`ve seen are people criticising your comments for exaggerating. For example , one of your comments says the book is nothing but reprints. That is completely false. And that is why you are labelled a troll. On here too IIRC
I think in amongst the Amazon comments someone asked you for a link to one of your positive reviews of any Arrow title. I`m guessing we have a long wait
I guess I have between 20 and 30 Arrow titles altogether and I can say that I haven`t found anything to complain about. That doesn`t make me a fanboy. If something is wrong I will complain about it. The glitch on Zombie Flesh Eaters was corrected. The disc problem on The Beyond was corrected. And at long last the uncut version of Shivers has been supplied. Apart from those problems the only one I would take issue with was their decision to issue Bird with the Crystal Plumage cropped which is why I have the Blue Underground disc

braintree    [30916.   Posted 18-Apr-2016 Mon 13:51] View Near Messages
I see Pooch`s rabid anti Arrow propaganda is flowing as well as it used to here on the Amazon reviews for the new Cult Cinema book. Although he routinely slags off all Arrow titles he`s jumped at the chance to have a go at this one thanks to Arrow not making it well known enough about the amount of reprints in the book

braintree    [30915.   Posted 14-Apr-2016 Thu 14:08] View Near Messages
You`re right. It`s an excellent documentary although it is at least a couple of years old now. I doubt it`s been updated.

Edit: wow- it`s 2011. How time flies

braintree    [30912.   Posted 9-Apr-2016 Sat 13:15] View Near Messages
The news pages mentions the May release of the dvd Respectable: The Mary Millington Story. It`s odd to see that the film is being screened by the London Live channel this week on Freeview so London area viewers can get it far cheaper than the rest of us.
Fancy showing it on free tv before it gets a home video release. A Bluray would soften the blow

braintree    [30911.   Posted 2-Apr-2016 Sat 13:59] View Near Messages
Yes that`s right. It was TFTC that was R. The 3 versions of VOH on the US Bluray are the uncut version in 16:9, the uncut version in 4:3 and the PG version in 16:9.
I don`t think they originally intended to include all 3 but they had to put so much work into finally getting the uncut version which resulted in several delays to the release I think that`s why they put the BFI and Fox versions on there aswell.
I`ve not seen the UK discs of either film but it`s worth pointing out that the UK disc of TFTC does include a documentary that is not on the US disc

braintree    [30909.   Posted 1-Apr-2016 Fri 14:40] View Near Messages
Just to clarify the Vault of Horror story on the news pages. The promotional material is inaccurate. This is the first time it`s been released uncut on UK Bluray - in fact its the first UK release on Bluray at all. But the earlier dvd release from Vipco was the only uncut version released to video in the UK before this Blu. Unfortunately it was in 4:3 but it was a bit of a tatty print but the cuts were so extensive on the R rated version that the Vipco one was the one to see even though the US Midnite Movies disc was lovely quality and 16:9. The Video release in 1988 was a very welcome double bill with Tales From the Crypt from CBS/Fox. Unfortunately both films were from NTSC transfers so TFTC was the standard blurry quality we always had with NTSC sourced prints at the time and I believe the very brief shot of Richard Greenes intestines was missing as this was the R version. VOH was the cut version again. Fast forward to the dvd era and screeing in the 00`s by Sky Movies , C4 and even Film 4 were of the cut version much to the dismay of collectors. Somebody alerted Film 4 to the cuts and after quite a long wait Film 4 proudly announced the uncut version of the movie but despite the BFI byline at the end the presentation was no better quality than the Vipco dvd although it was at least finally uncut.
When Shout initially announced the US Bluray double bill they seemed unaware of the cuts to VOH and after a while announced they were unable to obtain the complete version. I like to think it was my post clearly stating the wording at the end of the Film 4 version regarding the BFI that encouraged Shout to return to the correct department at the BFI having only had negative results with an earlier enquiry. Apparently the uncut version was preserved somewhere they didn`t look the first time. At any rate they got the uncut version and managed to put together a marvellous set with (I think) 3 versions of the movie. As its a double bill with TFTC its better value than the UK releases but the US disc is region coded -as I suspect the UK one will be too. Oh for more Amicus on Bluray

braintree    [30907.   Posted 26-Mar-2016 Sat 15:04] View Near Messages
It was made in 1968, did the rounds of ITV then reappared on the early Sky cable service where they showed more than ITV but still not all 17 episodes. I don`t know why ITV only aired half the series. I had people all over the UK keeping an eye on their local region but we never got past 9 episodes. As a 35mm show made by Hammer it`s ripe for rediscovery and I`ve emailed the Horror Channel to see if they might be able to get hold of it. About 15 years later Hammer teamed up with Fox again to make Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. Awkwardly timed around 73 minutes each these haven`t been seen for years either but they did at least get a long deleted dvd release. It was aired in the US as Fox Mystery Theater.

braintree    [30905.   Posted 24-Mar-2016 Thu 16:33] View Near Messages
It`s good to see The Horror Channel have done deals with several companies in order to acquire their catalogue of Hammer titles. Studio Canal, Sony and Universal movies all popping up. It would be great if they could give us a real scoop though and pry the Hammer tv show Journey to the Unknown from the claws of Fox. Shown only as half a series in the 80`s on ITV the show hasn`t been seen since so instead of bringing us the good but easy to obtain Hammer House of Horror how about something that will generate real excitement among Hammer fans.

braintree    [30858.   Posted 23-Dec-2015 Wed 15:11] View Near Messages
The Bluray remains unlisted om Amazon UK. Even the product link in my official order goes to a dead page

braintree    [30856.   Posted 20-Dec-2015 Sun 14:50] View Near Messages
I follow 88films on a couple of forums and they always intend to release the uncut versions of films ( with a couple of exceptions that include animal cruelty) and they always said in the months leading up to Nightmare that it would be as complete as the US Code Red version. I think they are aware that if they release any movies where longer versions are available elsewhere they might as well not bother with that title. Nightmare was delayed a couple of times already - but that`s a standard thing with pretty much every 88films release. I don`t think any have ever arrived on the release date first given. Maybe they had the nod it would be uncut but went ahead before official documentation was ready to avoid another delay. The Code Red Bluray of the film has never been listed on Amazon UK despite the dvd being there all the time- although even that`s not there now.

braintree    [30854.   Posted 19-Dec-2015 Sat 15:36] View Near Messages
Interesting news about Nightmare. From what I read there was speculation that 88films had not put the film and the Emmanuelle Cannibals film in to the censor but I expected all that happened was that the BBFC site had not been updated. It`s strange the titles are withdrawn as the BBFC site has been updated now. Are they saying that the 88films releases are uncut but the BBFC wanted edits? If that is the case, that fool who runs Code Red in the US will be pleased although he spends most of his time whinging about poor sales while at the same time doing everything he can to stop people having access to his titles ( most of which are crap to be fair)
However , it seems that the BBFC have only just passed the disc as legally compliant so it was made available illegally and too early by 88films but the standard disc that was sold is the same as the one that will be out again soon. Whether 88films have any consequences remains to be seen - perhaps 6 months in prison like the original VHS distributor in the 80`s?

braintree    [30849.   Posted 1-Dec-2015 Tue 14:58] View Near Messages
Just a quick note to say that while the new 88films release of Nightmares in a Damaged Brain is uncut for the gore content there are a few brief non gore moments included in an earlier VHS release that are missing from both the 88films Bluray aswell as the US Code Red disc although some of those missing seconds have been restored by 88films - just not all of them.

braintree    [30844.   Posted 29-Nov-2015 Sun 14:14] View Near Messages
If the paint drying video does go into the BBFC the person submitting would be best advised to ensure there is some additional material within it.Perhaps some almost subliminal hardcore stills or similar.If they don`t the BBFC won`t watch it all the way through and they certainly won`t watch it properly. They`ll take the money and laugh all the way to the bank

braintree    [30830.   Posted 13-Nov-2015 Fri 16:10] View Near Messages
Has anyone actually been prosecuted for possession of the type of material the Dangerous Pictures Act was originally created for? As far as I am aware, all the prosecutions have been for material that some busybodies decided to add to the act for no reason except their own. And have any prosecutions for the DPA been as a direct result of a police investigation for the offences? Or have they all been side offences where people being investigated for other crimes had the misfortune to have some material on their phone or computer that Britain no longer allows that the police just happened to find? Britain seems to be a unique country run by moron politicians who like to blame the inadequacies of some people on media content and feel the need to try and ban it regardless of the fact that the material banned in each decade since the 50`s is now laughable,has never been proven to actually disturb anyone and much of it is now available to teenagers legally. The desire to offer a lazy easy reason for something is so ingrained in British society that the fools who make the laws are too stupid to learn from history.

braintree    [30808.   Posted 17-Oct-2015 Sat 14:46] View Near Messages
Welcome back Pooch

braintree    [30772.   Posted 29-Aug-2015 Sat 13:56] View Near Messages
Not the sort of post I would usually put on here but I have to say I don`t think they are looking purely for revenge regarding the Scottish bin lorry incident. They are looking for justice. The driver was clearly criminally negligent and it`s a disgrace the authorities are forcing the families to take the legal action.Despite killing all those people the driver actually applied to have his licence back AFTER the incident.The legal system should at the very least prosecute him for failing to disclose his medical condition. One person lost a parent and their daughter in that one incident

braintree    [30766.   Posted 24-Aug-2015 Mon 13:31] View Near Messages
I wasn`t referring to VHS I was talking about dvd. The UK Laserdisc was the UK premier for the uncut version of Videodrome and the very first UK dvd carried the same version - it wasn`t anamorphic so might have even used the same master. Trouble is, I sold it when the Criterion dvd came out but Amazon only list the 2008 dvd which is cut - and we know that the UK didn`t have to wait until 2008 for Videodrome on dvd. I have a stash of old dvd mags from the early era so I`ll have a look through those. I remember being very pleasantly surprised when we got the film on dvd before the US. And if it had been the R version I wouldn`t have bought it at all.
I can`t locate the details of the early release other than it was not anamorphic. The dvd on Amazon shows as 2008 but we know that non anamorphic dvd`s were gone many years before that date.

braintree    [30761.   Posted 22-Aug-2015 Sat 13:39] View Near Messages
Although the first UK Bluray of Videodrome is not the unrated version the first UK dvd release was billed as "the directors cut" which presumably is the unrated version. IIRC it came out in the UK on dvd before the US. Don`t know if the 2008 reissue is unrated or R.
I got the UK Laserdisc of the film which was uncut and it was a surprise to see the uncut version appear on dvd before the US although it was released in the early days of dvd so is not anamorphic. But it`s not on Amazon who only show a 2008 dvd version which must go back to the cut version again which is why the UK Blu is also cut

braintree    [30735.   Posted 27-Jul-2015 Mon 13:53] View Near Messages
I think the version I saw was uncut. The "eye" scene was there and that`s pretty much the goriest moment of the film. July 1983 is much later than when I first saw it.

braintree    [30732.   Posted 25-Jul-2015 Sat 14:59] View Near Messages
Re Zombie Holocaust. I remember renting this movie in 1982 from a local video shop and it was the complete version. So when I went to watch it again a year or two later and got the VTC version I was gutted to see it was also gutted of the juiciest scenes. I never did find out the source of the uncut version. I did wonder if it was the Dutch tape but that would have had subtitles on it (although I`m not sure it didn`t) but I can`t see why my local video shop would have bothered to buy in a Dutch tape when there was more than enough blood and gore coming out at that point. Very surprised when the UK dvd was uncut in 2000. The new Bluray is an upgrade and worth buying for the feature length documentary on cannibal movies which is only available on US Bluray on the region locked disc of Cannibal Ferox

braintree    [30727.   Posted 19-Jul-2015 Sun 13:31] View Near Messages
I didn`t say anything about downloading. I said making your own copies of cd`s or copying your content to a hard drive, which is something the best technology they ever get won`t even know about. Downloading isn`t something they`ve changed. Illegal downloading remains illegal and they can carry on blocking sites willy nilly and perhaps might even make a difference. This High Court ruling is about making personal copies - not downloading which is why it`s pointless - because they are trying to prevent something they can never keep track of. It`s as pointless as when they tried to bring in the law preventing people from keeping home VCR recordings for longer than 28 days

braintree    [30725.   Posted 18-Jul-2015 Sat 14:04] View Near Messages
It`s incredible that the music business wastes so much money going to the High Court to overturn the legalisation of making personal copies in the delusion that it matters to anyone. We all made personal copies before the ruling and we will continue to do so after it. Does this mean that copying your cds to a hard drive will be illegal? We may never care.

braintree    [30716.   Posted 29-Jun-2015 Mon 13:39] View Near Messages
I think the BFI release was 2009 but I can see why this might have popped up as a story because the previous issue was a dvd/bluray combo. This is the first release as dvd only

braintree    [30713.   Posted 27-Jun-2015 Sat 13:07] View Near Messages
Confused about the "shopping" story for Here We go Round the Mulberry Bush. This has been available on disc for 5 years from the BFI

braintree    [30710.   Posted 25-Jun-2015 Thu 14:35] View Near Messages
How long until D-Day?

braintree    [30695.   Posted 16-May-2015 Sat 13:55] View Near Messages
The easiest option is not to buy a cut dvd or Bluray. Often we can import an uncut version from the US or elsewhere. I don`t blame the distributors for category cutting to increase cinema revenue but there`s no excuses for home video and in most cases the cuts don`t happen on the Bluray. I had to purchase The Woman In Black from the US on Bluray as the uncut 15 UK version remains unreleased here. Money talks to so we won`t be able to sway distributors into accepting higher ratings for the cinema but we can also affect their pockets with Bluray too.

braintree    [30678.   Posted 19-Apr-2015 Sun 13:38] View Near Messages
Regarding the quiz - it would be interesting to see what the BBFC would make of the Hammer movie "Never Take Sweets from a Stranger" should it ever appear here again.

braintree    [30672.   Posted 15-Apr-2015 Wed 13:38] View Near Messages
My point is that the BBFC certificate may make as much difference as it did in the 80`s when BBFC X Certificate versions of movies were found by courts to be obscene. This happened with several films IIRC. We already know that What the Peeper Saw had to be recut by the BBFC in 1978 when a new law came in so with this new law who`s to say current BBFC versions may not now be considered lawful. One would hope the common sense missing during the video nasties stupidity might not be absent today but this is the British Justice system we`re talking about here- the one that not so long ago was on course to prosecute a guy for having a so called bestiality video in his possession without noticing the animal in the video could actually talk.
This new law does seem to fly in the face of the BBFC who for quite some time have been claiming their aim is to make sure where possible that adults can decide for themselves what they want to watch. The DPA arrived in a form nobody asked for - has succeeded in prosecuting nobody it was designed to prosecute yet has prosecuted people for content that was never part of the original intended law and now has amendments that nobody asked for. When our MP`s go on their paid for freebies to other countries on so called fact finding missions why do they never visit countries like Holland and Denmark and ask what makes the UK so special it needs protection from things these other countries have no problems with . Apart from child porn pretty much anything goes in other parts of Europe yet society hasn`t crumbled. Look at the stuff Denmark has been turning out since 1969 and yet they`re still in one piece. Nobody looks at this because it doesn`t fit the UK Big Brother agenda

braintree    [30670.   Posted 14-Apr-2015 Tue 12:52] View Near Messages
Presumably the new law won`t affect the Death Wish films as the rapes are not explicit enough to be considered pornographic but what happens to Baise Moi? Definitely a hardcore sequence. And I guess I`ll be going back to prison if the authorities find my dvd of Sex Wish.

braintree    [30668.   Posted 10-Apr-2015 Fri 13:31] View Near Messages
The sequence of Lester fondling Ekland has been included complete in all versions I`ve seen of the movie. Youtube has clips on there from VCI and that scene is complete where he places his hands over her breasts. I expect the BBFC would edit it out. The second questionable scene is where Lester gets her to strip in exchange for information. The US VHS did not include this but the long version on the dvd and the Bluray both include it. The final scene is the one where she gets into bed with him. This is uncut on the long version on the dvd but shortened on the cut version . The Bluray has the montage over most of the sequence. Neither of these 2 more dodgy scenes have been placed on Youtube by VCI.

Is "In the Realm of the Senses" still reframed or have the BBFC passed it uncut now?

braintree    [30665.   Posted 9-Apr-2015 Thu 14:04] View Near Messages
Sergio - the bootleg quality and the US habit of Public Domain releases on both VHS and dvd indicate to me that neither the VHS or dvd releases were official in that the contents of the release were supplied or paid for by the films owner. US law used to state that copyright needed renewing every 28 years. Would it be surprising if it turned out that copyright on this film was not renewed - which allows for legal bootleg releases in the US. The Bluray on the other hand while not perfect is clearly a good quality 35mm print. The VHS looks second generation at best and both versions on dvd look vhs quality. I`m not sure the dodgy scene could be said to be censored as such. The history of the film does make it look likely that alternate shots etc were filmed with slightly different versions shown in different countries and I`m guessing that as the film became a bit of a hot potato not that many years after it was made that the owners didn`t care about the original elements and it might also be one of those movies where ownership has changed over the years so what remains of the movie is moved about so eventually all that is left is a set of different prints in differing conditions with none being very well preserved due to the fact that due to its content home video and tv broadcasts were not something the film ever got which is why it was so difficult for VCI to get a good quality version let alone one that is practically complete. This is all guess work though. The obscurity of the movie and the fact that nobody seemed to know this new release wasn`t quite complete makes this look like it really has been forgotten by everybody including those who own it.

The Televista release shown is in fact the Substance release I had with 2 versions on .My box had the Substance company details on it. Televista are apparently well known for releasing unofficial bootleg titles ( they have a bootleg dvd of the BBC`s Bernard and the Genie amongst their releases). Another pointer that the dvd was a PD bootleg was the cover which is identical to the VHS right down to the shape of the image. It was just like the VHS cover copied to a dvd box but with no effort to fill the shape of the new case.
According to the TV Times this film was aired by Thames tv in 1975 but who knows what version that would be.
I really would love to see interview footage from Mark Lester and Britt Ekland to see what they make of it now. How the tabloids have never picked up on it to attack Ekland is a mystery. I doubt you`d go to prison but the BBFC would certainly edit the dodgy scene in its entirety I would think. The shorter version also omits entirely the sequence where Lester forces Ekland to strip in front of him in exchange for information and I suspect the BBFC would remove most of that as its clear that Lester was present when the scene was shot and Ekland gets naked. Similarly the UK version of Private Lessons with Sylvia Kristel was badly cut by the BBFC even though the male actor was clearly of age but they censored it because the impression the film tries to give is that the boy is underage so some of the key scenes like the bath sequence are removed. I`m not certain but I get the impression that when this film was released it may have been uncut here as it falls into the teenage boy fantasy type story and that its only been cut for dvd due to the current UK obsession with underage sex.

braintree    [30661.   Posted 7-Apr-2015 Tue 12:57] View Near Messages
Regarding What the Peeper Saw , the scene in question is included in the Bluray but after it starts the old footage showing the section where Ekland gets into bed with Lester - and she`s clearly naked - has a montage placed over that bit although the soundtrack continues just as it does in the full version. I think this may be the films first ever official release. The original US VHS was the drastically shortened version and was not very good quality. Substance went onto release a dvd with 2 versions on . One was the short version and the other was the most complete version ever and includes the controversial moments missing from the Bluray although both versions on the dvd are very obviously transferred from a domestic tape source. Once I alerted VCI to the missing footage the guy in charge did confirm that they had searched high and low for the best possible source and while the Bluray doesn`t look as good as a regular 35mm film would its the first time the film has looked anything close to being official. It`s still worth getting for it`s notoriety but a shame that VCI didn`t look at the dvd beforehand - they could then at least have added the footage albeit in far lesser quality. As its a Limited Edition and unlikely to appear elsewhere you should get it while you can if you have the slightest interest in it.

braintree    [30654.   Posted 3-Apr-2015 Fri 14:01] View Near Messages
It`s nearly 10 years since I spent 8 weeks at her majestys pleasure thanks to selling dvd`s of hardcore porn recorded from satellite , specifically because some of the films included "fisting". As I didn`t fight the charges ( I was guilty of others) my prosecution went down as another success against fisting content. In the last few years a couple of brave souls fought the Obscene Publications Act on fisting and both won their cases . The BBFC admit they are aware of these cases yet they continue to cut such footage because the CPS still include fisting in their list of obscene acts. Why don`t any of the studios releasing this content make an appeal . It was an appeal around 2000 that lead to hardcore becoming legal and how can the CPS continue to go against the court verdicts? A successful appeal will lead to the CPS needing to rewrite their rulebooks.

braintree    [30647.   Posted 27-Mar-2015 Fri 14:36] View Near Messages
Re todays story about Commando. I`m assuming there is more to the Directors Cut than restoring BBFC cuts as these were waived in 2007 ( as the story says) and the 2008 Bluray restores all these cuts and is the same original theatrical version as released on Bluray elsewhere. Is the DC title perhaps for MPAA cuts restored rather than BBFC ones?

braintree    [30637.   Posted 17-Mar-2015 Tue 15:19] View Near Messages
Re: todays story about cuts to Carry On - Don`t Lose Your Head.
The line "You`ve always had magnificent balls" is said to be cut but I`m sure its included. That very line is included in the opening montage of the theatrical "That`s Carry On" so unless it`s not in the original film and the cut clip is only seen in the compilation ( which was made 10 years later) it would indicate that at least that cut is restored to the film. It was the first or second of the Rank films , now owned by ITV and it wasn`t until Carlton/ITV got hold of them that the original 15 version of Carry On England was seen again. Uncut for an AA it lasted about a week in the cinema where it bombed and was withdrawn and recut for an A. It was the A version that played on tv , was released on video etc. But the uncut version was retained so perhaps the uncut versions of the other Rank films are also in the vaults. When Carlton released England on dvd well over a decade ago it was something of a treat to actually get a choice to watch either version. Shame it had to be one of the worst of the series. The disc with dvd/magazine collection only included one version (not sure which one)

braintree    [30634.   Posted 15-Mar-2015 Sun 14:13] View Near Messages
Seems definite that Ebay will not allow listings for the Arrow UK release of Nekromantik. After someone else reported having theirs removed I put it down to traditional ebay incompetence but when I listed mine it too was removed . Their email explains it was removed under their "Violent Material" conditions. Not a single listing for the UK set but quite a few for the US release. I expect its still down to ebay incompetence and remains a flagged title going back to the days when it would have raised eyebrows and they`ve not bothered to remove it from their forbidden list. I had it happen to a dvd of I Spit On your Grave once when I listed the uncut US disc. But I just relisted that and it sold without a hitch. Will sell this one on Amazon at some point instead. Don`t think ebay would genuinely ban a title officially UK classified by the BBFC

Re todays Disney story. At the moment Disney is being run by idiots it would seem as their choices in titles to release on Bluray or not would indicate. No 3D discs in the US , many titles not released at all in the UK and of course the "restoration" of their animated titles has become farcical. But to the main issue of today which is smoking- and one of their earlier movies Melody Time was released on dvd quite some time ago and one of the characters in it Pecos Bill has been "adjusted" to remove the cigarette that he has in his mouth all the time so this smoking ban is not new. Curiously the US disc is edited but the existing UK dvd contains the unedited version.

braintree    [30611.   Posted 9-Feb-2015 Mon 14:48] View Near Messages
It seems the uncut 15 rated version of Maze Runner is exclusively available on UK Bluray via the HMV Steelbook version which carries the 15 certificate. The cut 12 version is on all other UK releases. The US disc is uncut

braintree    [30593.   Posted 31-Jan-2015 Sat 14:42] View Near Messages
I should point out that the story about the Arrow release Day of Anger may need correcting . According to the Arrow site an 86 minute and 114 minute version are included. The listing almost put me off buying the movie until I looked a bit more into it.They seem to be listed as the Italian Version and the International Version as your listing does but the main bit on the news page says "being released in a shortened version". The Arrow page is updated with the running times . I think the story should add those as the headline of the story is a bit misleading

braintree    [30556.   Posted 10-Jan-2015 Sat 14:45] View Near Messages
The neanderthal morons who did the killing in Paris apparently wanted to die as martyrs. How ironic then that history will remember them as needing a gun , running scared and eventually dying because they were scared of cartoons.
All religions can be and have been ridiculed . The strongest ones move on and ignore satirical / comedic comments. The weakest ones for which many of its followers clearly show they have no confidence in it come out literally guns blazing because they know their "cause" is bollocks.
The only good Jihadist is a dead one . And none are brave unless they are holding a gun or a bomb - pussies.

braintree    [30541.   Posted 22-Dec-2014 Mon 14:22] View Near Messages
Apparently the current Nordic releases include the uncut Die Hard 4 too

braintree    [30539.   Posted 20-Dec-2014 Sat 14:15] View Near Messages
The latest edition of Cutting Edge claims there is no Bluray release of the unrated Die Hard 4 . This is incorrect . The Australian boxset of the Die Hard Legacy Collection includes a Bluray disc with both the PG13 and unrated editions with the choice to watch either version from the main menu . This boxset seems to be exclusive to JB Hi-Fi but has been available since 2013 . The uncut Bluray of Die Hard 4 does not appear to be available to buy individually. The packaging is almost identical to the UK boxset but with both Die Hard 4 and 5 the slipcase mentions the harder cuts although the cover on the current listing misses off "harder edition" for Die Hard 5 . I purchased this release a few weeks ago so can confirm its existence. As with most other releases some of the copious bonus features from some of the older 2 disc dvd editions of the films are absent again.

braintree    [30528.   Posted 13-Dec-2014 Sat 15:32] View Near Messages
I can confirm that the site mentioned on todays new pages is not being blocked by Virgin Media - maybe it was but its not today

braintree    [30485.   Posted 10-Nov-2014 Mon 14:56] View Near Messages
Does that mean if 2 men or 2 women go into the park they are allowed . This stupid rule seems to forget there are a good many paedophiles who are parents . I doubt this would stand up in a court of law . Someone needs to challenge it . We`re not in a Communist country yet - not officially anyway . Although in some ways we`ve already gone beyond some of Orwells predictions

braintree    [30468.   Posted 1-Nov-2014 Sat 15:21] View Near Messages
Might be worth mentioning that controversial censor baiting movie What the Peeper Saw is being released on US Bluray in a couple of weeks. A 13 year old Mark Lester gets to fondle Britt Eklands breasts and even gets to watch her strip naked in front of him - and from the looks of some newly discovered scenes they are actually naked in bed together . Also known as Night Hair Child apparently this was cut for its UK release but after new laws in 1978 it was effectively banned . US dvd releases have been difficult to find and this new Bluray is a Limited Edition exclusive to a US website . I wonder what the situation would be importing this ? Bizarrely it seems to have been aired at least once by ITV before 1978 in a late night slot . Cut presumably

braintree    [30433.   Posted 26-Oct-2014 Sun 14:06] View Near Messages
Can you imagine if we woke up one Friday morning to find our PM was Ed Milliband? Would any country in the world take us seriously . I definitely don`t want Labour in again ( they are responsible for most of the mess we`re in) but it`s strange how they must realise that it was having Kinnock as leader that cost them votes in 1992 yet they don`t realise that Milliband is their second biggest handicap after their loony policies.
There is so much wrong with this country it`s impossible to know where to start to put things right . Russell Brand is right though when he says the current system does not work and most people realise that all politicians are much of a muchness with none worth a penny . But with the whole corrupt system voting for it`s own pay rises and ways to keep the gravy train rolling via their own agenda , how on earth can we start from scratch ?

braintree    [30333.   Posted 15-Sep-2014 Mon 13:01] View Near Messages
Pooch - as I said , I have no interest in the boxset itself but while reading Michael B`s updates over the last few months it would seem that all the censored material does involve bestiality as I don`t recall any mention of any other material that needed censoring . I may be wrong but he did mention surprise at some content that was passed but very happy when the only footage banned was that literally required by UK law.
My post was merely to update some of the points you made in your post . If you can`t cope with not being the definitive voice you should not be writing a blog or on here . At the very least informative posts such as your original one may need some response in order to complete the picture.

braintree    [30329.   Posted 11-Sep-2014 Thu 14:22] View Near Messages
Strange how Pooch can`t help but try and make smartarse comments when his "knowledge" is questioned . And for someone who runs a site and even a blog to then argue the toss of browsing the internet just reinforces his dodgy thinking. I actually look at 6 sites each day of which this is one - and this usually takes about 30 minutes if things are interesting . Roobarbs just happens to be one of them as it`s main emphasis was originally classic tv which is a subject I`m interested in. Michael Brooke happens to be a contributor to that forum and not only regularly updates on the releases from Arrow and other companies he works / worked for but goes into detail about various issues that arise. The boxset in question was one he worked on personally and in depth which is why the details of what was going on with the boxset were on there a while ago .My comment that the details had been on Roobarb for a long time was not supposed to be any kind of smear about your knowledge - more a confirmation that your theories were not new or secret which was the impression your comments gave. The main gist of my comment was that you were aware the cut scenes involved bestiality so exactly what did you expect Arrow to do about it ? Not include the film at all ? Maybe you should have done your research first before posting your conclusions on here which appeared to be a warning not to buy the set . Have you ever done a completely positive review of an Arrow release? And there`s little point in trying to put people off buying the boxset - it`s a Limited Edition of just 1000 copies and it was sold out weeks before release so anyone who does not already have it will most likely not get one at all.
I don`t have any interest in the boxset at all BTW so the reason I knew about the cuts was because it was in the Arrow forum on Roobarbs. I did zero research on it .

I do agree about FOUND though . Only 4 seconds seems very lenient .

braintree    [30325.   Posted 10-Sep-2014 Wed 13:33] View Near Messages
These cuts were listed on the Roobarb forums many months ago . As with lots of movies and home video releases advice is taken from the BBFC during the releases planning stages regarding what they would be wasting their time submitting. Surprise surprise - no bestiality allowed . Michael B explained it would be unlikely to be cleared uncut as soon as he saw it let alone before they contacted the BBFC. So quite obviously Arrow removed it so that the BBFC didn`t refuse it . What exactly did you expect them to do ? And how is the phrase " to comply with UK law" not a clear reference to cuts and censoring?

braintree    [30320.   Posted 5-Sep-2014 Fri 14:52] View Near Messages
It always seems to be rather stupid when broadcasters make temporary cuts to programmes because of something in the news . Remember when anything involving guns was either taken off or in at least one case had its title changed thanks to Hungerford. This weeks Dr Who cuts are PC through and through. Do we really need to spoil a broadcast for millions just to ensure a few people don`t see something to remind them of a possible tragedy . In all honesty , is anyone waiting to hear of the killing of their relative going to be wrapped up in Dr Who? When the tsusami hit that meant water related content was gone for a while and after Hungerford some loon at the BBC said First Blood and Rambo would never be shown so they were joining in the unproven rhetoric of the tabloids.
Is it likely that Dr Who will have anything approaching a realistic depiction of a beheading in its teatime slot?

Re Dr Who lesbian kiss . The regulator quite rightly felt no investigation was required but it has been something of an irritation to see the gay agenda on a regular basis since Dr Who was revived . But are we surprised . Look who brought it back .

braintree    [30311.   Posted 4-Sep-2014 Thu 13:03] View Near Messages
Dave - yes you are right . Sorry for contradicting you . I`d forgotten it was just 2 discs . Can`t believe its been almost 10 years since it came out.
A year or two ago I would have been excited about buying it again on 4 discs but over the last year or so most of the films have been released on Bluray although in order to get them you need to buy from more than one country . Universal don`t seem interested in releasing a lot of their classic movies themselves so they all get licenced to different companies in different countries . Universal always did seem to have a low opinion of these . Some never did get a dvd release in the UK and those that did were not released by Universal .
Totally uncut Curse of the Werewolf now out on Bluray on an English friendly German disc

braintree    [30307.   Posted 3-Sep-2014 Wed 15:16] View Near Messages
The lack of prison population stats is yet another PC casualty.

Todays news on the site features 2 mentions of the Hammer Horror set of 8 Universal movies . Why?
This set was released many years ago and the version showing on here looks no different . The main bone of contention was that the set used 4 dual layered double sided dvd`s and there were regular reports of playback issues with the dvd-18 discs . I had hoped a reissue would mean 8 discs instead of 4 but the link to Amazon still says 4 - so why is this set news ?

braintree    [30302.   Posted 2-Sep-2014 Tue 16:45] View Near Messages
Re The Rotherham Enquiry . I think there`s an ongoing problem of the authorities not wanting to look biased which is why they refuse to give a breakdown of the ethnicity of the prison population . I can tell you from first hand experience ( thanks OPA) that the figures would make for very un PC reading.

braintree    [30301.   Posted 2-Sep-2014 Tue 16:34] View Near Messages
Has anyone been convicted for the Dangerous Pictures Act where the "offender" was not being investigated for an unconnected matter? The Judicial system must be very happy with itself for all these dangerous violent rapists they`ve locked up - after all that was what the law was intended to be for . I`m pretty sure the law has convicted nobody it was intended for . And all because people couldn`t tell one woman who needed a scapegoat for her daughters death to shutup and move on .

braintree    [30298.   Posted 27-Aug-2014 Wed 13:22] View Near Messages
Re The Rotherham Enquiry - it sounds very much like the perpetrators must have taken instructions from Jimmy Savile , the much mentioned paedophile who was able to have more than 500 victims yet was able to keep them all silent for 50 years.
But seriously , this enquiry sounds as accurate as a weather forecast for Christmas . But in the current climate where child sex abuse can never be denied those reporting this type of thing can easily pluck a nice sounding figure from the air and instantly have it taken as gospel- after all - nobody is going to standup and tell them they are lying even though any real evidence likely to indicate abuse on such a scale will be non existent . I`m sure those paid to investigate this enquiry and put together this report are more than happy to come up with numbers to justify the payment they received for it.

braintree    [30284.   Posted 14-Aug-2014 Thu 12:34] View Near Messages
With Cliff Richard in the firing line it seems the witch hunt is not over . It`s outrageous that someone like Cliff can have his name and reputation permanently tarnished , which it will be because some will say there`s no smoke without fire regardless of whether there are any charges by a lone individual who can pop up and make a claim of something they say happened in the 80`s. These ridiculous cases such as Rolf Harris and Savile at least rely on the fact that while there is no evidence whatsoever there is the fact that more than one person makes the claim . With Cliff the news seems to indicate one person . So anybody out there short of cash who might be able to prove they met a celeb decades ago can now say anything they want knowing that the law is on their side and no matter whether they get proved to be a fantasist their identity stays hidden allowing them to go back to their life unlike the celeb who`s life gets ruined.
Of course we can only go on the news in the media so it may turn out there`s more "victims" who`ll now jump on the bandwagon but it will be interesting to find out exactly what the police expected to find in their search of today for a crime committed decades ago .

braintree    [30282.   Posted 12-Aug-2014 Tue 13:35] View Near Messages
The first thing the Pro-Incest guy should have done is fire his lawyer . He may well have got off with it as he`d not really committed any crime but even the dimmest lawyer in the land should have known that the guys forthright views would do him no favours . But nothing surprises these days . We already have people going to prison for crimes they`ve not actually committed but the CPS claim they intended to . We`re already living in Minority Report territory and the thought police get more powers every day

braintree    [30258.   Posted 30-Jul-2014 Wed 12:59] View Near Messages
Pooch - I must admit I`ve never noticed whether Arrows alternative covers are just nudity because they always strike me instantly as being awful so I don`t really register what the content of the artwork is - I just dislike the style and whenever its available I always try to use the original video covers ( if there was one ) or what appears to be original poster artwork.
Is it really the same guy who does every single one of Arrows alternate covers? Arrow should use the funds on a more worthwhile extra . I do like alternate covers but I don`t see the need to commission new artwork for old films where there should be more than enough multiple posters or video covers already out there.

braintree    [30250.   Posted 28-Jul-2014 Mon 14:10] View Near Messages
And with todays findings about Clarkson and his use of the term "slope" its reached the point where somebody needs to get the investigators investigated. These silly regulatory organisations like the BBFC and Ofcom are supposed to follow public opinion and change things accordingly . Ofcom wastes time and money because 2 people complained about slope . Which means that several million others really couldn`t give a shit so why are Ofcom wasting time and money on these whingers ? There should be a limit of a certain number of complaints . Investigating programmes viewed by several million that result in complaints by one or two people is ridiculous and those in authority should step in and cut Ofcom budgets as they clearly have far too much time on their hands and need curtailing

braintree    [30247.   Posted 27-Jul-2014 Sun 13:59] View Near Messages
I`ve been putting off getting the Grindhouse Blu of Cannibal Holocaust for a while but Pooch`s review convinced me to get one now . Although it did seem odd that Pooch may have been a member of the Video Packaging Review Committee (remember them?) when complaining that covers for this film and similar titles from Arrow might be "sexist". Of all things problematic with Cannibal Holocaust releases a "sexist" cover is surely the least of its worries.
Of all the "isms" that`s the one I take with a pinch of salt . Men and Women really are different but it seems you`re not allowed to mention that these days . God forbid we mention the reality that women are usually physically weaker than men hence the recent comment from a soccer pundit that a player kicked like a girl . That the subsequent uproar of complainers were not told to simply piss off is another bizarre story from the PC police notebook.
It`s high time broadcasters were able to tell complainers to get a life instead of apologising for every imaginary transgression. How about standing up for your staff instead of pandering to whingers?

braintree    [30245.   Posted 26-Jul-2014 Sat 14:21] View Near Messages
The media and authorities seem too stupid to realise that their obsession with convincing us there is a paedophile on every corner does little except bring the subject to the attention of an awful lot of curious people who really would not have bothered had it not been for the constant media circus. I`m sure over the next few years the small number of these people who then committ other crimes will find themselves in deeper trouble once their computers are seized. Those who make money from paedophiles must be loving the UK who provide them with a level of publicity money could never buy.

Likewise with extreme porn . Has anyone arrested or convicted of possession of extreme porn actually been investigated for that crime initially ? From what I`ve read it`s always other matters but routine checking of computers / phones etc then leads to these other charges.

Why doesn`t someone in authority stand up in court or the House of Commons and ask what makes the British public so uniquely idiotic. Why don`t these MP`s go on one of their paid jollies to countries like Holland or Denmark to see why they have had decades of easy access to this type of material yet their country hasn`t sunk into the violent sexual country wide orgy that the rule makers use as excuses over here . Do other countries have the same type of moronic tabloid press that we have here ? Maybe decades of exposure to crap like The Daily Mail and the News of the World are the reason so many people in this country seem to be gullible fools. A good reason to ban them but it doesn`t suit the current Government agenda

braintree    [30216.   Posted 16-Jul-2014 Wed 13:33] View Near Messages
A refund from Amazon has alerted me to the fact that Video Nasties 2 is down to 14.99 . ( Why won`t the pound sign display?) Not sure if thats permanent so grab one while you can . Watched the main feature and it was very good .
The most frightening thing about the many laughable elements of the hysteria is that the British establishment will inevitably fail to learn from history and those involved still don`t seem able to see why the UK continues to be a laughing stock around Europe .
A Dutch commentator says his nation finds the British obsession of a paedophile on every corner a bit of a joke.
Todays story claims that "400 children have been protected" as a result of the arrests . Does that mean that 400 of the 650 accused were abusing someone ? The way I read it was that the arrests were based on people downloading or possessing images . But these days every paedophile story won`t let facts get in the way of some tasty soundbites even if they`re basically meaningless

braintree    [30212.   Posted 14-Jul-2014 Mon 13:03] View Near Messages
Video Nasties 2 arrived today . A browse through the contents show this is just as heavenly a release as volume 1 . For those of us who lived through those times it helps bring home how lucky we are today . And the fanzine cover collection is superb. If I had to say one negative thing about the release it would be that the rather generous running times has forced the bitrates a bit low so picture quality suffers in places with pixellation apparent - but only on closeup viewing . The running time and the quality of the content means this one complaint can be ignored . Another great dvd for the collection .

braintree    [30146.   Posted 8-Jun-2014 Sun 12:58] View Near Messages
If the only thing wrong with something is that it`s socially unacceptable or even in poor taste then the law has no business interfering. Although I do agree that it`s been proven we need a certain level of CCTV the policing of social networks and the population recorded by six million surveillance cameras really should make us a laughing stock if any politician tries to claim we are a truly free country . The UK population is under scrutiny far more than any Communist countries ever were

braintree    [30142.   Posted 6-Jun-2014 Fri 14:24] View Near Messages
Nothing to do with him not agreeing with me . More to do with him droning on with the same old shite time and time again ages after the discussion was over.
I was just pleased to hear that somebody was able to shut him up.

Changing the subject - I`m not sure how anyone can claim we have free speech anyway now that the police waste their efforts on tracking offensive remarks on social media .
As abhorrent as his comments were - jailing the guy who made remarks about the stabbed teacher borders on lunacy.
It`s a real shame the police think their priorities are right when it comes to keeping people safe from "offence".
The Judge and the CPS should be sued for wasting public money.

braintree    [30135.   Posted 3-Jun-2014 Tue 13:55] View Near Messages
Pooch :
As others have pointed out more succinctly than I would that you really don`t have a clue how stupid you look I`m not wasting anymore time on you . To repeat and conclude: either you believe in free speech or you don`t . We all know you believe in free speech but only when it suits you but that`s not a genuine option. Free speech is not negotiable . As I`ve said before , if the word offends you then tough shit . End of story.
Now I`m sure we`d all be much happier if you`d just STFU and get back to whinging about Arrow and other studios . It makes for a far more enjoyable day .
Just to let you know I read less than half your last post before sighing and stopping.
I read your opinions early on but soon came to realise they were based on nonsense so to me they`re worthless - waste your time on your blog as , for me at least , the argument here is done.

To be honest , you get on my nerves so much the fact you`ve been physically assaulted by "racist bigoted fuckwits" pleases me no end .
No doubt in your eyes they are all typical UKIP voters - but in my eyes I imagine it was their reaction to listening to you spout the same sort of drivel you do on here.

braintree    [30122.   Posted 28-May-2014 Wed 13:05] View Near Messages
Yes I did read the whole blog and I do understand why you mentioned the 2 incidents.
Changes nothing though.
I was very pleased not to discuss this matter in recent weeks . I can`t say I`m pleased you`ve returned to go over it yet again.
I don`t know if you have a vendetta against Arrow as I`ve not seen any of your posts on HTF . I mentioned it because it seemed relevant ( assuming you were the same Pooch) that your posts seem to annoy more than a few people on more than one forum .
For what it`s worth I also wonder how Arrow screw up so many titles although to be fair Studio Canal have screwed up a similar number I think.
Freedom of expression is not a negotiable term . Either you believe in it or you don`t . FOE includes the freedom to offend people but as I`ve said before you are from the school of thought that dislikes censorship but only when it suits you.
We know the word NIGGER offends you . The bottom line is that nobody cares whether it does - if you believe in FOE then it should work both ways .
So it offends you . You`re not dead are you . Offence is a term bandied around by PC police .
As this BBC storm over the word GIRL shows . God forbid that someone should actually display a belief that men and women or girls and boys really are not the same . In this case use of the word girl was completely appropriate. Regardless of what the PC police will tell you , on average , males are physically stronger than women which is why their sporting events are usually separate . Sport is one area where the PC police haven`t got their way yet .

braintree    [30117.   Posted 26-May-2014 Mon 13:13] View Near Messages
Thanks for the tip . I`ll keep an eye on Amazons price too.
Todays story states the makers hope the 97 minute extended cut will be included on the dvd yet at the same time attendees to the screening of the extended cut can buy the 3 disc dvd set at the event . If the 3 disc version is available surely they know whether it contains the extended version or not? The Shadow of the Cat details list the ratio as 16:9 4:3 . They can`t both be right . I`ve been informed by people who have the disc that its 4:3 - not letterboxed and not widescreen so the 16:9 mention seems to be wrong .

braintree    [30115.   Posted 25-May-2014 Sun 14:01] View Near Messages
Pleased to see Video Nasties 2 is on its way to dvd but I`m not very pleased that it seems to be priced at 10 more than the original release even though its still only 3 discs . I`m hoping this is part of Amazons usual annoying habit of putting OTT prices on newly listed titles then slowly bringing them down as release approaches.

braintree    [30111.   Posted 24-May-2014 Sat 15:13] View Near Messages
I note the link to the Blog of Pooch on the news pages . But his blog just repeats most of what he said on here previously although his blog removes the insults he posted here . His argument still doesn`t stand up . While one can understand why a black person may dislike the use of the word nigger I don`t see that as justification for punishment as requested by many on Clarkson . Strangely , when Pooch was on here he specified his argument had nothing to do with the Clsrkson incident yet his blog mentions little else. Pooch was advocating that the word should not be spoken or even appear in print and he was unable to think of a similar word to insult white people. I`m white but I can think of plenty. Just because Pooch and other people dislike the word is not a reason to ban it from our language. Politeness means the word would rarely be spoken to a black person unless you had the deliberate intention of insulting them in which case it works.
Freedom of expression should mean the freedom to insult or offend people if you want to . As I always say - nobody dies by being offended.
On a separate note I see Pooch is famous on the Home Theater Forum too ( assuming this is the same Pooch) where he has a reputation for being someone who has a vendetta against Arrow Video.

braintree    [30104.   Posted 19-May-2014 Mon 13:29] View Near Messages
I don`t really know if this forum is the place to discuss the stories on the main site - but anyway.
The cut R rated version of Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell wasn`t used for all UK video releases until now . In the 90`s Warner released a VHS version which included some but not all of the bits missing from the R version . The original DD Video dvd was supposed to be the same as the German dvd which was uncut bar about half a second . The booklet accompanying the dvd even discussed the cuts - but due to an error the first pressing was the same old cut version . DD then repressed the film and restored some - but not all - of the cuts . I think it was the same as the German dvd bar a bit of blood at the end . So in fact , I don`t think the R version has ever been released intentionally in the UK . The scene of Cushing with the artery between his teeth was included on the VHS version . So Warners tape of FATMFH was actually quite a good one unlike their tape of Taste the Blood of Dracula which was reissued several times in the cut US version with more than 4 minutes of nudity and other bits missing even years after the uncut version had been shown by the BBC.

braintree    [30100.   Posted 18-May-2014 Sun 14:38] View Near Messages
A sexist is someone who acknowledges that men and women are different .As they actually are sexism is an ism that should be deleted from the language. It really is time for someone to have the guts to tell people looking for offence to shut the hell up and move on .
The conspiracy theorist in me thinks all these scandals like Clarkson and now this are being manufactured by interested parties simply to discredit the BBC or any given political party and the public really aren`t that stupid to take notice of such nonsense. Unfortunately - it does seem likely that a lot of the public are stupid sheep.
I`m still laughing about the lawyers contacting Obama about Top Gear. Do these morons really have no PR people to point them in the right direction away from looking like arseholes?

braintree    [30088.   Posted 10-May-2014 Sat 04:08] View Near Messages
While it`s nice to think that Western culture is something others aspire for we do tend to take a softly softly approach while the Islamic supporters have the back up of people intent on blowing the UK and even themselves up. They may be smaller in number but they certainly make a bigger noise . Assuming the police intelligence is correct , the number of cases of Muslims plotting to attack the UK is increasing and I think it will continue . Those campaigning for the Western way of life usually use leaflets through letterboxes rather than bombs .

braintree    [30086.   Posted 9-May-2014 Fri 16:31] View Near Messages
I agree that Islam is the biggest threat to the UK these days . Unfortunately nobody dare say anything because they get branded racist but in this case they are but they have good reason.
It`s strange looking back at films from the 60`s , both British and American and looking at todays changes . It`s a shame people didn`t think of the drip drip effect back then. Multi culturalism is portrayed as one of the good things about the UK and US but I think we know it`s not . The problem is - what can we do about it ? Getting out of the EU is a good first step toward restricting immigration but even after that the UK will continue to be a soft touch for those already here and no Government or politician is going to start deporting people based on their religion .

Thanks to the worst period in British history - that of New Labour , who brought in one new law every day they were in office including countless laws that restricted freedom . I believe that thanks to them if you have an argument in the street the police will move you on but if you use one of the dreaded words they`ll arrest you . The coalition came in to office on the promise to revoke a good many of the restrictive rules introduced by Tony and his cronies but the lying scum have reneged on most of their promises

braintree    [30083.   Posted 9-May-2014 Fri 13:08] View Near Messages
Eloquently put Freeworld.
I wonder why such common sense is ignored by those in authority who allow it to go unsaid. Clarkson used to be a man who would stick up for himself and say basically what you have said and just tell people to get a grip .Even he knuckles under now. It`s a shame that most politicians are so concerned for their own safety that they won`t speak out for fear that they will feel the wrath of the PC brigade and never recover from the media morons who know what they`re publishing is bollocks but print it anyway because it makes for a good story that day. I`m very glad someone else can see through Pooch too.

braintree    [30081.   Posted 9-May-2014 Fri 08:43] View Near Messages
Pooch - you really are the biggest fucking moron I`ve ever come across.

If my continued use of the word NIGGER is rude and offensive to you I couldn`t be more pleased although it didn`t start out that way.
I could understand some displeasure if you were on the end of racial slur but to complain that just seeing the word in print or hearing it isolated from any other words also offends you is actually as laughable as the Melon Farmers story that a lawyer was contacting Obama to get Top Gear banned because of the Clarkson incident . Quite funny really but sad too I guess.

You`re the one who`s complaining about the word NIGGER even though nobody has actually called you one yet in the same post you then go on a name calling spree and you are too stupid to see what a hypocrite it makes you look .
I , and other members point out that your post complains about being offended yet then goes on to try and offend other members with name calling. I`ve not once complained that you`ve offended me because you haven`t offended me . In order to do that you would have to rate on a scale of person higher than your current one which is lower than the shit on my shoes.
I don`t care one bit what your opinion is as you`ve proven that you`re not really very bright anyway .
Your credibility of being someone who`s views were worth anything were lost in the first line of your first reply to me.
You were born black so I can understand your being upset about something you have no control over but I`m pretty sure you don`t need to be a hypocritical arrogant prick.
The bottom line is that your view is that the word NIGGER is offensive to black people .
My view is that I don`t care if it offends them . That`s no reason to stop it being said .
We have different views .
Which part of agree to differ , move on and fuck off don`t you understand?

I think Poochs posts show that he`s no longer worth the bother of arguing with and would be best ignored . He really is not bright enough to see the irony that he started all this arguing about being offended by a single word but has then done nothing since then except fill his posts with insults . He really just doesn`t get it .
So have I - but I`m not the one complaining about being offended.

braintree    [30078.   Posted 8-May-2014 Thu 16:54] View Near Messages
The Guardian piece actually talks some sense but the reply below is the same old rubbish . Firstly it once again repeats the error that the word was said in footage in a tv programme sold all around the world . And the writers final bit of credibility went out the window by saying that Clarkson should be sacked because Ross and Brand were , usefully forgetting that Brand resigned and Ross was only suspended. It really is Orwellian thinking that this word cannot even be spoken . Even if Clarkson did say it it was not actually aimed at anyone and the footage was never aired . If I was Clarkson I would be trying to find out who leaked the footage .

braintree    [30076.   Posted 8-May-2014 Thu 14:09] View Near Messages
Phantom- everything you say is correct . You would expect it to be the norm as its common sense but no - we have to explain it to people . Maybe Pooch is much younger than I am . Maybe he`s one of my aforementioned generations of people educated to look for offence wherever they can . The bottom line is that offence never killed anyone . Maybe NIGGER does hark back to the days of slavery but that was a long time ago . Saying the word now means nothing except to those who let it . As you say , its gone way too far . In days gone by we could make jokes involving Welsh , Scots or Irish people . Not so anymore . But in the 70`s just because comedians painted stereotypes of stupid Irish or tight Scots didn`t make them racist - but it can do these days . Are we supposed to take offence when Americans paint Brits as either cockneys or plum voiced brolly carrying toffs ? I`ve been picked up on a forum before for using the term Jap as an abbreviation for Japanese because apparently it has some connotations with reference to the Japanese during the war . Obviously I ignored it . I`m also from the generation that saw the arrival of the "Paki Shop" . You know the ones that popped up in the 70`s that were the first to open all hours while shops run by Brits closed at 6pm . At that point Paki was simply an abbreviation for Pakistani but because the term was apparently adopted by some organisations like The National Front we`re not supposed to say it anymore . On tv all these commonly used slang terms for various nationalities get edited out these days . In Only Fools and Horses Del Boy no longer goes to the Paki Shop , he never buys a Chinky anymore and any slight hint that he`s ridiculing a national stereotype is cut out . Likewise the recent BBC2 repeat of the Fawlty Towers episode The Germans . For the first time the BBC felt they needed to cut out the Majors racist references to "wogs" etc which completely missed the point that even in 1979 the Majors comments were out of place so we were invited to laugh at him not with him . But just the merest utterance of these words causes such a fuss. We can`t watch Mind Your Language anymore because it laughs at stereotypes (including Brits) and we can`t watch Love Thy Neighbour despite the joke always being on the racist white man - all because various characters use certain words or names that are unacceptable today . If anything , a viewing of several relevant episodes of LTN are an education on how Britain has changed in the last 40 years . In one episode the white character is told by an Estate Agent in all seriousness and without a hint of irony that his property is worth 50% less than he thought it was because he has black neighbours. But the film version is actually quite disturbing as the opening titles run over a 3-4 minute sequence of racially motivated violent offences ( committed by black and white) that we are invited to laugh at. You can laugh at it now but not for any of the reasons the film makers thought of. You view with an open mouthed WTF expression. Regarding LTN - I do agree that when it was shown much of the audience were laughing WITH the racist character instead of the intended laughing AT him , a similar problem that Alf Garnett shared when his BBC series was shown.( censorship related so sort of back on topic I hope)
Edit - which reminds me of an odd instance a while ago . BBC4 aired a documentary on the role that sex played in sitcoms over the years . I think my recording is a repeat from about 2011 . Included were at least one or two instances of the F word and the C word uncensored yet the Alf Garnett clip included a bleep over the word COON. I thought that was perhaps a step too far .

braintree    [30073.   Posted 8-May-2014 Thu 12:58] View Near Messages
Pooch- I`m not going to waste anymore time debating this . You`re clearly just a completely clueless hypocritical cunt who think`s just because he`s black he has some god given right to run and cry that naughty people are calling you names. I`m sure if you display this attitude in public there will be plenty of kindly gentlemen willing to take you down a dark alley to put you right. In the meantime you can continue to make us all laugh with your "I`m against censorship - but only when it suits me" attitude.
You say you don`t want to be offended yet all your posts so far have been nothing but offensive remarks . So obviously you are also too stupid to realise how that makes you look . You`re also stupid enough to write off the political party that has made more ground over the last couple of years than any other political party in history - and they have done that in part thanks to the likes of you - keep it up you dimwitted cretin
As for saying NIGGER in front of a group of black people - I daresay they would be offended , but only because they are as stupid as you and been conditioned to find offence in anything they possibly can . Black singers use it all the time in their lyrics - whats good for one is good for another. As for not posting in the forums - why not forget what I said move on and fuck off . Clearly I`m not the only one who agrees with my original post . You don`t . That`s your choice . You`ve said your piece . You will always encounter people with a different view . Lets agree to differ eh?

braintree    [30069.   Posted 7-May-2014 Wed 12:42] View Near Messages
Pooch - you posted the drivel I was expecting ( the few lines I could be bothered to read of it anyway). If there`s one thing about the "I hate censorship but only when its convenient for me" brigade its that they are predictable.
Over reactionary crap and a history lesson I didn`t need . I will most certainly be voting UKIP when the opportunity arises and I`m not sure if you realise just how stupid you sound whining on about me not being someone you`d want to meet . Was the rest of your post meant to convince us that you were someone we would want to meet? If my post sounded like I was saying Fuck You to you - maybe you were right.And I have the same attitude toward anybody who talks the same shite that you do . If you come across the same way in the real world I`m surprised you only get verbal racist abuse rather than getting the shit kicked out of you.
As for the word NIGGER having power - only to the cretins who let it .
It is only a word after all .

braintree    [30062.   Posted 6-May-2014 Tue 13:38] View Near Messages
Pooch- I don`t need to justify it because I really couldn`t give a shit if it offends you or not . It IS just a word and if you can`t get over that then it really is your problem - not mine.
Many words have the possibility to offend people but as someone else pointed out its the intent that should be looked at . If you can`t understand that once again , its your problem .
Nobody ever died by being offended so if being offended is something you have time to worry about you should get out more.
And why wouldn`t I compare you to Harriet Harman when you come out with the same sort of utter bollocks she would be quoted as saying ? She`s a politician out for publicity so she has an excuse for talking nonsense - what`s yours ?
You are right about one thing though - I`m all for being allowed to randomly offend people . What is this modern preoccupation with being offended? Offence never hurt anyone and its whingers and whiners about this that and the other that means this country has more than one generation of people taught to try and find offence where none is intended .
The Clarkson non story for one . People are asking for him to be sacked for saying one word . Not saying it to anyone - just randomly saying it in a rhyme . Is this country so controlled that a random word that could be construed as offensive in another context is now not to be said by anyone at anytime ( except of course black singers in their music)
As to you actually feeling it`s ok to complain that I posted the word NIGGER on a forum just as a word and not as an insult - quite pathetic really. Ironic that you should post regularly on a forum about censorship . It would appear that you`re actually part of the problem and agree with the establishment that there should be no censorship except when it suits you.
Shall we all put "The N Word" instead to spare Poochs sensitivities?

And Pooch - the Government didn`t setup the BBFC.It was setup over 100 years ago by the film industry itself in an attempt to pre-empt Government interference .

braintree    [30056.   Posted 4-May-2014 Sun 13:18] View Near Messages
It`s appalling that nobody in positions of authority have the balls to tell these sad whingers to shut up and get a life. But its not surprising that halfwit politicians like Harriet Harman are available for a quote to get their names in the paper. Lets assume for one minute that Clarkson did use the word in one of the 3 takes. As far as I know there is a version of the rhyme that does contain the word yet he replaces it with another word on one occasion , mumbles on another and MIGHT have whispered it on another . I don`t think we`ve reached Orwellian levels of intrusion by the thought police yet. The biggest joke is that a forensic sound expert was required to study the footage to see if Clarkson said it .If it was that inaudible what`s the big deal . Can nobody in power see this is just another tabloid attempt to discredit the BBC and / or Clarkson? Top Gear is one of the BBC`s biggest exports . If they sacked Clarkson the show wouldn`t be the same and the second Clarkson was available C4 or C5 would snap him up to present another motoring series. I`ve always admired Clarkson for his forthright views and his devil may care attitude to saying what he thinks . I`m increasingly disappointed at his continued apologies instead of just telling the whingers to shut the fuck up which is what he would normally do. A real shame the BBC can`t do the same - they`re a bunch of chicken shits . Didn`t defend Ross in Sachsgate and now after the unproveable Savile claims they`re running scared .
As for the notion that anyone who says the word NIGGER is a racist...sheer stupidity.

braintree    [30012.   Posted 11-Apr-2014 Fri 14:50] View Near Messages
I suspect the Bluray of Bridget Jones is an "error" . I expect Universals general non use of region locking Blurays is to allow them to use the same discs worldwide with only labelling and packaging differences . Unfortunately there are various instances of some companies simply not bothering to release titles in the UK where they can`t just use the same disc as the rest of Europe. Soldier Blue is one of quite a few titles that`s been released in Europe but ignored here where it would require cuts to horsefalls even though the violence may no longer be an issue.

braintree    [30009.   Posted 10-Apr-2014 Thu 14:21] View Near Messages
Contrary to the item on the site today , the C word is all present and correct on the commentary track of the UK Blu of Bridget Jones although it remains dubbed over by the word COW on the film soundtrack

braintree    [29965.   Posted 8-Mar-2014 Sat 17:01] View Near Messages

I wasn`t implying that he actually was a member of DS or that DS features negative comments about this forum .
During the short time I was a member of DS I did once add a link to this site and someone wrote the entire site off because there is a section called "bollox Britain".
My mentions of DS are to indicate my contempt for the majority of the forum members on their GD forum where it`s hard not to laugh at the comments often posted.
Its the kind of place where if you disagree with someone you`ll be accused of trolling.
I can almost guarantee that if the post from earlier that suggested similarities to being gay and being a paedophile ( similar only in being unable to choose what turns you on of course) was posted on DS it would either be removed by mods or that you would be accused of being a troll in less than a page of comments as most members over there don`t have the brains to go beyond tabloid headline thinking- present company excepted

braintree    [29960.   Posted 7-Mar-2014 Fri 14:23] View Near Messages
The Digital Spy invasion has begun. FTMSAFC exhibits all the traits of being a DS member . Not very bright.
Edit- which is a shame as at least one of his previous posts actually talks sense about the Labour Loons we suffered for far too long

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask , but regarding the Video Nasties Draconian Days documentary plugged several times on this site - anyone know when / if there will be a dvd release ?

braintree    [29937.   Posted 3-Mar-2014 Mon 14:28] View Near Messages

Your post is the kind of logic that society has been taught to ignore . I think similar things could be said regarding SOME rapists . What turns us on is not really something we consciously decide . Whether by birth or upbringing we`re stuck with it .
Just for a laugh I`d love to see you post on Digital Spy . The simple use of "gay" and "paedophile" in the same sentence would bring the morons from that site to the surface quicker than you could imagine .
Enlightened or intelligent are not words that can generally be used to describe DS users on their GD forum

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I wouldn`t say I vote not guilty . I already said I believe Savile took advantage of his position and it`s quite likely that some of his conquests would have been under 16 . However , what I doubt is the scale of the number of victims or that Savile was as predatory as they are trying to say .
The notion that the number of alleged victims is accurate with all having remained silent until cash was on offer is clearly complete nonsense. As unfortunate as the case is, the basic standards of British Justice have been brushed aside . "Roll up roll up , the weird guy has died -anyone out there with a funny story to tell about him ? There`s cash waiting" There is zero proof , not even any sort of tabloid proof in that he may have done it once so he obviously did it repeatedly . Regardless of the numbers who have come forward making claims the Savile estate should not pay out a single penny. At least the crap that was trotted out when all this started about wanting Justice has been shown up for the rhetoric it was . And the Savile case is not alone in this . Look at the variety of historic sex abuse claims that have now popped up and they all have one thing in common . Justice can be served with a single cash sum . I expect the number of recipients and what they receive from the Bank of Savile will be well and truly kept hidden

braintree    [29924.   Posted 27-Feb-2014 Thu 14:53] View Near Messages

The idea that Savile was able to keep all his victims quiet for 50 years is preposterous. While there could be some logic to the notion that his knighthood and national treasure charity fund raiser status may have made allegations against him liable to being ignored , the offences he is supposed to have committed are meant to have started many many years before his status was anything other than just another DJ presenter. There have been reports that the police were interested in him several times over the years but the idea they could not get credible evidence at the time off anyone until the DJ was no longer able to deny them is difficult to believe to say the least . I have seen online reports that debunk the allegations made by the girls in ITV`s first documentary and claim the girls are fantasists. Not hard to believe when the reason they were at these places to start with is because they were disturbed in some way . Of course the cynic would say that`s why Savile selected these places in particular. I`ve not followed all reports but I`ve yet to see anything from those that knew him that amount to anything other than suspicions .
However - I guess this is all water under the bridge now . We all knew at the time that money was the real target for many of these people and it seems the current climate has allowed them to get what they want . I have no doubt that Savile had sex with many groupies , some of whom were likely to be under 16 - however I`m dubious that any of it was non consensual .

braintree    [29908.   Posted 26-Feb-2014 Wed 15:22] View Near Messages
At last the sorry saga seems to be coming to a conclusion. But why is nobody questioning the distribution of 4 million to "victims" who can basically make up any crap they want ? I`m surprised that those in charge of Saviles estate have given in so easily . Can I ask where one signs up to this free cash? Coupons in the Radio Times maybe ? Who gets to decide on who gets how much ? Can any of these people prove they ever met Savile let alone had any physical contact with him ? And I guess we really are expected to believe that not only was Savile Britains most prolific sex offender but somehow he was also able to ensure that all his hundreds of victims didn`t say a word for 50 years .Incredible

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What is it with Justice in this country ?
DLT gets cleared of 12 out of 14 similar offences so logic would say it`s quite likely he`s not guilty of the others either.
The jury were unable to decide whether he was guilty or not so by default that clarifies there is not enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty so the charges should be dropped. But no - the CPS didn`t get the decision they wanted so they can have a second crack at it and waste more public money on another 2 week trial.
Are they so desperate after Le Vell , Roache and the earlier Corrie case all got found not guilty that they want to get one guilty verdict in the bag to try and justify the witch hunt against celebs in the wake of Savile.
And despite not even being arrested , let alone charged or convicted Savile is referred to on the BBC text today as a " prolific serial sex offender".
But the story finally gets to the crux of what its all been about as we hear that 140 "victims" are lining up for a slice of Saviles estate which was frozen by the bank.
Now based on the fact that there cannot possibly be one single shred of evidence to prove either way any of Saviles "offences" how can there be any justification for paying a single penny to these parasites ?

braintree    [29855.   Posted 8-Feb-2014 Sat 14:46] View Near Messages
Re: Colin Stagg etc - there will always be errors made in the Justice system and some are discovered too late for the wrongfully jailed but this witch hunt for sex offences in the wake of Savile should be stopped and dismissed for what it is . Now I don`t know what "evidence" was presented in court against Roache but does it really take much to work out that there`s very unlikely to be any that will prove beyond a reasonable doubt an offence that`s nearly 50 years old . Even before the court case the CPS were unable to give the age of one of the "victims" other than saying she was "14 or 15". Surely if the age of the victim and year of the offence cannot be clarified that should be enough for the whole thing to be laughed out of court. That Roache and his family had to endure such a court case is shameful and Roache should sue the CPS although I`m doubtful he would.
As someone points out , apparently Savile is the most prolific sex offender ever yet he was never charged let alone convicted . It would appear that once you`re dead it`s a free for all . I`m sure the bank freezing his estate in case of compo claims had nothing to do with hundreds of people coming out of the woodwork to stake their claim . Savile was a weird character - there`s no doubt of that but are we really expected to believe the not very inconspicuous man with the shock of white hair was not only able to abuse hundreds of victims but that he was also able to keep them all quiet for 50 years ? Personally I have no doubt that Savile took advantage of groupies like many other pop stars and radio DJ`s of the era would have done and he most likely ended up in bed with some girls that were under 16 but the idea that he was a predatory paedophile who successfully sated a thirst for pre -teens for 50 years without being caught seems a bit far fetched. The Savile guilt is based purely on the basis that there are so many claims then surely it must be true . But that`s not really a basis for real law although the CPS seem quite happy to use it as their tool in these historic cases for which there cannot possibly be any tangible evidence. Even more disturbing than these cases is why aren`t there people in positions of authority saying "hang on a minute" in relation to these cases that should never even be in court .
DLT is yet another example . Hopefully when his not guilty verdict comes in someone somewhere might start to take notice and ask the CPS exactly what their game is

braintree    [29851.   Posted 7-Feb-2014 Fri 15:19] View Near Messages
Why hasn`t the Roache trial made a laughing stock of the British Justice system? Their own definition that guilt needs to be proven "beyond reasonable doubt" means this case should never have come to court . If women come forward with claims how on earth after almost 50 years are incidents proven beyond reasonable doubt? It`s a joke . I assume Roache will want to forget it and move on but personally I`d like him to sue the CPS for sheer stupidity . The CPS themselves admitted that its almost impossible to get guilt proven in these cases so why bother ? Hopefully if DLT is cleared the CPS will stop trying to make up for the fact they can`t do anything about Savile .
If rape porn is to be outlawed I guess my dvd of Sex Wish must go in the rubbish bin.
Hasn`t this stupid Government learnt from the Dangerous Pictures nonsense that these laws do nothing in reality except get convictions for ordinary people who happen to have one or two dodgy pix on their computer or phone. The laws certainly go no way whatsoever into stopping what they were intended to stop and new laws will be equally ineffective. But I guess the Government need something to distract the population from the important issues

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I opted to plead guilty to various charges due to the fact that the police had created 87 charges - basically one for every dvd they found when searching my house - even my solicitor and barrister agreed this was an unusual move - so even if I had gone for a trial on the fisting/urination dvd`s I didn`t think it was worthwhile because there were plenty of other charges I couldn`t fight , although none related to "obscene" material , so my argument was why bother to go through more months of stress when I was guilty of other charges anyway . In the end I think the only thing that would have changed would have been that my sentence would have been longer. The 2 cases I was thinking of were the controversial prosecution of the gay guy ( can`t recall his name) who held a job of importance and the other case (last year ?) where similar content was put in front of a jury and in both cases the defendant was found not guilty because the content was deemed to be not obscene / extreme.. I would expect that the police and CPS routinely break their own rules and create spurious invented charges in order to get defendants to plead guilty to lesser ones . In my case the officer in charge of the case presented a file that was about 4 inches thick in which he writes down the content of every dvd they seized which lead to 87 charges .I wonder how many hours that took . I bargained the 87 charges down to 21 but the CPS insisted on keeping 2 for the OPA and refused to budge when I asked for those to be dropped . I think the Judge who sentenced me saw through the stupidity of the case . He gave me 4 months for each charge to run concurrently but Trading Standards and the CPS were refused any costs and any fines - I didn`t pay a penny . In an outright lie the prosecuting barrister stood up and claimed my computer contained porn in an attempt to keep my computer - and it never contained even one shred of any porn - not even the usual run of the mill stuff - but the Judge , clearly annoyed at their nonsense told them to simply delete the porn and return it to me . In the end they did get to keep a couple of dvd players , dvd recorders and a satellite receiver . After they seized the original dvd recorder and satbox they returned months later and claimed that because I had replaced the devices with new ones it showed I was still selling porn , furthermore they unearthed a box of dvd`s in my garage that I had completely forgotten about and went ahead and invented charges of intent to supply relating to some of those discs too . Unfortunately I was able to see first hand that criminals do actually work in the police and will break their own rules to further their careers.

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Surely the BBFC and the CPS should now remove fisting from the list of so called obscene acts , mainly because both times I know of when the footage has been shown to a jury it`s been cleared. Seems the CPS think they know better.
When was the last successful prosecution of fisting being found obscene by a jury ?

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Pretty sure that Ofcom are quite clear that broadcasters can show films as long as they don`t exceed the 18 rating. I believe this was clarified during the campaign for allowing R18 onto cable and satellite. The Babe channels are unclassified material so Ofcom can jump on them but if C5 showed an 18 film Ofcom really would not have a leg to stand on providing the broadcaster issues the appropriate warnings and its scheduled in a suitable slot. However , I think the ease of access to porn via the internet means that viewers are not as keen to see it as they once were so the channels don`t want the bother of potential Ofcom interference for something that`s not really going to be a standout screening anymore

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Over 6 years after I was jailed under the OPA it`s nice to see someone fight and get a jury to agree that the material that I sold was not obscene. What a shame convictions cannot be backdated and overturned.
Or can they?

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Not sure where to post this info , but the news story regardng the extended Die Hard is not really news.
The additional scenes mentioned were all available on the original R1 a decade ago


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